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Castle: 30%
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3 Years: 99% (with edit of 8-7)
The New Levels: 100%
The New World: 100%
Endless Earth: 0%
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Brah 2: 4%
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iLikeTerrain Status: Trying to beat "castle 1" (already beat castle 2). 1-5's flag doesn't appear, and don't know why.
iLikeTerrain Status: Almost finished the first part of the hack I started a long time ago. Only have to test what I have added, and create 1 more level, then I should try to post it to see what happens
iLikeTerrain Status: If I had a penny for each time I forget to set the view of an entrance, or forget to give the right entrance to warps, I might be able to buy a coffee
iLikeTerrain Need to make a tierlist of every level I played. Will be hard to make
iLikeTerrain status: finish the level designs for the demo I plan to share, but need to playtest a few levels first. Then have to record a trailer and get a few good screenshots
iLikeTerrain status: chose a profile pic to use
iLikeTerrain status: In 3years hack, 5-Ghost house has warp with disabled sound, which crashes the game
iLikeTerrain Status: 8-7 of the single-levels hack is a terrible level. Going to adjust the final platform and lava speed to make it playable.
iLikeTerrain Status: The only hack that lagged badly in the world map is the NSMB U hack, on world 5 it is pretty slow, likely because of the 3d castle model being replaced with an airship
iLikeTerrain Me: goes to warp zone with "disable sound"
iLikeTerrain Game: Crashes
iLikeTerrain Me:
iLikeTerrain Status: the demo for Sicko Mode has very hard levels in world 8 (the last world of the demo). Stuck at castle, because I do want the star coins
iLikeTerrain Status: Had beaten Sicko Mode Demo.
iLikeTerrain Status 2: Was extremely close to finally beating Casle 1's first Castle, but choked at the boss section
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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

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Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");