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Posted on 01-16-15, 08:15 pm (rev. 3 by  gridatttack on 01-16-15, 08:22 pm)

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Posted by mindnomad
I got around to doing a live stream of this hack and I gotta say, it's absolutely fantastic. I hope I can see more updates to this in the future. Looking forward to seeing more.

Nice to hear that you enjoyed it!
Im still wondering what to improve i this, other than fix the soft-lock thing Hiccup mentioned.

There were so many stuff I wish I could do before, like fix/redo some areas (especially world 1...), and perhaps to have added the whole super mario bros special levels. But unfortunately, I cant playtest anything I do because DS and my laptop died (and the currently I am doesn't emulates well it)

Also I identified the NEW marker problem at the credits.

BTW, do you have a link to the livestream? (If it was saved, would love to see it!)

Posted on 03-26-15, 05:22 pm

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I must say that this is probably THE best NSMB hack I've ever played. The difficulty is a bit more advanced than the original game, even in world 1, but it's not so hard that it would only appeal to Kaizo fans. I absolutely loved the nostalgic romp through the original SMB1 and TLL levels. Adding all those extra bonuses (to find cleverly hidden Star Coins) was genius.

I'd honestly rate this game a 10/10, because it feels so well-polished and it definitely looks like a lot of thought and work went into this hack. Great game, Gridatttack. I'd like to see more games like this (such as a REAL SMB3 remake, not that infrequently updated Kaizo trap that SKJmin put out).
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okay. can someone show me how to actuly [lay this???
Posted on 07-01-15, 10:18 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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Go google a bit about emulator/ing, and roms first since it seems you're new to the whole hacking scene.
Posted on 07-01-15, 11:39 pm

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Posted by superminer64
okay. can someone show me how to actuly [lay this???

Step 1:
Download the patch file I provide.

Step 2:
Get a compatible NSMB rom of the internet somewhere.

Step 3:
Use the XDelta Software on it.
(if you get the CHECKSUM_MISMATCH error, try googling for another rom)

Step 4:
Once is patched, play the game on any DS emulator.

Step A:
Google for a prepatched rom.

Posted on 07-02-15, 10:40 am
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Posted by superminer64
okay. can someone show me how to actuly [lay this???

Step 5: Try to not spam Smileys in your posts

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Posted on 08-26-15, 06:22 pm (rev. 2 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:16 am)

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New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe! – Special Considerations

Finally I finished playing the Deluxe version.

Easy 1 Ups in World 3... Damn Lakitu!

I had forgotten how were the old games.

The old games... not like today. Current video game players have many facilities like auto-save, check-points, save-points, self-adjusting difficulty level, infinite continues, selectable levels, changing worlds choice, etc.

In old time there was no such thing. I had forgotten the first classic of the Mario series. It was difficult for me in that time. Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, in my opinion, had a very interesting progressive level of difficulty.

From my point of view the difficulty was not linear, but hyperbolic!... a thing that I never considered very nice from the original Nintendo game. The first worlds are exciting, motivating and easy. But the last worlds are becoming almost impossible to pass.

When I reached the world 8 in "Deluxe", I found funny how Nintendo thought a few decades ago. There were levels so hard to finish that just few players did not scream, at least once, to die consecutively at some level in the world 8.

There are pipes to warp zones that compulsory lead you to a previous played worlds; crazed "Lakitus" throwing shells on the player from the start to end of path; hammer brothers everywhere, in every corner. Not to mention the "Bullet Bills," seemingly insurmountable pits, or annoying sequence of pipes to complete nothing intuitive levels.

But Nintendo has learned from the consecutive complaints of his players and refined gradually the genre of your favorite game. But this is not a review about the designed levels from Nintendo.

Hard castles and "silly" levels. Who doesn't love?

The "Deluxe" version remade almost entirely the fantastic experience of playing the easier levels, well as the harder levels.

The levels are very detailed and fidelity can be seen in different tilesets and in some backgrounds found.

In the same world, you can find a level where the player can pick up a dozen lives and in the subsequent level, losing another dozen lives just to get in the middle of this same level.

The Star Coins are scattered in three ways:
- Easy to pick up and clearly visible on the same main road.
- Visible from the main path, but not so easy to catch.
- Little bit hard, hidden in parallel paths accessed by pipes or bean trees.

My final perspective:

* Graphics: retro
* Difficulty: Easy-Normal (World 1 to 4), Normal-Hard (5 to 7), Hard (World 8)
* Entertainment: guarantee of fun (until World 8)
* Quality: excelent
* Sound: normal
* Gameplay: you will not regret it
* Final Media: 4.5/5.0 (very recommended)

This is an independent review of a member of this community. The opinions contained in this post may not be the same as the owners of this forum. The author of this post apologizes for any English mistakes. The text of this post was written on a Brazilian-English language. For this reason, some content may have different interpretations according to the player's region.
Posted on 08-27-15, 09:36 am

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Thanks for the review!

It was a nice read.

And yes, I agree. World 8 is difficult in the FD version of TLL. The difficulty is somewhat watered down here due to the triple jump, NSMB powerups, and the wall jump.

I have to wonder, what was the hardest level of world 8 for you? I didn't have most trouble for them, except for 8-2. Since there's that damn lakitu and the bullet bills, I found it challenging.

Not to mention the infinite lives thing. Since in the original 2 games, shells didn't killed bullet bills, there was no way to exploit that. Unlike here. In world 3 one can get infinite lives.

Perhaps the most BS thing of the game is level C-3 (which is in the final castle here) which forces the player to get hit in order to pass the level (unless you have TAS reflexes)

I still need to make a revision to this, to add  STORMENT custom music, as well as fix some bugs. But I kinda already moved away from NSMB hacking, as well most people already have the past versions.

Posted on 10-20-19, 08:16 pm

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recreation of older games
Posted on 10-21-19, 12:00 am
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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Posted by PulseDrizzle
recreation of older games

behold. the best post in history.
Posted on 11-10-21, 03:14 am

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Wow! A NSMB hack that i never played before!
The best part is... i can't download it!

no srly, link is broken for me
Posted on 11-10-21, 06:53 am

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Download link works perfectly for me
Posted on 11-10-21, 03:44 pm
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Yep, no problem with it for me either. It's an NSMBHD uploader link, so no reason for it to be broken. If it really doesn't work tho, it should also be available on
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