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Posted on 10-07-18, 04:57 pm

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So here's a new glitch I've found:
Posted on 10-10-18, 06:42 pm

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Is this something that can actually occur in the real game, though?
Posted on 10-13-18, 05:53 pm (rev. 1 by Soig on 10-13-18, 05:58 pm)

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Posted by skawo
Is this something that can actually occur in the real game, though?

It's similar with the glitch found by hartmann. But throw a hammer instead of being shell this time. Become normal state from a shell while y speed is 0, and then it will work.

I want to test the limit height that glitch could achieve, so create that map which is in the video.
Posted on 10-17-18, 02:47 pm

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Hey Skawo, I found a new glitch (I don't know if you've already fixed it).
In 2-4 (that with minecart) if I go to secret exit and touch the flagpole while i'm dying banging against the wall Mario Mario finishes the level entering the castle but with the animation of death! Unfortunately I do not have a video about it because I was playing with my ds but I hope my explanation was understandable (sorry for my english, i used google translate for this message)
I'm working on a new project!
Posted on 11-01-18, 03:32 pm (rev. 3 by Soig on 11-01-18, 03:38 pm)

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So fix it please.
Posted on 11-02-18, 02:19 am
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Checked with Skawo and Roadrunner just now. The Windows, MacOS, and Linux versions have all been updated and checked. Each download is now at 1.07. Thanks for describing the issue.
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Posted on 03-26-19, 09:03 pm

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Hey there! I found a few glitches while doing an 100% run, so I put them together here. Hope it's useful!
Posted on 03-26-19, 09:49 pm
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0:00 Pretty sure Mega Mario is supposed to be vulnerable to lava.
0:09 I don't see any glitches there.
0:48 More of a level design issue than a glitch, but still an issue.
1:43 I also don't see any glitches there.
Nice finds though, especially the last one.

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Posted on 03-27-19, 01:01 am

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The glitch at 0:00 is that Mega Mario doesn't shrink when he's killed by the lava. When he goes into normal lava, he does first, but he stays big for the wave lava. The one at 0:09 is Mini Luigi constantly being pushed out of the pipe because collision, which just kind of looks wonky, but not the biggest issue. Other than that you're right!
Posted on 03-27-19, 03:36 am
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for the first one, glitch or not it's a faster and cooler death that way.

as for the other one, that's how it's supposed to be. it pushes you out just fine if you stand right under the pipe and doesn't let you phase through the tile.
Posted on 04-08-19, 02:58 pm
hey there im using NSMBHD!

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i love this hack its the best to me
Posted on 05-06-19, 07:06 pm

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I like this hack!
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