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Posted on 10-21-19, 01:39 pm

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Very impressive. To call it a "hack" seems almost unfair, as it is its own experience, with its own distinct personality.

Level design is top-notch. They were (mostly) fun and interesting to explore, and stayed in line to what Nintendo themselves create.

The only problem I had was in 2-4, with the minecart ride. After the two loop-de-loops near the exit, the cart refused to jump. No matter how many times I tried it. I lost more than a dozen lives in that section. I was only able to pass that level thanks to the secret exit.
Posted on 10-21-19, 03:40 pm
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It's called a hack because Newer Team used the original game to create this, so you have to call it that. All the worlds and main code is still original code from the original NSMB. Newer Team can't credit themselves for the whole game if Nintendo made a part of it.

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Posted on 10-22-19, 05:07 am

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It's clear what he means by that, though -- that it's more substantial than most of the "hacks" you see on, say, YouTube these days (which are mostly cheat codes and small adjustments), and rather plays like a whole new game. Newer DS certainly isn't the only NSMBDS hack to have that property, but thank you for the compliment!

Sorry to hear about your experience with 2-4. Your problem here is probably that the minecart is prevented from jumping off of the loop-de-loops. You have to specifically jump off of the last few tiles on that platform for it to work. Try pressing the jump button a bit later?

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Posted on 10-23-19, 05:08 pm
That MvL Hacker

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Will the ASM source ever be released?

Still would like to see how some of this would work in MvsL (even if it just breaks )
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Posted on 10-23-19, 10:21 pm
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the code hacks will be released when wmc gets to it
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Posted on 11-07-19, 02:27 am

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^ This. I'm not going to promise 2020, but I will say that I expect to have significantly more free time next year than I did this year, so...
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Posted on 02-01-20, 04:37 pm

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This is the best NSMB hack of the NSMBHD
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