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Posted on 10-31-18, 03:03 am (rev. 17 by  BeingAwesom on 11-19-18, 12:49 pm)
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Renewed Super Mario Bros. is a simple level hack that'll replace each of the 80 levels with new ones that'll each have their own unique ideas. Barely any ASM will be used, but custom level previews may be put in if I can figure out how to put them in. Each world will have the exact same theme as the original game.

When I'm finished this hack, I'm thinking about revamping it with new world themes and some ASM, but the level themes will stay the same!

So far worlds 1 through 3 are done, but not completely! If you have any criticism, or you find a bug, reply!

- 80 newly designed levels with themes that won't make you go "Wait, why is this a sky level?"
- 5 mini-levels taking place in the Warp Cannons
- Same exact world themes as the original
- Semi-decent levels that grow progressively harder as you go on

World 1 - 9/9
World 2 - 10/10
world 3 - 10/10
World 4 - 3/11
World 5 - 0/11
World 6 - 0/11
World 7 - 0/11
World 8 - 0/12

XDELTA file! (due to technical difficulties an unfinished 4-3 is in this patch)


Level Names
Posted on 11-05-18, 12:39 am

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This looks alright.
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Posted on 11-07-18, 07:42 am (rev. 1 by DeadSkullzJr on 11-07-18, 07:43 am)

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Your patch doesn't seem to work right. Patched it to the following dump, I was NOT given an error when or while patching. Used the latest version of the NSMB editor.

File: New Super Mario Bros. (USA).nds
CRC-32: 0197576a
MD4: cf3ad14f281eeb1c375feaf55072ee9c
MD5: a2ddba012e5c3c2096d0be57cc273be5
SHA-1: a22713711b5cd58dfbafc9688dadea66c59888ce

Here is the patch you provided:
File: Renewed.nmp
CRC-32: f6776f79
MD4: 87613e3f177bacd2eecd5b06c8b6a1c3
MD5: 7832ae6113f2a3e8b35bcf372c3f84d2
SHA-1: 0cfb3244197a29c96559c29813d047164165c8c0

Mind releasing a fixed patch please?
Posted on 11-07-18, 01:22 pm
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I don't know what's going on. I have the latest version of NSMBe, but the patch file just doesn't work. I tried to remake the patch, but it also didn't work. I don't know how to fix it, so if you know how to, please tell me.
Posted on 11-07-18, 06:44 pm
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I will say, with no bad meaning in, that nowadays, with all the possibilities we have for hacking this game, not changing tilesets and background make it look like a 2013 hack. But the level design looks cool at least.
Posted on 11-07-18, 07:05 pm
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the issue with original tilesets is that, despite not disliking them outright most people on the site have already seen them too many times.

they get stale pretty quick, but if the alternative is change just for the sake of change (like you can see in some hacks) then just keeping the originals is fine.
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Posted on 11-07-18, 11:37 pm (rev. 3 by  BeingAwesom on 11-08-18, 12:12 am)
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Oh. Well. Guess I'll spill the beans now. Midway through making World 2, I thought of making two versions of this hack: One with barely to no ASM and one with custom world themes, tilesets, backgrounds, music, you name it! They'd both have the exact same gameplay, with aesthetics being the only difference. I didn't say anything about it since this will take a long time, but I guess I should say it now!

Also the patch has been fixed! It's now a .xdelta file!

Also also, could someone help me with a problem related to custom level previews, I would like to add them to the hack but it just won't work!
Posted on 11-14-18, 10:47 am

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for some reason i cant get this to patch which version of nsmb do i use?
Posted on 11-14-18, 12:37 pm
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Well I used the USA version.
Posted on 11-15-18, 04:50 am (rev. 1 by dominater01 on 11-15-18, 10:08 am)

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none of the ones i can find on the internet will patch im gueeing you used no-intro or something idk but whatever is found on the webs wont work for me and i know how to patch stuff i've done it thousands of times

edit: i just tried a no-intro rom and still wont patch

what is the crc32 you need to patch this?
Posted on 11-15-18, 01:07 pm
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Okay, I don't know what's going on. I haven't put any no-intro hacks, and I don't know how to find a crc32. Are you sure that you didn't download the .nmp? Because the .nmp was broken, and I did test the .xdelta file so that it would work.
Posted on 11-15-18, 03:11 pm
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It also matters what version ROM you're trying to apply your .xdelta to. Are you using a USA or EUR version?
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Posted on 11-17-18, 07:54 am (rev. 3 by dominater01 on 11-17-18, 11:49 am)

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edit: sorry guys for the trouble but i got the patch working

i used deltapatcher and i turned of checksum validation and it worked

its the first time i used this tool

i tested the rom and its hacked and plays fine

cool hack btw
Posted on 11-17-18, 10:25 pm
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