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Posted on 02-19-17, 11:00 pm
I Am Not Inteligent

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Yes, I have devkitARM 41 because of this post I read when I was having trouble inserting ASM hacks. I will update to the latest version soon and try it again.

Assume it worked if I don't edit this post.

I can not…
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1 Ingame second = 1 Real second
        sub             r2, r2, #69
        bx              lr

Normally the timer ticks way faster than every 1 second. This patch fixes that and therefor makes the timer act like in New Super Luigi U.
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Posted on 02-21-17, 06:57 pm

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Good job
Posted on 03-07-17, 10:00 pm
in business again

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the fast timer has always been a staple of Mario sidescrollers, though
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and so here we are, NSMBHDing again, I guess
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Ground Pounding on Koopas Defeats Them

B  0x0209CBF8

Originally, Koopas would act like they were stomped on and kicked if they were ground-pounded on. Now, it defeats them!
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