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Posted on 08-03-17, 10:47 pm
Red Goomba

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Is right friend naknow 😃
Posted on 08-04-17, 03:04 am (rev. 2 by  Slackot on 08-04-17, 04:03 am)
Red Koopa
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I know it's kinda pointless, but I already talked/reported Pikaboy he is getting rid of the first stage, and name of the project/channel. Sorry for being stupid and making that dumb decision, but I can't stand people stealing content and mostly of hard work like this, and just call it his own. Sorry...
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Posted on 08-04-17, 07:20 am
Wendy Koopa
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I can guarantee that any of the levels in his 'hacks' that aren't total shite were also stolen from other hacks. There's really no point in trying to stop him. He's poison.
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Posted on 08-04-17, 03:03 pm
Red Koopa
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He just made a video about my responses to him. Wow.
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Posted on 08-04-17, 03:12 pm
Red Goomba

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Talk to pikaboy and will not take things without permission because he has already received threats from many users of YouTube and no longer wants problems with NSMBHD or with fans of Newer DS

that told me
Posted on 08-04-17, 03:32 pm
Red Koopa
Random Turtle

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Well, let's see...

He took custom tilesets, stole levels, probably ASM hacks (if he even knows how to apply them)...

I personally don't care about him anymore. He's just dumb/mean to all of us, why do you think we banned him from here?
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Posted on 08-04-17, 03:42 pm
Fuzz Ball
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I think we had enough of this and don't have to discuss this here.
Ignoring trolls and idiots like him is the best choice.

Back on topic please.
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Posted on 08-06-17, 01:26 am
master haxx

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Is the file select music going to be changed at all? Using the standard Wii one while using lots of DS remakes of songs seems a little out of place
Posted on 08-06-17, 01:23 pm

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I don't think it's out of place.
Posted on 08-11-17, 12:35 am

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The vehicle mechanic is nearing completion.
Posted on 08-11-17, 12:48 am
the power within

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Nice! I'm pretty excited to see it.

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Posted on 08-11-17, 01:28 am

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Sounds pretty cool!
Posted on 08-11-17, 01:56 pm
A guy who wants to ASM hack but has no idea what he's doing

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Have been very pumped for this hack and can not wait until it releases. I like how you brought back the Mario Land vehicle stages as those mixed up things quite a bit. One question though, will the coin collect sound be changed? IMO it's really annoying while playing and is WAY to loud.
Posted on 08-11-17, 02:30 pm

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It already has been
Posted on 08-13-17, 02:59 pm

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Too bad I basically won't be able to play it until next summer now
Posted on 08-13-17, 08:57 pm
King of Karma

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Hearing the vehicle mechanic is progressing, I'm getting curious about what exactly the vehicle is :p
Posted on 08-15-17, 12:59 am

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I'm right when I mean the game is still in the processing phase and still comes out?
Posted on 08-15-17, 02:01 pm
Buzzy Beetle
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