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Luigui3060 Thank you User123123
 Skylander Thanks for apologizing. Just please ask my permission before posting my content.
 Skylander Also Arceus has a point. Why in the world does 1-2 in your hack look like mine? Fix it. That's basically re-posting my content in a way.
 Skylander how did you get 70 Karma? It was negative wasn't it?
Luigui3060 the truth I have no idea why my Karma increased
 STORMENT Gracias!
 KTRMAmbiance Happy birthday to you!
 awesomeguy95 Happy birthday!
 Helios yeah you are normal, everyone in the newest team is normal. totally not sarcasm
 Helios I hope you execute that properly though. You may use others' levels just for testing, but do not put them in trailers and demps
 Helios demos
 Helios Can you pinpoint which part of the level froze? What were you doing at the time? Thx
 TheGameratorT Hello could you contact me on Discord (TheGameratorT#1850) ?
 TheGameratorT So that I can fix the issue you are having with the converter
 Helios Eh, that was unexpected. Thanks for the report, I will look into it asap
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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Posted by Goomba
Posted by Mario
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");