Posted on 08-23-17, 09:41 pm
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Hey I was thinking of a semi-realistic idea (might be too late into the project though) Maybe we could do something like Kaze did and 1. Add a donate button because I am sure MANY people would love to support this project, and 2. Put the top donators under a "Top donators" section in the credits because that would encourage people even more to donate. I dunno, just a thought
Posted on 08-23-17, 10:12 pm
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Posted by TriangularFish
Put the top donators under a "Top donators" section in the credits because that would encourage people even more to donate.

By the time the player gets to the credit, the game will be released and they would be donating to a completed project.
Posted on 08-23-17, 10:18 pm

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I'm not taking any money anyway.
Posted on 08-23-17, 11:23 pm
Roy Koopa
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Or do what Skelux did and hide demos behind a Patreon paywall, under the specific direction that you're paying for the custom assets, not the intellectual property. /s

While you're at it, have a go at publishing your own line of Newer DS-affiliated toy robots.
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Newer DS T-Shirts: Release 2099
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Posted by skawo
I'm not taking any money anyway.
You still have a patreon tho.
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Posted on 08-24-17, 12:15 am

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I never encouraged anyone to donate, promoted it in any way, nor promised anything in return.
Posted on 08-24-17, 03:21 am

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It was just a choice if they wanted to donate to. It was not made so if someone donated enough, they would get to have early access, get to choose to add things, etc.

But anyway, let's get back on topic.
Posted on 08-24-17, 05:24 pm

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Posted by skawo
Newer DS T-Shirts: Release 2099

Prepare the Gateway partnership and the "SOON™" logos. I hope the T-Shirts are not released before the game tho. /s

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Once the hack is complete, do you plan on releasing any of the custom enemies/features for the community to use?
Posted on 08-29-17, 01:59 am

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It, and all the tools we developed to make it, will be made open-source, though not right away.
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Posted on 08-29-17, 02:02 am
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why do I see this following the same pattern as it did in the NSMBWii scene?
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Posted on 08-29-17, 05:57 pm

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i.e. what? As opposed to Newer Wii where there was a "Newer engine" that people could use to make their hacks, there is no true "Newer DS engine", just a highly custom game with tens of ASM haxxx
Posted on 08-29-17, 07:15 pm

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Tho, I found the learning curve for NSMBDS code hacking was very high because there was not much (rather no) example code.
By having this you are easily able to code custom sprites and basically do anything you want.

Also I still don't get that "Newer Engine" term. It's not like NewerWii introduces a real custom engine or smth...
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Posted on 08-29-17, 07:46 pm

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To add to what RicBent said; Newer has a some custom "engines" (as in bits of code that make up large amounts of the game), but the whole game wasn't rewritten.
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I have another idea. You could put "world 9" in the game if you changed up the over world textures for the second half of world 8. You know, after the first castle when you cross the bridge you could put a star background or something to make it look like a new area unrelated to world 8.