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Dead Account

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This Game Is The Best Hack
Dead Account
Posted on 01-09-18, 09:51 pm
Red Goomba

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Wow. This game is absolutely amazing! Great job. I love the fact that the levels are new instead of copying NSMB. I enjoyed the original and I enjoyed this one. Thanks for this absolute masterpeace. If someone handed this to me and said 'Here Nintendo made this' I would believe them. Thank you for this awesome game skawo.
Working on something.
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Someone who speaks Portuguese

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One question tho.. is Newer U still going happen? I've heard that it might be cancelled.. as skawo said that he'd rather do anything else:

Edit: Also 60,000th post xD, i was waiting for this opportunity since the post count were at 59,900.
Posted on 01-10-18, 05:49 am
Roy Koopa
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Yes, Newer U is still happening. How any tines does that question need to be answered in this thread.
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Apparently a lot.
Posted on 01-10-18, 01:25 pm

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Posted by MarioFanatic64
Yes, Newer U is still happening. How any tines does that question need to be answered in this thread.

Because the contrary has been implied by some people from the team a few times.
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how wasn't this name taken yet
because it is stupid
oh and also you are banned
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hello, i downloaded NEWER yesterday, i played it all the way to world 8, but my save was gone
also the mine cart level is suppose to have a secret exit and now there is a useless mushroom house on the worldmap.
i opened the level in nsmbe and found a secret exit so problem=gone
also the file browser layout in newer is very user freindly as all stuff has its own folder now.
anyways, great game
Posted on 01-11-18, 07:48 pm

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just found this bug
Posted on 01-11-18, 07:49 pm
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would be nice if you gave some context.
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Posted by shibboleet
would be nice if you gave some context.
Basically, I Completed LVL 2 on world 7 with a starman and then mario started to glitch out. btw i am using the hammer power up.
Posted on 01-11-18, 08:30 pm

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What emulator is this?
Posted on 01-11-18, 08:33 pm

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Posted by skawo
What emulator is this?
if you're talking to me then its drastic on android.
(my pc is terrible so i cant run an emulator) also i got a softlock on gigantic gardens...
Posted on 01-11-18, 08:34 pm
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Nobody tested with Android emulators, so...
Posted on 01-11-18, 08:43 pm
Android player......................

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shibboleet,I did It,and I didn't haved any problem.
Posted on 01-11-18, 10:55 pm

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Yeah, I'm running the game on Wood R4 1.64 with ZERO issues. RTS can be enabled.
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he's talking about android emulators, not flashcarts.
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how wasn't this name taken yet
because it is stupid
oh and also you are banned
door is over there

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trust me it was nessecery
Posted on 01-12-18, 09:45 pm

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help i have a black water, how do I fix this ?
Posted on 01-13-18, 01:36 am
Morton Koopa
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Posted on 01-13-18, 05:09 am
Red Goomba

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Found a glitch with the Hammer Bro in 1-Castle were he would jump down into the floor. I didn’t get a photo as it was on a flashcart on a normal unmodified 3DS but I can assure you it happened.

Fix possible/needed?