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Posted on 04-15-21, 03:54 pm

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Posted by ItzTacos
Lmao it doesn't work like that
The NSMB Co-op source code isn't even out, and adapting all the levels to make them work can take a lot of time

Oh Ok, I mean, if they were to do it, then it would just take longer to get released...

So yeah it isn't a good idea
Posted on 05-04-21, 08:23 am (rev. 6 by rustable on 05-05-21, 04:14 am)

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i would just like to mention that this is a very cool project and that you guys have a very good day (:

edit: the camera goes farther than it should when you stand on this block, im using a old 3ds xl with twilight menu

edit2: on 2-midcastle when the switches time runs out the music goes in a loop and doesnt stop
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