Posted on 03-09-17, 11:30 am
I sit at my computer and do stuff.

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I don't blame him. Everyone has a life, and his must be busy or something
Posted on 03-09-17, 12:06 pm
Will never finish a hack

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Posted by MegaMarioManiac
Everyone who isn't on NSMBHD has a life

hey look, I did a thing
Posted on 03-09-17, 12:13 pm

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Easy, just decrease the percentage to 75% and don't touch it again, so the computed release date will never be reached
Or just send other 1-1 vids to YouTube to satisfy the 8-yearold commenters
Posted on 03-15-17, 05:04 pm

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I'm really excited for this project.
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Coming Soon: New Kaizo Mario Bros!!!
Posted on 03-16-17, 11:34 pm

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To be honest, I think I'm more excited for this than I was with Zelda.

Posted on 03-16-17, 11:40 pm
Giant Red Paratroopa
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Wow, such a big one day bump. Also, the thread's icon seem to be broken.
Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

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Here's a thing.

Posted on 03-17-17, 12:18 pm

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Looking good! Did you improve the models or something, because Mario looks much more smooth.
Posted on 03-17-17, 01:36 pm
Roy Koopa
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It's rendered at a higher resolution in an emulator.
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Posted on 03-17-17, 03:08 pm

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skawo is possible to insert a hammer bro throwing bo-bomb?
Posted on 03-17-17, 03:26 pm

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Not easily.
Posted on 03-19-17, 01:59 pm

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anything is possible with imagination ASM
Posted on 03-21-17, 03:15 pm, deleted by  Arceus
Posted on 03-21-17, 09:24 pm, deleted by RicBent: Useless
Posted on 03-22-17, 01:46 pm

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Skawo can we get the Hammer Bros. suit?
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Coming Soon: New Kaizo Mario Bros!!!
Posted on 03-22-17, 03:26 pm

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Posted on 03-22-17, 05:34 pm
WooHoo Itza Me Weegee

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Hey Skawo I was scrolling through the comments on this forum and I saw something about custom minigames in toadhouses "from about 2 years ago" and you said that they were not going to change but since that was a early comment has that changed or no?
Posted on 03-22-17, 05:39 pm
Doesn't actually do anything.

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they were not going to change

has that changed

you guys are great
Posted on 03-23-17, 12:52 pm

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skawo can NewerDS handle stubborn stains? Can it cover embarrassing bold spots? Does it slices and dices? Can it make thousands of Jillian fries? Can you play it too? Can it fit easily into any tackle box? Is it made of space-age polymer plastic for years of family fun? Does pets love it too?

now for a serious question: Are the unlockable bottom screens still in and if so are they changed?
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