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Posted on 11-25-20, 07:04 pm
Red Koopa

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Posted by Skylander
The new one looks WAY better, thanks to Itz_Tacos. I never changed the one on my footer or my thread. Apologies

Maybe before the final release im going to remake it again, to have an even better one.

By the way, MvsL will be a thing in NSMBUDS, the bug with skawo's level intro was easy to fix!
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Posted on 12-02-20, 01:09 am
When the

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I just played the demo, and I wanna say that this hack is very impressive, I like the new graphics and levels, and I can't wait for the final release!
Posted on 01-10-21, 01:39 am

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Hope I don't work you to hard, but can you add the Propeller Mushroom into this game?

Posted on 01-10-21, 06:57 pm
Giant Goomba
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No, that would be near impossible

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Posted on 01-11-21, 11:21 pm

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Oh ok


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