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"Ground Pounds don't do extra damage to tower Bowser Jr." is asking for this hex: B8 18 D0 01 30 10 81 02 in overlay9_28. When searching overlay9_28, I cannot find this hex. The other hex listed worked, but this one didn't.

EDIT: After checking, the hex "B8 18 D0 01 48 10 81 02", the one right before this one, actually appears two times within overlay9_28 (0x4190 and 0x41D0). Perhaps I need to change the second?
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Posted on 06-01-19, 04:21 am
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Something I did to make it easier to patch for a thing I'm writing for Super Mario: Endless Earth

Save Anytime from Worldmap (template version)
@Save anytime from the worldmap.
MOV R0, #1

STRB R0, [R1]

tre3 z0N3

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