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Posted on 02-06-18, 03:37 am
Dazed and confused.

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Let me start off by saying: this is not an idea thread. This is about what inspires you to make levels and where you get ideas.

Yeah, basically what I just said. What inspires you? What gives you ideas? For me it's real life places and the 3D Mario games.(Yes, all of them.)
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Posted on 02-06-18, 09:00 am
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I get my ideas from the sprites, as I'll mix and match them according to theme or an idea I've thought up, but sometimes if I want to make a castle level, I'll make one.
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Posted on 02-07-18, 02:33 am

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I watch twitch and I scroll through threads. Eventually this leads to one thing or another and I have found some cool concepts I can put into a level. I start off simple then use them in more complex ways. Then I test the hell out of the level and figure out if that was a good part or not. At that point if its not good, I will tweak it and delete it if I it's to much of a hassle. Note, I make hard/kaizo levels.
Posted on 02-07-18, 10:07 am
Roy Koopa
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I listen to music, preferably through high-quality headphones. Brings out my creative side.

My design philosophy tends to stem from mixing two different assets and seeing how they interact, and how I can use them to compliment one another.
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Posted on 02-07-18, 03:28 pm

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I usually draw some lines and then start drawing different ideas out until I can "prove" it if that makes sense.

I use things like papers and pencils or Mario Maker as a scratch pad to flesh out different kinds of things.
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Posted on 02-07-18, 04:55 pm
Red Cheep-cheep
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For me, I look at the original levels before building. I also check the wiki clever level ideas and mix everything into something new.

Also I've never used a scratch paper or anything. I just test it a million times on DeSmuME.
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Posted on 02-08-18, 01:09 am
Red Super Koopa
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I just get inspiration out of nowhere when I'm bored (mostly in class) basically.
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Posted on 02-09-18, 10:24 pm
W1 out :)

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I think i played so much Mario games in my life that I know what could be a cool level idea and what not. And then I test until it fits my imagination.


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Posted on 02-10-18, 01:41 am
Red Goomba

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I draw my inspiration from playing other peoples levels. Then I try and find ideas.
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