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Posted on 03-09-19, 05:20 pm (rev. 3 by RicBent on 05-26-19, 08:28 am)

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  1. All new levels, made in style of NSMBW (i.e longer and more expansive than those of NSMBDS)
  2. Entirely new and ported tilesets
  3. An entirely new soundtrack, featuring custom tracks and remixes
  4. New world themes
  5. Custom World Maps
  6. New, entirely custom enemies and mechanics



The Team:
Level Design

 Hüseyin the Mighty


Reverse Engineering & Programming


Special Thanks

(note: especially the screenshots are a little outdated)

GitHub - Kuribo64 - YouTube
Posted on 07-15-19, 04:12 pm

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Amazing work!!!
Posted on 07-26-19, 10:27 pm

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Wow is this complete? I really need to homebrew the 3ds. Will this work with the original cartridge?
Posted on 07-28-19, 01:17 am
Local mod

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Posted by zacmario
Wow is this complete?

No, the mod is not yet complete, but it is still in active development.

Posted by zacmario
Will this work with the original cartridge?

Yes, once released we will provide a patcher that works with all versions of nsmb2, so as long as you own a copy of the game and have a cfw enabled 3ds you will be able to play it.

Posted on 08-15-19, 02:21 pm
helloh there

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I love the way the backgrounds look
Posted on 08-16-19, 12:47 am
Fire Brother
here hey scott all

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aren't they recolors tho
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Posted on 08-16-19, 12:59 pm

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Those are all already axed. We will have entirely custom backgrounds.
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Posted on 04-13-20, 05:36 pm

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Some accumulated sneak peeks:

Added Layer0 support:

Magic lift custom sprite:

Custom block contents for... things:

Reverse engineered layout system allowing fully custom menus and stuff:

...and a ton more unrevealed stuff! I've already programmed more than 50 fully custom actors and added new features to quite a few existing sprites.
GitHub - Kuribo64 - YouTube
Posted on 04-13-20, 11:32 pm

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Goodness man you're killing it out here, this is the kind of stuff I love to see in hacks
Keep up the good work!

If only I had a working 3DS to play it when it releases

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Posted on 05-06-20, 04:25 am

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Looks amazing (Sorry for the bump...if this is one...)
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Posted on 05-14-20, 01:20 am
Red Paragoomba

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Wow this is looking really cool. Can't wait for more sneakpeaks to be released, looks like you guys are talented and I anticipate this hack's release.
Posted on 06-05-20, 08:50 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
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Looks like Next Team has invaded the entire NSMB2 forum.
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Posted on 06-05-20, 08:52 pm

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Small sneak peek:

GitHub - Kuribo64 - YouTube
Posted on 06-29-20, 09:47 pm
We gotta do what we gotta do

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This looks like a promising hack, just curious, when should I expect a download to appear?
Posted on 06-29-20, 10:22 pm
Local mod

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There will be a download when it's finished.
Posted on 06-29-20, 11:59 pm
We gotta do what we gotta do

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That makes sense. Remember, whoever is making the hack should take their time, because it will be bad if you go too fast. No offence
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