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Birthday December 22, 1999 (17 years old)
Current project: The Mushroom Pack and The Flower Pack afterwards.

Things to know:
-Active forum user until I forget my password
-I speak Spanish (Si hablo Espanol!)
-You can find me on YouTube
-I will dedicate my time to something if its truly needed
-I like even numbers
-My body is ready
-I play competitive Smash, but not Melee.
-I sided with Nohr so come at me Hoshidan dorks.
-Riveting is one of my favorite words.
-I don't like undertale or Thousand Year Door.
-Brawl and Sm4sh mains: Mario, Luigi, Marth, Ness, Corrin, Lucas, Wolf, Peach, Kirby, Mr.Game&Watch, Link, Zelda, Toon Link. (No order)
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 mario1luigi9 I hate you all
 gridatttack Dunno. I don't check the wiki at all due to reasons. The user might have used an obscure or already edited NSMB rom, which is probably why it doesn't work.
 gridatttack Hail Valla
 Pedroalone Hehe, thank you.
Asprok wut
 skawo It's from HGSS.
 Ambiance 69 Thanks
 cros107 You registered 29 days ago. I think it's more mariofanatic64 than you xD
 cros107 What about mariofanatic64?
 poudink Thanks!
 Pedroalone Thanks
MortinKoopa Happy Birthday to you
 MarioFanatic64 Well spotted.
RicBent ban
Gimzie Thanks!
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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Posted by Goomba
Posted by Mario
Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");

Buttered toast is actually really good, you should try it out.