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Posted on 04-12-18, 08:11 pm (rev. 5 by  Ndymario on 04-13-18, 04:21 pm)
Melon Bug
That MvL Hacker

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I now know the dark secret behind this place. Think about the name for a second. The NSMB Hacking Domain.

Still can't figure it out?

This place promotes Hacking Domains!!!

A domain (for those who don't know) is the IP address of a website. For example, is the IP address

So this means that NSMB is just a cover-up for the TRUE purpose of this website, and that is to HACK WEBSITES!!!

This would also explain Dirbaio's absence on the board because he is secretly hacking websites so he doesn't have time to "browse the forums".

The Rabbit hole only gets deeper, as I think StapleButter is in on it as well. Seeing as he runs Kuribo64, he would most likely partner with Dirbiao for this hacking project

But when people wanted to swap to RH Cafe, Dirbaio realized that his plans will be found out, so he "just so happened" to come back for that crucial moment.

This also means that ALL of the admin and mods are apart of this as well.

That being said, this would explain the "admin-only" thread. This is where they discuss who to strike next and exchange their devious software hacking tools with one another.



- Use this in your footer to make this epidemic known, and join the resistance!!!


(Oh, hey, happy 600th post)

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Posted by Dirbaio
* Dirbaiolaughs maniacally, wearing a black hacker hoodie, typing in a terminal, with the room dimly lit.

Here's definitive proof of Dirbaio's evil hacking
I'm the only person on this board that hacked MvL before it was cool.

Here's my MvL Hacking thread | Here's the MvL Community Hack! Archived, rip MvsL:CR

If you hack Mario vs Luigi, consider joining my Discord Server!

Posted on 04-13-18, 06:56 am
typical Mario fan. Also WEEGEE!

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Hitler was behind this all along
Posted on 04-13-18, 10:57 am
W1 out :)

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Posted by itsamemario
Hitler was behind this all along

Ndymario discovered the truth, but the connections to Hitler are a little too far-fetched.

But Staplebutter calls himself communist leader! This combined with Ndymario's discovery leads us to the conclusion that he (Staplebutter) and Dirbaio as his partner in crime might be the guy's behind the hacking attacks from russia.
Now we can assume, that the server of this website is the one from where the attacks started.
Wich basically means we all have a huge problem now :]
previously (un)known as BooChewbaca
Posted on 04-13-18, 11:20 am
Super Mario
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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* Dirbaio laughs maniacally, wearing a black hacker hoodie, typing in a terminal, with the room dimly lit.
Posted on 04-13-18, 11:45 am

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"To feel sadness is to live, but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page." -Merlon, 2007

Posted on 04-13-18, 12:08 pm
☭ coffee and cream

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Posted by Dirbaio
* Dirbaiolaughs maniacally, wearing a black hacker hoodie, typing in a terminal, with the room dimly lit.

it must be green on black

and lots of cryptic looking shit scrolling at insane speeds, on several monitors if possible
Kuribo64 - RH-fucking-cafe - Kafuka

Posted on 04-14-18, 11:08 am
Banned permanently: Rereg of Saperfaq_DX

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The underground community of nsmbhd admins is growing stronger than ever before!! retreat to the bunkers while you have time! its only a matter of time before.. -BOOM- everything xplodes

Im unpopular! yay..
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Posted on 05-25-19, 11:08 pm
Hammer Brother

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I just realised that community sounds like communism. They're using us to spread the communism!
Posted on 06-01-19, 06:53 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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how is communism contagious, exactly
Posted on 07-20-19, 07:54 pm
Red Goomba
i exist... Woow :O

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Hey you, do you want play the best hack ever? if yes... this is not for you, but try
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