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Posted on 05-26-16, 01:19 am
banned: childish fight with Super-toad 65

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bumpity bump, why is this thread inactive?
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Posted on 05-26-16, 02:27 am
Nohrian Scum

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Posted by xKitten
bumpity bump, why is this thread inactive?

It eventually gets forgotten and buried in other forums, like what happened last time with it apparently...
But also people do other things, you know? Everyone just forgets about it.
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Posted on 05-26-16, 03:07 am

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Posted by xKitten
bumpity bump, why is this thread inactive?

Because this place never had a thread like this, so people don't know it exists or try to post here (unlike other boards, which this type of thread has the most posts on the board)

Well, it existed way back then but people didn't post, for some reason.

Posted on 06-02-16, 05:29 pm

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I made a for loop function properly in PHP. I'm proud of it.

These images are meant for a forum game someone's making on SMWC, and they're completely modular. The for loop is concerning the line of black pixels on every second row of the bar - otherwise, it would look like this.

And this just makes no sense. The only way you can tell how big the healthbar is, is the number at the bottom. It doesn't look like it belongs in the setting, either, which is NES Megaman, in case you can't tell.
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Posted on 06-05-16, 06:41 am

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Posted by xKitten
bumpity bump, why is this thread inactive?

I guess it's moreover that people are focusing on discussing hacking stuff as opposed to just some general conversation.

Either that, or it's what  gridatttack said.
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