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You will not lose your savegame if you update, so try reinstalling again. And as noted on the last page, the version number is displayed on the title screen.
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You do not get access to World 6 for beating World 5.
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I understand and did note on last page the version is displayed on the title screen. The pixels where it's displayed are bad on my screen as I mentioned before....
Thank you skawo that awnsers my problem. Thank you and your team for the hard work and fun game.
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Maybe, the place in the picture need to be edge behavior?
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My NSMB favorite hack!!
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Hey, Skawo, are you ok if I use some tilesets (Beach, Underwater and Airship) for a hack?
Posted on 12-30-17, 08:48 pm
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As far as I know, you can always use any stuff from any newer hack, as long as you give credit.
Posted on 12-31-17, 06:53 am
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Hey, Skawo, are you ok if I use the nsmbu jyotyu and some tilesets like (underground,goldwood foreset) for a hack
i will give the credits to you and newer team
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mmm, I did a final stage's TAS video. Maybe I'll do a 100% TAS in the distant future. XD After my nsmbwii 100%, of course.
And I found that if I kill Bowser Jr. at Bowser's first flying upon, screen won't move to the right after Bowser falls down. So I killed Jr. at the second time. Though I can do that at the beginning.
Posted on 12-31-17, 10:43 pm

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Bug: If it hasn't been patched out yet (I'm using version 1.02), going to a Toad House after getting to a checkpoint in a level starts the level you were in before going to the Toad House.
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Er... no it doesn't?
Posted on 01-01-18, 02:28 am
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I get the feeling that what he means is that a level's checkpoint resets after going to a Toad House, forcing you to restart the level from the beginning, which is something I kind of find annoying myself, unless it was intentional.
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Posted on 01-01-18, 07:49 am

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That's also not a thing.
Posted on 01-01-18, 02:55 pm
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I just tried it with an already open Toad House, and it doesn't reset the checkpoint after you visit one, but rather, after you save the game after unlocking one, or just saving the game in general resets the checkpoint of the progress you made in the level, for whatever reason. So it was likely misinterpreted by the players that it was the Toad Houses causing it.
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Posted on 01-01-18, 03:25 pm

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That's how NSMBDS works in general, sorry.
Posted on 01-01-18, 03:40 pm

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Anyone else finding that the camera is decently far away from Mario compared to the original?
Posted on 01-01-18, 03:40 pm

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It is. The game has an unused zoom sprite that allows changing the zoom level.
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Is it possible to slightly alter Bowser's movement in the first phase of the final boss? He sometimes more or less sticks above me, no way to dodge Bowser Jr without taking a hit. I don't know if that's intentional.

Some levels have a very strict time limit. You could be a little bit more generous, especially in World 1 (the castle in particular). Maybe also for Level 1 in World 4 and at least a few extra seconds for the rainbow road homage in World 6 for example.

The secret exits in World 7 are maybe a little bit too well hidden, maybe some extra hints with coins? I found all of them in the end, but it took me quite some time.

What happened to the second tower in World 8?

Bugs I noticed (I played through all of it on 1.01, but I haven't seen these complains anywhere):

Massive slowdowns for a few seconds after killing big Piranha Plants in World 1, if I killed them with fire and the coins popped out, similar slowdowns sometimes when the big fish (I think it was the first secret level of World 2) jumps.

Some issues with hitboxes, in particular while riding the minecart.

One major thing in the end: After finally beating Bowser, I opened the door and saved the princess as usual, but after that I had the "Bowser Jr runs with Peach from Tower to Castle"-animation for some reason, starting from the level which isn't a tower in this game (as I mentioned above) to the final castle. After that, the bottom screen was completely black instead of showing the map, and I noticed that the starcoins of the final level (I collected all three) are still empty in the overworld (you can see which are missing while standing on the level). It looked like I collected none, although the castle had the white flags up. I started the level again and I was starting with Mario AND Luigi, the whole level was "flooded" with lava. I could move without seeing much, and I went back to the title screen. I saved after beating the last level, and after restarting the bottom screen worked as usual, but it still told be I didn't collect the coins. I beat it again, collected all three, no difference. I went back and collected all other missing coins, and the indication that I collected all starcoins showed up, while both the overview (Select on the map) and standing on the final castle still shows them as missing.

The save select clearly shows one star on the savefile. That leads me to two other issues: I'm pretty shure I've beaten every level, but there's no second star. Also, I can't spend the starcoins for star three because the bonus house in World 1 didn't show up.

Another thing: How do I patch the Rom? Just make a new one with the updated data, name it like the old one and keep the savefile? I don't want to ruin the savefile.
Posted on 01-01-18, 10:09 pm
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Finished the hack yesterday. Here's a collection of nitpicks I have about it, or so I would say, because I forgot pretty much all of them. Should've written it when it was still fresh is my memory.
* The zoom sprite is used way too often. I understand that it can make designing some levels easier but it makes the game look like crap (probably the reason why it went unused in the original);
* The hitbox of the diagonal banzai bills in 7-A is bad.
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