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NEW Whacky mario bros (DEMO).xdelta  My first rom Hack ever. I have finished the first four levels. The fith is broken right now. I will eventually add all the remaining levels. This is going to be a 8 world hack. I except to finish it this Summer because I have School.And its whacky because I dont have any experience. Hope you enjoy it. 31.12 KiB DERAFFENGAMER0402 22
NEW Whacky mario bros (DEMO).xdelta  My first rom Hack ever. I have finished the first four levels. The fith is broken right now. I will eventually add all the remaining levels. This is going to be a 8 world hack. I except to finish it this Summer because I have School. 31.12 KiB DERAFFENGAMER0402 17
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.5.1.xdelta  I'm getting old 2.91 MiB  Arceus 235
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.5.xdelta  Bugfixes 2.91 MiB  Arceus 58
Super Mario Bros. The New Worlds 2 (alpha 1).xdelta  A demo of arceus's SMB: tNW2. Was surprised this wasn't on the uploader in the first place, but I found a prepatched mirror for it. also im Pissed cause the whole process of uploading this took like 15 minutes cause my slowass computer even though it shouldve only taken 1 1.38 MiB  Keeper 79
New_Super_Luigi DS_v1.1.xdelta  New Super Luigi DS by (presumably?) kjevans. Title screen credits are simply a biproduct of stolen content, which this hack has a fair bit of. Also worth noting that kjevans mentioned on a playthrough video of it that, iirc, they didn't make the hack and got it from somewhere else (said comments are deleted now however). (They could've also perhaps meant that they modified the hack from the other NSLDS, which is where this hack's title screen originates) 4.94 MiB  Keeper 108
The Full World 3 NSSM Demo.xdelta  562.55 KiB  TraineeLuigie 101  New Super Mario Bros 2 by ismaelWii. files taken from 6.95 KiB  Keeper 87
BeachDash.nml  Beatable without TAS, but still kinda hard lmao 6.28 KiB  TraineeLuigie 45
NSMBWDS_Final_Ver._2.1.0.xdelta  nsmbwds by skartglx and some others. made into an xdelta for the nsmb hack list 11.23 MiB  Keeper 81
New_Sunshine_Mario_Bros-FULL_VERSION.xdelta  another conversion. this one is new sunshine mario bros by SuperMarioThree 622.11 KiB  Keeper 80
nssm_patch6_priv.xdelta  what 487.95 KiB  TraineeLuigie 46
SMB_Mini_worlds_Adventure_1.3.xdelta  ditto. also it didnt occur to me to mention this but neither this hack nor the 3 years of nsmbhd were made by me. i jus made them xdeltas 36.82 KiB  Keeper 47
3YearsOfNSMBHD.xdelta  converted this to an xdelta 481.54 KiB  Keeper 47
NSMBAlpha3.xdelta  NSMB Alpha Replica 3.0 1.24 MiB  KTRMAmbiance 261
New Super Toad DS Beta 1 Alpha.xdelta  This is the second hack, if NSMBTNL was good this one is even BETTER, this could be a sequel to NSMBTNL. 2.57 MiB  alpha 336
NSMBBEvs1_0_0.xdelta  i believe this is the patch for pinet's nsmb beginner's edition. the xdelta is from here-( which is actually a zip file. you need to open the nsmb rom in nsmbe before applying the patch pretty sure. 430.17 KiB  Keeper 63
NSMBTNL 1.2v Final Release alpha.xdelta  Final release, no more updates 6.72 MiB  alpha 1051
Candidate B NSSM Beta 5 Release.xdelta  It's compiled pretty long ago but I finally upload it now. 472.05 KiB  TraineeLuigie 106
NSMBTNL 1.1v alpha.xdelta  6.70 MiB  alpha 209
Mario Vs. Luigi World Tour  1.23 MiB JigglyJello 375
NSMBTNL 1.0v alpha.xdelta  This version is the 100% complete game, with all the star coins, enjoy it, it will be fun. 6.60 MiB  alpha 245
New Super Mario Bros The New Levels Beta 4.xdelta  The New Super Mario Bros The New Levels Beta 4 is available the complete worlds are 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 are well complete with all their star coins I hope the wait was worth it. 4.80 MiB  alpha 253
MY level.xdelta  Today, I read many people's posts. I feel a little low self-esteem when looking at my level. My level has achieved the first tower. If you see this, I want to know how my level is 16.30 KiB AX 73
5a.xdelta  never use the previous matter what happens. 414.98 KiB  TraineeLuigie 69
PreReleaseNSSMBeta5.xdelta  callie wasted my time.damn 348.19 KiB  TraineeLuigie 65
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.4.xdelta  last one 2.89 MiB  Arceus 657
EncoreLavaRushAltered.nml  Frame-Advance Required. 4.91 KiB  TraineeLuigie 78
EncoreLavaRush.nml  Must have enough power to beat it... 3.98 KiB  TraineeLuigie 63
NSMBUDS.1.08.xdelta  5.99 MiB  Skylander 2823
PreLaunchBetaA.xdelta  Buggy.Just very Buggy... 402.71 KiB  TraineeLuigie 68
ReleasedNSSM Beta31.xdelta  396.34 KiB  TraineeLuigie 131
NSMBU DS Ver. 1.07.xdelta  5.79 MiB  Skylander 1802
NSMBUDS Ver.1.06.xdelta  5.79 MiB  Skylander 349
NSMBU DS Ver.1.05.xdelta  5.79 MiB  Skylander 105
NSMBU DS Ver.1.04.xdelta  5.79 MiB  Skylander 87
NSMBUDS Ver.1.03.xdelta  5.79 MiB  Skylander 304
NSMBUDS Ver.1.02.xdelta  5.85 MiB  Skylander 89
NSMBU DS Ver. 1.01.xdelta  5.85 MiB  Skylander 95
NSMBUDS.xdelta  5.84 MiB  Skylander 152
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.3.2.xdelta  Fatal bug fix 2.88 MiB  Arceus 229
4-Airship Area 2.nml  5.66 KiB  Skylander 67
4-Airship Area 1.nml  8.89 KiB  Skylander 75
ReleasedNSSM Beta21.xdelta  real real 315.98 KiB  TraineeLuigie 99
ReleasedNSSM Beta21.xdelta  real 263.50 KiB  TraineeLuigie 57
PreReleaseNSSM Beta21.xdelta  I tested the patch 0.5*4 time I bet 0 dollars it's fine 307.59 KiB  TraineeLuigie 54
NSSM Demo Beta 2.1(Private Ver.).zip  I tested the patch 0.5*4 time I bet 0 dollars it's fine 250.20 KiB  TraineeLuigie 29
PreReleaseNSSM Beta21.xdelta  231.90 KiB  TraineeLuigie 71
PreReleaseNSSM Beta2.xdelta  207.96 KiB  TraineeLuigie 56
NSSM Demo Beta 2  Hes cool dudes 206.78 KiB  TraineeLuigie 25
NSSM Demo Beta 2  bro wtf 197.64 KiB  TraineeLuigie 20
NSSM Demo Beta  197.64 KiB  TraineeLuigie 30
2.png  103.92 KiB  TraineeLuigie 126
PreReleaseNSSM2.xdelta  Beta 2 private do not download or get dunked on 122.04 KiB  TraineeLuigie 54
NSSM_1st_Demo.xdelta  NSSM Another Reuploaded... 14.32 KiB  TraineeLuigie 105
NSSM_1st_Demo.xdelta  NSSM Patch File Reuploaded 14.37 KiB  TraineeLuigie 54
NSSM_Demo_1.xdelta  Another Story Begins! 512.71 KiB  TraineeLuigie 63
New new super mario bros.nmp  this is just a simple level hack i made. right now it only replaces world 1, but i'm working on more levels. 226.58 KiB KindAiden 236
1-1.sarc  NSMBWii 1-1 for Nsmb2: I've Redone have the level, removed some shaders on the bottom of each level and reszed some stuff. (WARNING: Level NOT Tested yet!) 15.49 KiB  Daniel505465 150
1-1.sarc  Nsmbwii 1-1 For Nsmb2 Checkpoint flag fixed as well as some tiles. Again, April 13 2021 18.03 KiB  Daniel505465 73
1-1.sarc  NSMBWii 1-1 in nsmb2 Updated April 13, 2021 17.81 KiB  Daniel505465 119
Level.nml  Stuff for alpha to check out 1.93 KiB  BL4ZED 77
shell-jump test.nmp  it's what the name suggests, a test level to find out how to do shelljumps. it's tricky, but u can do it 2.38 MiB oldmarting 75
hot garbage.nmp  this hack was supposed to have a storyline, but then i got obsessed by some mario streamers and made dedicaded sections of the game for everyone, like p-switch jumps, or a "troll" world, or a "tricks" world. and more, honestly i fergot. try it out, it is really fun and stupid, u can choose what world u want at 1-3 i think, if not then it's 1-4 or 1-5. 1-1 and 1-2 are weird, don't mind those 2.77 MiB oldmarting 94
lizzy's idea.nmp  this is a hack inspired by one of my friends called lizzy. u spawn in a hub world, every time another pipe is opened. i think u can play till 1-tower, but i am not sure. also goodluck with 1-3. and i hope u like 1-2, my favorite level. 2.92 MiB oldmarting 74
underwater.nmp  this is a hack i made a long time ago. every water level, has the water removed, and every non water level has been flooded. i don't think u can actually play every level, thats why i deleted the blocks in w1-tower that u normally break using a blue shell to get to the canon 2.49 MiB oldmarting 72
good.nmp  this is a hack i made a long time ago. not finished, only the first half of world 1. 2.41 MiB oldmarting 77
NSMB2 short custom level - Warp Cannon forest.sarc  NSMB2 short custom level - Warp Cannon forest (by Hiccup) 6.32 KiB  Hiccup 116
1-1.sarc  Nsmbwii 1-1 NSMB2 Grassland OG Tileset only 17.67 KiB  Daniel505465 128
Crazy NSMBDS.xdelta  A Crazier version of New Super Mario Bros DS. GAME DEMO! ONLY UP TO WORLD 2-1!!!! Try at ur own risk. 26.71 KiB IantheSplatter 128
New Super Mario Bros The New Levels Beta 3.xdelta  hello guys this is the beta that most were expected to launch with worlds 1 and 2 complete with all their star coins the graphics and music have been changed download the beta 3-1 is the only level available in world 3 and this level is special do not wait any longer and download it by alpha 1.49 MiB  alpha 244
SMBTNW31.xdelta  Final Update. All crashes fixed + minor improvements 5.39 MiB  Arceus 4415
Newer Super Mario bros 2 The New Levels beta 2.xdelta  playable up to the 2-tower is just so you can see the playability of this hack 2-A is playable, all levels have all the stars coins the game logo is changed download it because I had a lot of fun with it or obviously it is created by my voucher by alpha this is the hack of new super mario bros the new levels is just that I like this name better, download now 28.31 KiB  alpha 312
New Super Mario World DS.xdelta  It is 100% complete game it has the soundtrack changed and everything and this time it is in xdelta format so you can calmly patch it and play it new super mario world ds by gerry published by alpha 1.94 MiB  alpha 236
New Super Mario Bros The New Levels Beta 1.xdelta  This beta corrects all the mistakes made in the previous version and which ones, like the 1 and 3 star coins in the castle, among others, if you really have the complete world 1, download it now and include level 2-1 finished with the 3 star coins by alpha 6.12 KiB  alpha 165
New super mario bros the new levels Beta 1.xdelta  hello this the beta of my first hack rom I have not changed the title screen yet but world 1 is well complete there are no bugs it has all the star coins in each level and it has a bit of difficulty download the new super mario bros the levels by alpha 177 B  alpha 130
Super Mario Endless Earth 1.04v.xdelta  Super Mario Endless Earth version 1.04 an open world and more, 8 very difficult missions this hack have to play it download it here by mariofanatic64 to download 37.50 MiB  alpha 142
New Super Mario Advance + Take 2 (toad).xdelta  New Super Mario Advance + take 2 Toad version by mariofanatic64 for upload 3.08 MiB  alpha 120
New Super Mario Origins DS.xdelta  New Super Mario Origins DS by skjim for upload 1.46 MiB  alpha 140
New Super Mario Bros. 3 DS.xdelta  New Super Mario Bros 3 DS 3.0v Complete by skjim for upload 6.79 MiB  alpha 219
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.3.xdelta  Fixing game breaking bug and a whole bunch of other stuff 2.88 MiB  Arceus 714
Sarasaland Advance.xdelta  Sarasaland Advance nds-boostrap compatible by Newluigidev for upload 1.80 MiB  alpha 87
New Super Mario Advance + Take 2 .xdelta  New Super Mario Advance + take 2 by mariofanatic64 for upload 2.91 MiB  alpha 147
SMBTNW303.xdelta  Another one. We slowly get there. 5.45 MiB  Arceus 467
SMBTNW302.xdelta  Fix for players on real DS 5.45 MiB  Arceus 136
New Super Mario Bros. The Ultimate Maze-O-Matic Challenge!.nmp  Mazes! This hack aims to replace every level with an intricate Maze! Worlds 1 and up to (but not) World 2 Castle are fully complete (except for Worlds 2-3 and 2-A), as well as Worlds 6-1, 6-6, and 7-4! 169.79 KiB  Tiger21820 113
New Super Mario Bros. My First Ever Hack!.nmp  Random hack with random changes here and there! World 6 Castle is unplayable! 349.04 KiB  Tiger21820 130
Mario Vs. Luigi World Tour  MvL WT Minor Update 1.11 MiB JigglyJello 301
Newer GT [Rev3].7z  4.25 MiB  poudink 153
NSMB CAEC.xdelta  4.64 MiB  poudink 160
0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U)(Psyfer).xdelta  1.94 KiB  poudink 239  2.65 KiB  poudink 122
2.xdelta  4.19 KiB  poudink 185
Kaizo 1.xdelta  4.38 MiB  poudink 163
New Super Mario Bros wii ds.7z  1.36 MiB  poudink 308
Newer Super Mario Odyssey [V2.0 Final Release.7z  4.11 MiB  poudink 218
ROMS.7z  doesn't actually contain (roms except for homebrew) 83.77 MiB  poudink 184
Proyect Sunshine (Final Release Rev 2).7z  3.96 MiB  poudink 159
Newest DS Plus [V1.02] Release Version.7z  10.15 MiB  poudink 205
Newer Super Mario Odyssey [V2.0] Final Release.7z  4.11 MiB  poudink 182
Newer Super Mario Bros GT (Rev 2).7z  4.18 MiB  poudink 130
Newer Falling Leaf (Beta 1).7z  2.51 MiB  poudink 148
Proyect U.xdelta  3.01 MiB  poudink 146
new super mario bros random hack v.1.7z  687.27 KiB  poudink 110
New Super Mario Bros Nueva Generacion Por Luigui3060.7z  959.51 KiB  poudink 104
New Super Mario Bros Atlantis Super Legends Por Luigui3060.7z  1.85 MiB  poudink 114
New Super Luigi Bros Atlantis Revolution 2.5 by Luigui3060.7z  975.62 KiB  poudink 119
Brand New Super Mario Bros. (World 1 Demo).zip  43.05 KiB  poudink 90
A2 is Back 1008.7z  10.64 MiB  poudink 291
NSMB Alpha 2.9.xdelta  741.44 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 660
HackLogo.png  Hack logo for Luigimushroom. 2.64 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 711
HackLogo.png  Hack logo for Luigimushroom. 2.64 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 115
HackLogo.png  Hack logo for Luigimushroom. 2.64 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 143
Untitled.png  11.95 KiB  luigi bros 4 165
NSMB the next adventure 2-4 (area 2).nml  1.14 KiB Sad Egg 45 160
NSMB the next adventure 2-4 (area 1).nml  5.21 KiB Sad Egg 45 141
The Adventure Back To The Mushroom Kingdom (This is my first ROM-hack).nds  This is my first NSMBDS rom hack, for now I only have one level done... but i hope you guys enjoy the hack so far! 32.00 MiB JacobX 20911 204
NSMB Backwards Challenge 1.1.nmp  359.11 KiB  MarioFanatic64 540
Random Super Mario Bros(World 1 Only).xdelta  My first actual public hack! so i just change some tilesets, physics and level edits and i also change level orders! 1.67 KiB Speedz 156
msmbdsv2.xdelta  v2 2.88 MiB  KarlMaa 792
msmbds.xdelta  World 1 Complete. 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2.4, 2-T, 2-C are playable 1.32 MiB  KarlMaa 115
7-1.sarc  3-1 for NSMB2U 8.31 KiB OOFpeople 190
NEWISH 2020.nmp  6.66 MiB  Skylander 1753
SMBTNW301.xdelta  Hotfix? 5.45 MiB  Arceus 2785
NSMBAv7+MvL All Stars.xdelta  NSMB Adventure's latest update, along with the demo for MvL All Stars! 165.32 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 206
SMBTNW3.0.xdelta  Version 3.0 5.45 MiB  Arceus 149
Slightly Inaccurate 2004 Replica.xdelta  V1 of my rom hack. 318.49 KiB  zeferrao 176
Slightly Inaccurate 2004 Replica V2.xdelta  V2 of my rom hack. 351.82 KiB  zeferrao 183
Slightly Inacurate 2004 Replica V3.xdelta  V3 of my rom hack. 377.43 KiB  zeferrao 154
Slightly Inacurate 2004 Replica V4.xdelta  V4 of my rom hack. 870.78 KiB  zeferrao 266
New Ultra Mario Bros - The Koopas  this is a demo of my new hackrom the first hackroom i created it has bugs and the end of the first level freezes basically a test 13.81 MiB Merlin 131
HSMB Xdelta 1.xdelta  1.47 MiB OOFpeople 255
NSMBAv6.xdelta  Update: Fixes 1-3. [Hopefully] 165.12 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 146
NSMBAv5.xdelta  Update: Fixed 1-A but still has underwater music. 164.99 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 136
NSMBAv4.xdelta  Update: Made 1-Castle easier, fixed logo, new 1-1, and Airship in 1-A! 164.88 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 142
NSMBU DS V1.06.xdelta  4.88 MiB  Skylander 5023
NSMBU DS V. 1.6.xdelta  4.88 MiB  Skylander 221
NSMBAv3.xdelta  Update: Fixed crash issue in 1-Castle. 138.51 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 152
NSMBAv2.xdelta  Update: Made 1-5 MUCH less grueling. Does have a glitched logo tho 138.53 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 120
NSMBA.xdelta  Mario is back, and this time adventuring through the mushroom kingdom to stop Bowser yet again, and save Peach! This is a demo, though. 137.93 KiB  Shellbarbecue63 163
NSMBU DS.V1.5 Demo.xdelta  4.88 MiB  Skylander 677
NSMB The Next Adventure(v0.2).xdelta  2.36 MiB Sad Egg 45 706
HSMBV3.0.nmp  6.20 MiB OOFpeople 237
NSMB the new adventure.xdelta  2.25 MiB Sad Egg 45 198
Mario Vs. Luigi World Tour  MvLWT Update 1.10 MiB JigglyJello 166
HSMB V2.3.nmp  3.07 MiB OOFpeople 114
Mario Vs Luigi World  1.09 MiB JigglyJello 82
6-16.sarc  My NSMB2 custom final castle level; trying to find out why it doesn't work. 29.47 KiB  GreyMask 286
HSMB V2.1.nmp  More to do and improved graphics! 5.63 MiB OOFpeople 119
HSMBV2.nmp  Version 2 with a possible 1-1 13.07 KiB OOFpeople 234
HSMB V2.nmp  Version 2 5.39 MiB OOFpeople 299
HSMB V1.nmp  It is a patch of my hack 5.57 MiB OOFpeople 285
New Super Mario Cas.xdelta  Hack by [user=614] 185.02 KiB  poudink 333
Coinless_Super_Mario_Bros_Ds_V1.0.1_by_Jan828.xdelta  Fixed. You die if you collect one single coin. But it's possible to reach the final castle (80 levels) Made by Jan828 credits to TheGameratorT and SKJyannick 832.67 KiB SKJyannick 1090
Coinless_Super_Mario_Bros_Ds_V1.0.0_by_Jan828.xdelta  A very hard hack by Jan828. Credits to TheGameratorT and me (SKJyannick) 832.67 KiB SKJyannick 165  New Super Mario Bros. Mix (By SKJyannick) - World 1 complete! 7.91 MiB SKJyannick 266
nsmbmix.xdelta  New Super Mario Bros. Mix level 1, 2, 3 ready. Just a small preview 366.29 KiB SKJyannick 333
New Super Mario Bros. Classic Levels  New Level (4-Ghost House), new title screen and fixed crash in 4-1 1.00 MiB SKJyannick 178  Remake of SMB and TLL (World 1-World 4-4) 1004.67 KiB SKJyannick 97
OP7's Custom MvsL Levels! rev 2.xdelta  OMG JUST WORK 9.83 KiB  onlypuppy7 462
OP7's Custom MvsL Levels! rev 1.xdelta  third times a charm 8.50 KiB  onlypuppy7 161
OP7's Custom MvsL Levels!.xdelta  8.50 KiB  onlypuppy7 156
OP7's Custom MvsL Levels!.png  47.97 KiB  onlypuppy7 5532
OP7's Custom MvsL Levels! logo.pptx  404.41 KiB  onlypuppy7 216
OP7's Custom MvsL Levels!.xdelta  8.46 KiB  onlypuppy7 148
SMB 1-1.nml  1.18 KiB  onlypuppy7 276
Pipe World.nml  A MvL level... That's broken 1.47 KiB  onlypuppy7 233  New Super Mario Bros. Classic Levels: World 1-World 2-5 - A SMB and TLL remake. Yes. Again. Just for fun. By SKJyannick 1.11 MiB SKJyannick 113
Next-DS-Cancel-Release.xdelta  Next Super Mario Bros. DS - Canceled Release by Mario_TV 17.75 MiB  Vadenimo 1795
New Super Marcy Bros.xdelta  2.88 MiB  Marcy4000 447
Xtreme super mario bros v1.2.xdelta  FIXED AIRSHIP!!!!!!!! Download this one, not the one below. World 1 completed. The coin icon and timer icon is a pink dot - I will fix this later 191.12 KiB Sirafstudios 286
Xtreme super mario bros v1.1.xdelta  FIXED!!!! The one below this is broken. Download this one, not the one below. World 1 completed. The coin icon and timer icon is a pink dot - I will fix this later 191.12 KiB Sirafstudios 176
Xtreme super mario bros.nds.xdelta  World 1 completed. The coin icon and timer icon is a pink dot - I will change this later 190.17 KiB Sirafstudios 212
nsmb2.7.xdelta  NSMB Alpha Replica 2.7 675.47 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 1120
test.nmp  here is the test file 5.70 MiB  PUN 309
SuperHardSuperMarioSoos.xdelta  This is a patch for the 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U)(Psyfer).nds rom. Patch it on there with XDELTA, and have fun in the first level. It is pretty hard..... This is the second version. In the first one if you had beaten it you would softlock. Also, I restored the original 1-2, since it was just 1-up farming. Note: I have indeed beaten the level. 37.52 KiB  ?SkilLP 253
SuperHardSuperMarioSoos.xdelta  This is a patch for the 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U)(Psyfer).nds rom. Patch it on there with XDELTA, and have fun in the first level. It is pretty hard..... The second level was modified, to make it easier for me to farm lifes. Note: I have indeed beaten the level. 37.49 KiB  ?SkilLP 212
w1-1area1.nml  World 1-1 of my hack 6.53 KiB Squi-Volt 456
Next-DS-EU-Patch.xdelta  Next DS-EU-Patch 2.74 MiB  Vadenimo 369
Next-DS-US-Patch.xdelta  Next DS-US-Patch 1.19 MiB  Vadenimo 470  1.26 KiB  Wither19 119
Felix The Cat DS [V1.01].rar  Felix The Cat for DS 3.49 MiB Luigui3060 896
Newest DS Plus [V1.06].rar  [V1.06] New Things Add 5.35 MiB Luigui3060 1383
New Super Peter Bros.xdelta  uptaded updated file 360.65 KiB  PUN 501
New Super Peter Bros DEMO.xdelta  updated file 355.11 KiB  PUN 192
New Super Peter Bros DEMO.xdelta  353.36 KiB  PUN 225
NSMB2 Proto Levels  NSMB2's proto levels, but restored to be playable. 22.85 KiB  explos 223
New Sunshine Mario Bros - FULL VERSION.nds.nmp  Full version of New Sunshine Mario Bros by Molto Bene Projects. 6.41 MiB SuperMarioThree 1217
area 3 w1 tower.nml  664 B  PUN 340
area 2 w1 tower.nml  524 B  PUN 332
area 1 w1 tower.nml  3.53 KiB  PUN 382
br_halloween_vs017a.nmp  BR Halloween nmp project file 2.15 MiB  pinet 206
more_smbr2_vs101d.nmp  "More" Super Mario Bras 2 "nmp" project file 2.79 MiB  pinet 829  Pack with 48 individual nml levels from BR Halloween project 80.57 KiB  pinet 198  Pack with 71 individual nml levels from Ideabook project 96.77 KiB  pinet 76  Pack with 174 individual nml levels from Infusion project 246.76 KiB  pinet 75  Pack with 174 individual nml levels from "More" Super Mario Bras 2 345.56 KiB  pinet 94  Pack with 175 individual nml levels from "More" Super Mario Bras 1 245.38 KiB  pinet 123
NSMBU DS Demo.rar  2.22 MiB  Skylander 11191
New Sunshine Mario Bros Beta.nmp  Uncomplete version of New Sunshine Mario Bros. by Molto Bene Projects 6.31 MiB SuperMarioThree 570
Contest  27.10 KiB  poudink 102
Contest  24.93 KiB  poudink 78
RenewedV035.xdelta  For NokNokShell 386.17 KiB  BeingAwesom 209
Newest DS Deluxe Release Patch [V1.05].xdelta  (V1.05) More Bugs Fix 7.82 MiB Luigui3060 858
timer_stop.xdelta  492.23 KiB  Helios 498
timer_stop.xdelta  492.23 KiB  Helios 181
timestop.xdelta  583.33 KiB  Helios 199
FrostbiteFields3.nml  4.30 KiB  Skylander 381
FrostbiteFields2.nml  956 B  Skylander 358
FrostbiteFields1.nml  4.08 KiB  Skylander 413
nsmbalpha2.6.xdelta  New Super Mario Bros Alpha Replica 2.6 (FIXED) 675.82 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 914
CR 3.nml  262 B  Skylander 387
CR 2.nml  5.08 KiB  Skylander 386
CR 1.nml  1.00 KiB  Skylander 391
Renewed.xdelta  Patch fixed! 378.38 KiB  BeingAwesom 1049
Renewed.nmp  700.70 KiB  BeingAwesom 409
NEWISH  1.70 MiB Mario1234 309
NSMB CAEC.nds  My first rom hack, I made this so far, enjoy 32.00 MiB  CAEC64 405
Acorn Plains Way Area 3.nml  1.10 KiB xxxLuigi8749xxx 245
Acorn Plains Way Area 2.nml  4.23 KiB xxxLuigi8749xxx 228
Acorn Plains Way Area 1.nml  7.20 KiB xxxLuigi8749xxx 266
New Super Luigi DS v1.0 fix.xdelta  Don't use the unfixed version! 1.13 MiB TheTimebreaker 1509
New Super Luigi DS v1.0.xdelta  1.01 MiB TheTimebreaker 329
New Super Luigi DS  886.25 KiB TheTimebreaker 156
Newest DS.xdelta  W2 Demo By Mr.M 1.32 MiB xxxLuigi8749xxx 317
NEWISH.nmp  Fix 6.66 MiB  Skylander 2875
Newest DS Deluxe Release Patch [V1.04].xdelta  last update 7.77 MiB Luigui3060 1050
Graveyard.nmt  29.95 KiB  Skylander 1402
Newest DS Deluxe Release Patch [V1.03].xdelta  7.94 MiB Luigui3060 941  (V1.03) 4.60 MiB  Skylander 2674
Newest DS Deluxe Release Patch [V1.02].xdelta  7.93 MiB Luigui3060 879
Newest DS Deluxe Release Patch.xdelta  7.91 MiB Luigui3060 330
Newest Super Mario Bros. DS.xdelta  v1.01 7.46 MiB ShadowMario321 501  Version 1.02 4.57 MiB  Skylander 159
NSMBU  4.58 MiB  Skylander 160
0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U)(Psyfer).nds  New Super Test Bros. 32.00 MiB rakan2017 588
1-2  4.29 KiB  Skylander 102
nweish u.xdelta  Newish.xdelta 2.07 MiB TheTimebreaker 578
newish u.nmp  New-ish.nmp 6.63 MiB TheTimebreaker 589
beta replica-WIP castle.nml  beta replica - WIP castle (28/04/2018) 3.62 KiB  Hiccup 803
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.2.xdelta  Final Version 2.29 MiB  Arceus 3486
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.11.xdelta  Hotfix 2.28 MiB  Arceus 513
Super Mario Castle 2 V1.1.xdelta  Version 1.1 with a lot of fixes 2.28 MiB  Arceus 704  By Luluca NSMB Hack Domain Infusion •Rom information: 0434 - New Super Mario Bros. (U).nds 284.28 KiB overmariofan. 141
Super Mario Castle 2.xdelta  Super Mario Castle 2 - Patch 2.26 MiB  Arceus 1655
NSBMBOV1a - Rev2.rar  this patch is not brocken. 1.57 MiB overmariofan 116  Beta version of my upcoming game: New Super Mario Bros: The Next Levels. You probably will not be able to exit 1-2. There are 2 1/2 custom levels but after the game was scrapped, but I will be making a remake! 13.83 MiB MarioPlushNetwork 233
NSMB3 - V3a Rev10.7z  New Super Mario Bros. 3 Version 3.0a by SKJmin re-upload by me 5.98 MiB overmariofan 330
New Super Mario Bros. Old Challenge [World 1].xdelta  Remake of Super Mario Bros. and The Lost Levels [World 1] 225.19 KiB overmariofan 501
New_Super_Mario_Bros_USA_NDS-pSyDS.nds  Unused 2 player in grassland level 1 (Only 1 Player) 32.00 MiB Lukenbug 707
NSMB2.5.xdelta  NSMB Alpha R 2.5 (this time, tested and works) 673.42 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 1453
2-3 Area 2.nml  same 686 B  CraKong 704
2-3 Area 1.nml  my level for the community remix 4.42 KiB  CraKong 652
Mario Vs Luigi - The Newer Levels.xdelta  Mario Vs. Luigi - The Newer Levels V1 1.14 MiB  HD Erick Games 459
W-5 Level 1 Area 1.nml  Doesn't work 7.48 KiB ProfessorDoktorGamer 691
DSCS.xdelta  1 World hack I made themed around winter (obviously) even though I called it the Christmas Special. Not entirely great, but I tried a little at least. 4.82 MiB GangsterJerby 2461
Acorn Plains Way.nml  Checkpoint Problem 4.24 KiB  Helios 691
Kaizo Super Mario Bros. DS [1-1].nml  the classic kaizo mario ;) 2.60 KiB overmariofan 586
THX NSMBHD!.txt  Thanks to New Super Mario Bros. HACKING DOMAIN :) 223 B overmariofan 244
Mario Forever.nmp  Just a re-upload of [user=322]'s hack. 8.80 MiB  poudink 2126
2.nds  32.00 MiB TheLegendOfTheGoomba 631
New Super Mario Bros. Mix title screen!.odt  NSMB. DS Mix TITLE SCREEN 19.46 KiB overmariofan 281  New Super Mario Bros Origins hack by SKJmin re-upload 444.82 KiB overmariofan 172
impossible.xdelta  impossible 424 B overmariofan 434
New Super Mario Bros. DS Mix (V1.1).xdelta  Updated version from new super mario bros. ds mix [1.0]!! 17.58 KiB overmariofan 517
New Super Mario Bros. DS Mix [V1.0].xdelta  World 1 and World 2 are ready 17.15 KiB overmariofan 456
NSMB. Difficult Level Remix [V1.1] full.7z  1.67 MiB overmariofan 278
NSMB Alpha 2.4.xdelta  New Super Mario Bros. Alpha Replica Version 2.4 (September 12, 2017) 672.56 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 1372
gh.png  a logo 417.86 KiB boomboom222 876
giphy.gif  this bullet bill is normal on behavior but he is hyper which means it moves faster 402.48 KiB boomboom222 3363
23dd3a6a0a8b2c0655a1d37397010913.gif  super flower - this is a special fire flower with a blast of 3 or more of any flower that shoots something 100+ hp and is mainly good for battling flying enimies 294.38 KiB boomboom222 2026
new_super_mario_bros_2_conceptart_kAgI9.jpg  a question block when empty 39.86 KiB boomboom222 1273
Question_Block_Art_-_New_Super_Mario_Bros.png  perfect for secrets and items 588.80 KiB boomboom222 3109
Brick_Block.png  new super Mario bros brick texture 2.57 MiB boomboom222 3242
yh.PNG  a grass texture for new Super Mario bros . PC 18.68 KiB boomboom222 382
Mini Mario  Mini Mario World 1.20 MiB SupersonicGames234 492
New Super Mario Bros.DS The New Adventures Demo.xdelta  .xdelta Patch of the Demo from NSMBDS The New Adventures 16.82 MiB  Vadenimo 999  3.06 KiB  Helios 359
testArea2.nml  642 B Thierry 653
testArea1.nml  2.95 KiB Thierry 689
NSMB Plus.nmp  NSMB+ 2016 380.53 KiB Tierage 2651
NSMBDS The New Adventures DS Demo Patch v.1.1.nmp  Bug fixes 375.86 KiB  Vadenimo 1039
NSMBAlphaNew.xdelta  NSMB Alpha Replica v2.3 (17/05/2017) 672.11 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 1387
NSMBCE WORLD 1.xdelta  229.70 KiB  Ezradekezra 792
NSMBCE WORLD 1.nmp  338.04 KiB  Ezradekezra 749
Area 2.nml  23.29 KiB  HonorableBore 733
Area 1.nml  2.37 KiB  HonorableBore 715
Area 2.nml  23.29 KiB  HonorableBore 427
Area 1.nml  2.37 KiB  HonorableBore 451
2-3 Area 2 Updated 8.nml  23.37 KiB  Arceus 656
2-3 Area 2 Updated 8.nml  sprite 168 issue 23.37 KiB  HonorableBore 640
2-3 Question.nmp  Please help me! 66.24 KiB  HonorableBore 669
2-3 Area 2 Updated 3.nml  View 0 17.57 KiB  HonorableBore 437
2-3 Area 1 Updated 1.nml  Area 0 1.79 KiB  HonorableBore 417
nspeppeb-v0.3.nmp  1.35 MiB gotor 535
nspbbugfixandupdate.nmp  New Super Peppe Bros updated logo ,some bug and levels 378.76 KiB gotor 463
nspeppeb-v0.2.nmp  new version of gotor's hack 371.13 KiB gotor 445
2-3 Area 2.nml  Update - Some Horrible Mistakes 13.67 KiB  HonorableBore 380
2-3 Area 2.nml  First custom level (View 0) ALSO 13.68 KiB  HonorableBore 394
2-3 Area 1.nml  First custom level (View 0) 1.79 KiB  HonorableBore 404
newsuperpeppebros.nmp  nsmb hack only world 1 302.76 KiB gotor 625
World 1-1 Area 3.nml  930 B  HonorableBore 637
World 1-1 Area 1.nml  2.00 KiB  HonorableBore 699
New Super Mario Bros. Adventure (Normal).7z  New Super Mario Bros. Adventure (Normal) 372.98 KiB Soig 1173
New Super Mario Bros. Adventure (Exploratory).7z  New Super Mario Bros. Adventure (Exploratory) 730.91 KiB Soig 1030
NSMB the lost levels (W1-W2).nmp  Hack by [user=160] 5.75 MiB  poudink 943
Ndymario's Hack.xdelta  My 1-1,1-2,1-3, and 1-Tower hack! 852.86 KiB  Ndymario 1132
SMBTNW251.xdelta  Hotfix 5.19 MiB  Arceus 24263
nsmbf.psyfer.fix.xdelta  NSMB F Psyfer Fix (allows patching directly from psyfer U dump) 2.31 MiB dyerseve 1971
NSMBAlphaNewVersion.xdelta  New Super Mario Bros. Alpha Replica 2.2 670.47 KiB  KTRMAmbiance 1370
contest.nml  First area of contest level. 898 B  cros107 669
1-1 Area 3.nml  Fixed a problem 558 B  Ezradekezra 660
1-1 Area 2.nml  I fixed a problem. 3.40 KiB  Ezradekezra 766
1-1 Area 1.nml  I fixed a problem with it. 694 B  Ezradekezra 782
1-1 Area 3.nml  A maze-like hack of level 1-1 (Area 3) 558 B  Ezradekezra 493
1-1 Area 2.nml  A maze-like hack of level 1-1 (Area 2) 3.40 KiB  Ezradekezra 455
1-1 Area 1.nml  A maze-like hack of level 1-1 (Area 1) 694 B  Ezradekezra 479
1-1 Area 1.nml  ANOTHER update. 3.78 KiB  SuperML 811
1-1 Area 1.nml  Updated AGAIN. 3.76 KiB  SuperML 524
1-1 Area 1.nml  3.80 KiB  SuperML 509
SMBTNW25.xdelta  V. 2.5 of SMB. - The New Worlds 5.19 MiB  Arceus 1509
SMBTNW24.xdelta  V. 2.4 of Super Mario Bros. - The New Worlds 6.54 MiB  Arceus 552
My First Level.nml  My first level 2.64 KiB  Ndymario 774
NSMBU Pipe Joint - MIni.rar  375 B newluigidev 507
NSMBU Pipe Joint.rar  1.16 KiB newluigidev 522
1-3.nml  10.58 KiB  MarioFanatic64 475
1-3.rar  19.83 KiB newluigidev 168
1-3.rar  19.53 KiB newluigidev 190
NSMB 4.5 Mini Adventure V.1.4e.nmp  Random release. 5.37 MiB Thierry 1235
Level 1-2 problem.nml  There's a problem with the progress path... 2.16 KiB  TerraPlayzGamez 618
bowser fight not working properly.nml  934 B  shaddow24 851
templatelevel.nml  A template level for those who want to start fresh and have an original level. It has only the path node, the usual view, red blocks, midway flags and entrances. Useful, uh? 650 B thereturnofdoritosxD 669
NSMB+ 1.4.0.nmp  World 3 levels! 928.46 KiB Tierage 2727
New Super Muddy Bros..nmp  My first mini-hack! Yay! 46.13 KiB  JamesMuddy 1051
Camera thingie.nmp  The Camera thing :P 3.25 KiB  Baby Bowser 978
Glitch.nml  Glitch 748 B  TheToaster 1042  The same patch, but now with a fix. 685.58 KiB  TRS 857
Super Bombette World1 beta.nmp  Only World 1, it's beta. 160.31 KiB  Bombette 1006
V4.nmp  9.90 MiB  New Super Wario2 1073
Super Bombette World 1 beta 2.nmp  World 1 BETA 2 199.98 KiB  Bombette 1016
SMA v4.nmp  716.75 KiB  New Super Wario2 937
New Super Mario Bros Easy B1.xdelta  World 1 Beta 1 1.44 KiB  Darkie 697
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS Beta #1.nmp  1.45 MiB NewerHacks 3932
NSMB+ 1e.nmp  NSMB+ 1.2.3 372.32 KiB Tierage 1200
NSMB Plus 1d.nmp  NSMB+ 1.2.2 346.93 KiB Tierage 1178
level.rar  A level for the MF64 unknown contest 1.23 KiB  New Super Wario2 671
NSMB - Complete 1-1 & Tileset 21.nmp  It was long to make this! Give credit if used. Tileset AND level. 27.95 KiB Thierry 1038
quicksandvalleyarea1.nml  The first area of my 2nd level contribution for the NSMBHD's level submission thing, but this time it's a desert one! Give credit if used... 3.67 KiB thereturnofdoritosxD 628
KoopaVillage.nml  2.30 KiB MarioAdvance125 983
piranhahillsfinal.nmp  Final version of my contribuition for the MF64's unknown level contest(?) or something else(only the staff knows what is it...)but this time with the fixed ground and camera issues solved... 34.50 KiB thereturnofdoritosxD 1188
W2 Castle (Area 1).nml  6.33 KiB Asprok 816
quicksandvalleyarea2.nml  The second area of my 2nd level contribution for the NSMBHD's level submission thing, but this time it's a desert one! Give credit if used... 1.03 KiB thereturnofdoritosxD 677
1-2 Area 1 Thierry_L64.nml  ...and Thierry. 4.40 KiB Thierry 1092
1-2 Area 2 Thierry_L64.nml  Lakitu64... 1.78 KiB Thierry 968
contest.nml  2.88 KiB  New Super Wario2 977
Arceus Area 1.nml  Level 3.42 KiB  Arceus 923
Arceus Area 2.nml  454 B  Arceus 872
3 Years of NSMBHD.nmp  1.07 MiB  MarioFanatic64 5569
V3.nmp  972.92 KiB  New Super Wario2 1006
Community Remix 5-1.nml  3.97 KiB  New Super Wario2 1135
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (ds version).nmp  it was not completed yet... 4.21 MiB  mrrikihino 906
M&L Back To The Kingdom!.nmp  5.40 MiB  TerraPlayzGamez 1331
Thierry's NSMB. 2 Patch.nmp  Please comment if you plays it. =) 4.90 MiB Thierry 982
Thierry's NSMB. 2 Patch 2.nmp  Apparently, everyone dislikes it. So I guess it's the last patch I does for this. 4.90 MiB Thierry 1034
NSMB+ 1-3.nmp  The (not so) big update 883.80 KiB Tierage 1293
NSMB+ 1.3.1.nmp  Fixed 2-Castle 898.79 KiB Tierage 1149
NSMB+ 1.3.3.nmp  3-1 added. overlay9 and slope bug fixes 696.34 KiB Tierage 1349
NSMB+ 1.3.2.nmp  fixed 2-3 bug 891.06 KiB Tierage 1211
New Super Mario Bros. Beta Replica V.Thierry Patch.nmp  Huge improvements! The best version of NSMB B.Replica! 793.28 KiB Thierry 1278
nsmbf xdelta version.7z.001  replace to xdelta version (part 1/5) 512.00 KiB Soig 988
nsmbf xdelta version.7z.002  replace to xdelta version (part 2/5) 512.00 KiB Soig 973
nsmbf xdelta version.7z.003  replace to xdelta version (part 3/5) 512.00 KiB Soig 946
nsmbf xdelta version.7z.004  replace to xdelta version (part 4/5) 512.00 KiB Soig 977
nsmbf xdelta version.7z.005  replace to xdelta version (part 5/5) 13.14 KiB Soig 965
NSMB Plus v1.nmp  NSMB+, a simple hack that changes many of the levels. Currently only for World 1. 49.88 KiB Tierage 1385
NSMB Plus 1a.nmp  An update to New Super Mario Bros. + 142.33 KiB Tierage 1189
nsmb9 1.1.rar  772.89 KiB  New Super Wario2 512
NSMB Plus 1b.nmp  NSMB+ Update 1.2 280.44 KiB Tierage 1412
nsmb MA 1.2.rar  763.59 KiB  New Super Wario2 449
nsmbma1.2.rar  737.04 KiB  New Super Wario2 438
NSMB Plus 1c.nmp  309.42 KiB Tierage 1287
NSMB 4.5 Mini Adventure V.1.0.nmp  This version is much better. 826.26 KiB Thierry 1025
NSMB 4.5 Mini Adventure V.1.1.nmp  The V1.1 1.00 MiB Thierry 1548
world1level1area1.nml  World 1-1, Area 1 for PlatinumSMB+! 7.49 KiB  SnakeBlock 981
world1level1area2.nml  World 1-1 Area 2 for PlatinumSMB+! 844 B  SnakeBlock 1055
world1level1area3.nml  World 1-1 Area 3 for PlatinumSMB+! 676 B  SnakeBlock 976
nsmb ma 2.0.nmp  1.60 MiB  New Super Wario2 870
CLONE_TAG_TEAM_2_(UNFINISHED).nmp  8.77 MiB  MarioFanatic64 962
NSMB 4.5 Mini Adventure.nmp  NSMB 4.5 Mini! Enjoy! 502.77 KiB Thierry 1276
NSMB Shell Model.nmp  Just for lulz. 3.78 MiB Thierry 1056
NSMB Goomba Model.nmp  Goomba Model! 829.41 KiB Thierry 1109
Mario Vs. Sleepy Bowser.nmp  Yep, this is derp. ^^ 7.02 MiB Thierry 1144
nsmb9.nmp  New Super Mario Bros 9 Beta 1 1.54 MiB  New Super Wario2 1235
1-1 Area 1 [NSW2].nml  Fixed level 1-1 by Thierry. Contribution to 'nsmb9' by NSW2. 2.33 KiB Thierry 1042
NSMB9 V.Thierry.nmp  Improved. Big contribution! 1.31 MiB Thierry 942
1-1 PROMBLME.nml  MY LV 1-1 WITH PROMBLES 3.29 KiB  Jakobuniverse 623
NSMBCR - W4-1 (V1.1).nml  5.25 KiB Exor Knurd 869
NSMB 4.5 Mini Adventure V.1.4.nmp  The lastest normal one for now! 5.36 MiB Thierry 1286
CLONE TAG TEAM 2 - (Unfinished).zip  8.71 MiB  MarioFanatic64 737
Custom Super Mario Bros..rar  Custom Super Mario Bros. - A NSMB Hack 671.52 KiB Yosher1223 331
NSMB DSi Frozen Valley Demo (beta2).nmp  Ice World Done 290.83 KiB Crist_93 4137
Matrako New Super Mario Bros.20140108.nmp  Matrako New Super Mario Bros: World 1 + World 2 + World 3 + World 4 3.58 MiB Matrako 1306
New Wacky Mario Bros Patch Alpha World 1.nmp  New Wacky Mario Bros Alpha, World 1 Completed! 569.05 KiB Tonic ze Hedgefox 951
Snow contest level area 3.nml  1.33 KiB Wesley 715
Snow contest level area 1.nml  13.66 KiB Wesley 581
SMB - The New Worlds B3.xdelta  Beta 3 of SMB - The New Worlds 1.74 MiB  Arceus 2353
underwter memory.nml  A minigamein level! Memory! 3.44 KiB  AnOnYmUs00 635
MSMBDS Patch 1.0.nmp  649.76 KiB Stunt_LP 655
MSMB Patch.nmp  893.37 KiB Stunt_LP 836
New Super Hacker Bros beta  The Hack I'm Making. It's only to 1-1 to 1-castle. So far. 4.02 MiB  newsuperhackboys 778
BNSMB 0.3.nmp  0.3 123.37 KiB  Polar Hacker 1487
Newer Super Mario und Luigi DS World 1-1 to World 2-6.nmp  World 1-1 to World 2-6! 1.22 MiB NewerHacks 1356
NSMBBowserandthedarkstarDEMO1.nmp  First Demo. Play in a DS and you will play better than in an emulator. 8.41 MiB  pablixtheyoshi 1478
5-Tower.nml  Hill-Top Tower 3.60 KiB Crist_93 1072
1ul2.nml  Area 2 of GSMB 1-2 976 B  SnakeBlock 971
1ul.nml  Area 1 of GSMB 1-2 4.07 KiB  SnakeBlock 992
area1.nml  1-1 area 1 2.88 KiB  SnakeBlock 1277
area2.nml  1-1 area 2 712 B  SnakeBlock 1300
area3.nml  1-1 area 3 1.02 KiB  SnakeBlock 982
NSMBCR - W4-1.nml  5.01 KiB Exor Knurd 1033
rotating switch (1-1 area 1 US).nml  898 B  MeroMero 816
New Super Mario Bros. The Next Levels. W1-Revised..nmp  417.75 KiB  Pedroalone 1277
NSM Castle.nmp  Fixed bugs 415.79 KiB  Arceus 6118
1-4-1 PROBLEM.nml  I have a problem with entrace 4.23 KiB  AnOnYmUs00 891
problem 1-tower.nml  I'm having a problem with entrances in 1-Tower. This is Area 1. 4.95 KiB  SnakeBlock 800
problem 1-a.nml  1-A GSMB Area 2 2.23 KiB  SnakeBlock 937
problem 1-a fixed.nml  2.23 KiB  Piranhaplant 874
GSMB_World1_Complete.nmp  GSMB finally released 396.15 KiB  SnakeBlock 1081
Mario Forever full version(DS).nmp  Re-Upload. 8.80 MiB  Izmirnator 629
New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!v1.2.xdelta  Hack by Gridattack. Re-Upload by me. 1.52 MiB  Izmirnator 1020
1-4-1PROBLEM.nml  Problem 4.32 KiB  AnOnYmUs00 915
1-1.rar  My first hack 1-1 "The New Beginning" 12.30 KiB Ofjkilab411 647
PROBLEM!.nml  problem? 3.14 KiB  AnOnYmUs00 893
NSMBTA Demo 1-1.nmp  45.43 KiB  Pedroalone 1151
Project L Update 3.nmp  New Super Luigi DS Update 3! 609.91 KiB Mario Silva 1965
New Super Mario Bros. U MAX.nmp  Overlay bug Fix 2.97 MiB  Ruedajv10 1371
NSMB - The New Worlds.xdelta  Fixed version. 1.42 MiB  Arceus 1162
NewSuperMarioWorld-1.1-USA.nmp  5.70 MiB 3682
New Super Retro Mario Bros.1985 Replica.nmp  Re-Upload. 9.89 MiB  Izmirnator 1453
New Metroid Bros. (.145).xdelta  Re-Upload. 6.37 MiB  Izmirnator 660
New Super Mario Bros. The Next Levels.0.2.nmp  513.19 KiB  Pedroalone 722
BNSMB.nmp  0.2 74.13 KiB  Polar Hacker 718
New Super Mario Bros. The Next Levels.0.3.nmp  Overlay_09.bin Bugfix. 314.26 KiB  Pedroalone 693
W1-Cannon.nml  BNSMB W1-Cannon 1.62 KiB  Polar Hacker 936
CLONE_TAG_TEAM_BUGFIX_V1.3.nmp  The Final Major Update! 8.70 MiB  MarioFanatic64 8099
W2-Cannon.nml  W2-Cannon 1.19 KiB  Polar Hacker 869
lol.nml  Dirbaio asked me to upload this. I was having camera problems on this level. 2.12 KiB  SnakeBlock 750
1-1-1-new version.nml  new 1-1 of nsmw ^^ 5.49 KiB 1154
NewSuperMarioWorld-0.7-USA.nmp  0.7 public of NSMW 5.31 MiB 1358
Matrako New Super Mario Bros.20130823.nmp  Matrako New Super Mario Bros: World 1 + World 2 + World 3 + W4-1 (not finished) + W4-2 (not finished) 3.44 MiB Matrako 1193
tower.nml  NOT FREE TO USE! 3.50 KiB  P-Wing 912
NSMB Castle.nmp  Little bugfixes 415.90 KiB  Arceus 804
Nrage W1-1-1.nml  Wanna challenge? this is one of my first HARD levels! (Easiest of all my levels so far) 2.67 KiB Nrage 663
Nrage W1-Tower Area 1.nml  Wanna challenge? Here's a modified tower level I made for world 1. It's hard and frustrating! 4.47 KiB Nrage 703
Nrage W5-2-2.nml  Wanna challenge? this is my second HARD level I made! 5.19 KiB Nrage 653
Nrage W5-2-1.nml  Wanna challenge? this is my second HARD level I made! This is a tiny area of the level that ticks people off! 1.76 KiB Nrage 714
Nrage W5-Tower Area 1.nml  Wanna challenge? Here's a modified tower level I made for world 5. Same idea but WAY HARDER! 2.53 KiB Nrage 630
NSMB.4.5 The Big Lands of The Mushroom Kingdom™ Patch 3.8.nmp  Somes things improved, and fixed. 1.41 MiB Thierry 2854
NSRB.nmp  Old old Beta verison 2.37 MiB  NeverEndingGamer 1338
NSMW-0.8.nmp  All new 0.8 including level from 1-1 to 2-4! 5.32 MiB 1308
New Super Mario Bros. The Next Levels..nmp  My Hack 498.70 KiB  Pedroalone 746
Brand New Super Mario Bros..nmp  Brand New Super Mario Bros. 41.05 KiB  Polar Hacker 818
para Micro-Mario64.nml  A new level for micro-mario64 2.05 KiB  New Super Wario2 610
SMB - The new Worlds.nmp  Finally working! 5.35 MiB  Arceus 941
W1-L1-A1.nml  2.20 KiB Stunt_LP 1041
New mario bros final cloud.nmp  World 1 Completed patch it with the original new mario bros.nds a enjoy ;) :) 26.76 KiB  chamsy jaafar 1058
Master Super Mario Bros. Demo.nmp  601.40 KiB Stunt_LP 1247
New mario bros the last desert.nmp  enjoy my hack :) :) :) 52.21 KiB  chamsy jaafar 1023  World 1 Castle with al 3 area,s Sorry for mistake... 3.55 KiB xnyancat 254
MVSLHACK.nmp  This is my first hack. I made new MVSL levels to play with a friend I changed all except the pipe world. Special thanks to wesley for fixing some bugs. 167.13 KiB Snapper576 835
Newsupermarioworld-0.5-USA.nmp  Fix of a previous version... don't care anymore of the other. 5.09 MiB 1956
NewSuperMarioWorld-0.6-USA.nmp  Version 0.6 of NewSuperMarioWorld 5.09 MiB 1372
Mario Bros Black patch.nmp  update for mario bros black (final patch) 5.49 MiB Wesley 1214
New Super Holiday Bros Patch.nmp  maybe like this contains an icon did you draw? if wrong i'm so sorry wesley 4.14 MiB  mrrikihino 882
NSMB+ 1.3.4.nmp  fixed 2-A and started on 3-2 697.71 KiB Tierage 1439
NSMB - The New Worlds 2.1.xdelta  Finally - fixed all issues 1.42 MiB  Arceus 1335
NSMB FSP beta 4 (EU).xdelta  935.03 KiB  MeroMero 2486
nsmbf world 1  nsmbf w 1 demo 378.81 KiB Soig 703
Unused demo, crashes.txt  4.53 KiB  Hiccup 828
Mega Super Mario Bros.nmp  MSMB update! 1st April 2013 1.10 MiB  CreativiPie 1364
goombabros.nmp  6.02 MiB  YEYEO 1087
New Super Mario Bros DSi.nmp  New Super Mario Bros DSi hack - World 1 Completed 4.90 MiB Crist_93 1799
New mario bros Island.nmp  this is my first hack New mario bros island. is the world 1 hack . test and give me your opinion :) 2 world 2 are comming soon 20.48 KiB  chamsy jaafar 1065
New Mario Bros lost world.nmp  this is my second hack New mario bros lost world. is the world 1 hack . test and give me your opinion :D 45.82 KiB  chamsy jaafar 1016
new mario bros 8.nmp  New super mario bros 8 27.44 KiB  chamsy jaafar 1111
2-A 1 PROBLEM OF CAMERA.nml  level 2-a unfinished problem of cammera 3.83 KiB  YEYEO 953
NSMB beta replica Field 1 Singleplayer.nml  3.67 KiB  Hiccup 1032
E3 2005 Demo - Castle.txt  4.97 KiB  Hiccup 861
New SuPy_hacker Mario Bros. Patch.nmp  The Patch of New SuPy_hacker Mario Bros. 43.87 KiB Thierry 847
Matrako New Super Mario Bros.20130216.nmp  Matrako New Super Mario Bros [World 1 & 2] - V 0.2.0 3.06 MiB Matrako 1260
goomba bros.nmp  New super tuto bros 475.13 KiB  YEYEO 1246
NSMB Green Shell And Spiny  Custom Shells 8.06 KiB  BlackYoshi485 966
BlackYoshi485  Fixed Snowball By BlackYoshi485 1.93 KiB  BlackYoshi485 789
Rock  Rock Mario(SMG!) 1.82 KiB  BlackYoshi485 879
Buzy Beetle  2.11 KiB  BlackYoshi485 710
x-mas bros patch 2.nmp  the second patch for x-mas bros 4.16 MiB Wesley 1123
New Super Mario Land 2.nmp  The first demo of my hack New Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins 238.37 KiB 1993ted 1569
Download Play Tester.xdelta  Download Play XDelta Tester 2.02 MiB  Shadey 977
mario bros x-mas version.nmp  this its my mario vs luigi x-mas bros hack it its for christmas :D 3.64 MiB Wesley 2234
SMSW - Full W1 Beta.nmp  Full W1 Beta of Super Mario: The Secret Worlds! :D 364.39 KiB  Supr D 1682
NSSB..nmp  New Super Steve Bros. 372.90 KiB  Someone 1581
msmb.nmp  MSMB Update: up to World 2-3! 811.57 KiB  CreativiPie 2207
1-3 NSMB2 DS.nml  New Super Mario Bros. 2 Level 1-3 4.58 KiB  mrrikihino 1241
1 star test m vs l.nmp  this its a test with 1 star in the m vs l grasland level 39.32 KiB Wesley 1069
broken level.nml  Needs to be fixed for me :( 2.27 KiB  TheTicklishYoshi 957
Bouncy_Mushroom_Sands[Template_Level].zip  Bouncy_Mushroom_Sands[Template_Level].zip 20.36 KiB  Hiccup 944
NSMBDsi.nmp  New Super Mario Bros Dsi hack 5.05 MiB Crist_93 1073
New Super Fey Bros..nmp  For RisisKing, Level 1-1's better. 703.54 KiB SuperMarioThree 869
1-2 area 1.nml  wat 4.77 KiB  gridatttack 839
Problem 1-A.nml  My endless problem!! 21.24 KiB  MiguelMML 970
CSMB Beta 1.nmp  W1 2.90 MiB  MiguelMML 2300
Matrako New Super Mario Bros.20121124.nmp  Matrako New Super Mario Bros [World 1] 2.71 MiB Matrako 1426
1-A.nml  Requires The Tileset: grasslandedit By Mono-Weon 3.32 KiB  P-Wing 861
1-1 Area 1.nml  Requires The Tileset: grasslandedit By Mono-Weon 3.54 KiB  P-Wing 866
1-1 Area 2.nml  616 B  P-Wing 866
1-1 Area 3.nml  758 B  P-Wing 794
Volcano World (MVL).nml  Don't forget to patch! :) 2.80 KiB  P-Wing 808
Mill Hills (MVL).nml  Don't forget to patch! :) (Requires The Tileset: SMB3 Hilly By gridattack 1.35 KiB  P-Wing 696
Underground EDIT (MVL).nml  Don't forget to patch! :) Requires The Tileset: Underground By Dirbaio 1.03 KiB  P-Wing 609
Matrako New Super Mario Bros.20121209.nmp  Matrako New Super Mario Bros [World 1] - V 0.1.1 2.81 MiB Matrako 1282
beta1(w5).nmp  Newer super mario bros ds beta 1 5.80 MiB  Gerry 6066
NSMW1.0-USA.nmp  entire w1 + w2 :P 5.41 MiB 1625
NSMB2 W1 and Tilesets.rar  NSMB2 World 1 and Tilesets - Just extract and add, be sure to read the readme. :P 40.77 KiB  TheTicklishYoshi 11776
nsmb2 star-1.nml  1.97 KiB  Hiccup 2057
NSMB2- W1-5.rar  Remake of NSMB2's W1-5 15.63 KiB  Mono-Weon 581
nsmbgold.nmp  New Super Mario Bros. Gold Beta with World 1. 2.88 MiB  mikelan98 1753
MSMB Canon Level.nml  My future hack's cannon level. (SPOILERS of my hack!) 3.04 KiB  CreativiPie 1506
[title] v2.nmp  a 1-world demo of a still-to-be-named hack 322.09 KiB  TRS 2272
New Super Mario Bros Volcano Version.nmp  ^^ My new hack World 1 6.69 MiB pikachu385 3347
MSMB.nmp  The patch for my "Mega Super Mario Bros." hack, finally! 566.16 KiB  CreativiPie 941
Levels.rar  W1-2 levels of NSMB v! (NSMB DS mod) 47.73 KiB  AnOnYmUs00 350
The Ultimate Maze-O-Matic Challenge! (Levels).zip  The Ultimate Maze-O-Matic Challenge! (Levels) 45.77 KiB  Tiger21820 365
NSMA2 full version.nmp  There is a full version of New Super Mario Advance 2 8.97 MiB  Gerry 27607
New Super Mario Bros The space voyage.nmp  Test 3 (Desert U UPDATE) 439.18 KiB leo10pe10 1312
CastleFixed.nml  Working Castle Level for gritattack 1.12 KiB  Freeze 1338
CTT2 W1-1.nmp  World 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team 2 (This will be the only public patch) 432.51 KiB  MarioFanatic64 2644
NSMB2(3DS) 1-A - remade in  NSMB2 1-A 4.15 KiB  Hiccup 679
problem.nml  1.18 KiB  Hiccup 1136
NSMB2 World 1-2.rar  A Try to remake NSMB2's World 1-2 2.88 KiB  Mono-Weon 644
nsmb-levelup-world1-fix.nmp  8.10 MiB jumphighmario 1664
NSMB2_DOKI_DOKI_PANIC.nmp  The first (but not very good) full NSMB Hack. Released in March 2010, now back by popular demand, somehow... 1021.27 KiB  MarioFanatic64 14528
mario_model_LZ.bin  swaps mario's body with luigi's body. replace the original mario_model_LZ.bin with this one on nsmbe5 on the tabs go to rom file browser/FILESYSTEM/root/player/mario_model_LZ.bin 16.91 KiB malutrooda 629
NSFB.rar  New Super Fusion Bros. 02/09/11 2.11 MiB  Tana~ 3364
MvsL_Music-Hack.nmp  A Mario VS Luigi Music Hack test 4.54 MiB  ray 988
Mushroom Craze.nmp  Updated version of my first level. 4.32 KiB  scorqyon 866