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Posted on 02-19-17, 11:00 pm
I Am Not Inteligent

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Yes, I have devkitARM 41 because of this post I read when I was having trouble inserting ASM hacks. I will update to the latest version soon and try it again.

Assume it worked if I don't edit this post.

I could not…
Posted on 02-21-17, 06:40 pm (rev. 2 by RicBent on 02-21-17, 06:44 pm)
Super Koopa

RIP Mariomaster

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1 Ingame second = 1 Real second
        sub             r2, r2, #69
        bx              lr

Normally the timer ticks way faster than every 1 second. This patch fixes that and therefor makes the timer act like in New Super Luigi U.
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Posted on 02-21-17, 06:57 pm

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Good job
Posted on 03-07-17, 10:00 pm
in business again

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the fast timer has always been a staple of Mario sidescrollers, though
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and so here we are, NSMBHDing again, I guess
Posted on 03-12-17, 08:30 pm (rev. 1 by  newluigidev on 03-12-17, 08:45 pm)

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Ground Pounding on Koopas Defeats Them

B  0x0209CBF8

Originally, Koopas would act like they were stomped on and kicked if they were ground-pounded on. Now, it defeats them!
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Posted on 03-30-17, 10:51 pm
Stupidly Random

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I have a request, can you make a sprite that acts like a Floating ?-Block as seen in NSMBW (Or U not sure ). Be neat to have those.

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Here's my MvL Hacking thread

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Posted on 04-02-17, 07:49 pm (rev. 2 by  skawo on 04-02-17, 07:51 pm)

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Increase or decrease Sound Heap size
        LDR R0, =0xC0000
        BX LR

        LDR R1, =0xC0000
        BX LR

        LDR R2, =0x1D8A8
        BX LR

Original size is 0xC0000, which means all the sound can take up 786432 (0xC00000) bytes total. The boss music gets its own separate heap with size of 121000 (0x1D8A8) bytes. You can increase this so your custom, larger songs will fit in, or decrease to re-gain some precious RAM for other things.

Posted on 04-13-17, 11:25 pm

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Posted by StapleButter
the fast timer has always been a staple of Mario sidescrollers, though

More like a StapleButter of Mario sidescrollers! Hahahahaha- kill me.

But anyway, larger heaps of music will definitely be nice.
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