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Posted on 10-12-17, 01:02 am (rev. 1 by  Ninja NAH on 10-12-17, 01:05 am)
Undertale is coming to Switch. #Sans4Smash

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I just found this thread
On the first post, it says that all 5 worlds are 100% done, but the most recent hack that I can find is the world 1+2 beta. Could someone please provide a link to the download/ a place to get the download???? (If it exists)
Does anyone know of a Switch emulator for DS?

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Posted on 10-12-17, 02:18 am
Will never finish a hack

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Ray and Freeze aren't really a part of the NSMB hacking (or ROM hacking at all?) community anymore. I'm pretty sure the hack is unfinished and was never released.
SwitchHax when?

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Posted on 10-12-17, 05:03 pm
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Something very few people know is that on their special 3 levels christmas demo, all of World 5 is left untouched, so if people are interested in playing it, they can.
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Posted on 10-18-17, 03:06 am

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Uh hey, whazzup! I’m new here!

Can somebody show me firsthand what the doom works like? I wanna see what the doom timer looks like.
Posted on 10-21-17, 01:51 am

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Hello can somebody show me the doom timer? I wanna be banned with the doom timer.
Posted on 10-21-17, 04:08 am
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That can be arranged.
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Posted on 10-24-17, 07:46 pm

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Sweet lemme know when it starts!
Posted on 10-24-17, 07:57 pm
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right now

also it lasts two seconds
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