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Wait, it was delayed to 2018?
Posted on 07-07-17, 08:43 pm

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not yet
Posted on 07-07-17, 09:46 pm
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I mean, I think it would probably be out by the end of the year.
Posted on 07-08-17, 02:56 am
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Don't jinx it bro
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Will Worlds 4 & 7 be optional or will they be after World 3 and World 6 like in Super Mario Bros. The New Worlds?
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not optional
Posted on 07-12-17, 01:34 pm

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I've made countless hacks, but mainly only released SMW hacks. I'd Like to make a hack called Newer Super Mario World. May I have permission to use your "Newer" title If I make it clear we are not affiliated?
Posted on 07-12-17, 01:57 pm
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If it's a NSMB hack, you can't because there's a rule on this site that forbids that. Otherwise, I guess you can, as there has been countless unofficial newer games.
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Please be original. Newer isn't even a that good name IMO.

People just use it to make their hack look related to the Newer hacks.
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It's a smw hack, and obviously there are already a million names taken, that was one not taken. I'm not trying to ride on Newer's success, I've already made a name for myself on my own. I also stated I would make sure in every possible way that it's unrelated. I'll find another name, thanks for the response.
Posted on 07-12-17, 03:54 pm

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Well, we have no right to stop you from using the name at all.

But we can point out that it's just not creative.
And while it'd be cool when you state that your hack is unrelated from NewerTeam we still can point out the above mentioned.
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Well, I wont use it. It's quite clear your against it. Which I can understand. I just like to use names that sound like it could be a Nintendo title. "Newer" sounds more Nintendo-ish then other titles. It's hard to come up with a name for SMW because so many names are already taken.
Posted on 07-14-17, 03:45 pm

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nds-bootstrap v0.5.x released. Eradicates the awful loading times thanks to the magic of cache memory. I suggest you to try it, it sometimes loads faster than an actual Slot-1 cartridge.
Posted on 07-14-17, 03:58 pm

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Indeed. Though the initial load is still very slow.
Seeing how the 3DS has 128MB of RAM, couldn't the smaller roms be preloaded entirely?
Posted on 07-14-17, 05:20 pm

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No, since nds-bootstrap acts entirely in TWL_NAND, it can only use the capabilities of the latter, hence no extra RAM besides the DSi's.
Posted on 07-14-17, 06:58 pm

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I see.
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Update explaining the constant state of delay

There's no use dressing it up as anything else -- Newer DS's final stages of development are taking excruciatingly long.

Why is this so? Well, there are several reasons. One of them is that, as I've mentioned frequently before, the project grew significantly. What used to be a simple level hack with some extra graphics and a rare ASM hack here and there grew into what's not unlike the effort spent on Newer Wii.

After the end of 2016, which was scheduled to be the initial release we've added several things; swapped nearly all the enemy graphics, wrote over 10 sprites, overhauled even things that technically weren't needed to be overhauled, like the titlescreens, file select, world select, credits, etc. Even things which... probably no one ever will use, but were easy enough to very quickly finish up:

However, all of that is done at this point.

What's really holding Newer DS back right now are just a few things. One, is the final boss. The difficulty there is that the planned one requires modeling and animating, which is not something I can do. The job was given to RicBent, who has done some progress on it, but as usual, free time gets in the way quite often.

The second thing holding Newer DS back is a new sprite that was meant to be used in two levels - 2-4 and 8-A, which would replace the final tower before the Final Castle. What I planned it be was a vehicle-like stage, not unlike the Submarine/Airplane sections from Super Mario Land. It's a bit more complex than that, and hasn't appeared in a 2D Mario game as of yet, which is why despite the fact it's been taking so long, it hasn't been scrapped; it would be very cool to include. That sprite is almost entirely written already; there are only minor adjustments to be made to it, really. I and RoadrunnerWMC worked on that sprite; myself, all the graphics/collision/Mario/state code, and Roadrunner working on the physics side of things. The remaning adjustments are to be made by RoadrunnerWMC, but again, free time gets in the way.

Free time gets in the way for me, too, though. The remaining things left for Newer DS are tiny, yet significant things; for instance, finishing redoing new SFX for the game and leftover 2D adjustments. The problem there is that this requires two people working in tandem, and that obviously requires coordinating free time between time zones as far apart as Europe and the US. I've (and the others, too) personally stayed up to 6AM sometimes, having to go to work at 7:30, trying to get as much work done as possible. Lately, however, these ocassions where we could work together on stuff became more scarce.

And really, the final clincher is this -- I'd happily scrap whatever has been done towards the final boss and the other sprite, rustled up a final level or two and quickly made the adjustments that need to be done, just to get it out of the gate.

That would mean scrapping days of work of mine and the other guys, though. And while I'd at this point be fine with it, I don't want to do that to them.

As such, I can only offer you the known catchphrase of "Please understand." Rude comments really don't help. I do feel really bad, and each is just making me feel worse. Lately I honestly can't help but feel... lost, because of all the things being piled on, and all those do is escalate that feeling more.
Posted on 07-26-17, 11:16 pm
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You have my support.
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Posted on 07-26-17, 11:17 pm
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It's all alright. Take the time that you need, I don't care how much time it takes. I'll always gonna appreciate your work! Hope you feel better.
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Posted on 07-26-17, 11:24 pm

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Honestly, if you need to take a break or delay the game more that is completely understandable.

You don't need to run yourself into the ground over this, it's not your obligation even if you might feel like it is.
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