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Posted on 08-06-18, 09:33 pm (rev. 2 by  Shadey on 08-07-18, 12:14 am)

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Update 1:

  • Music per level! No longer limited to 2 songs!

  • New Life HUD. You can now keep track of lives easier. (Up to 8 lives).
  • Fixed "background snapping" issue.
  • Fixed desync issue in 1-2.
  • Fixed bug that would cause random crashes, especially on W1-Castle.
  • Fixed bug where powerups and lives would incorrectly carry over each level.
  • Mega Mushroom no longer hurts the other player.
  • Bowser JR now takes more hits to kill.
  • W1-T has been changed significantly to reduce slowdowns.
  • Switches now correctly restart music after use. (Still have glitched graphics!)
  • The Game Over screen will now appear rather than a black screen.
  • Play up to W2-T!

  • (credit to  skawo) Added ability to drop item with SELECT.
  • (credit to  MeroMero) Improved Blue Shell.
  • Posted on 08-07-18, 10:42 am (rev. 1 by  skawo on 08-07-18, 10:43 am)

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    I'm most interested in how you did the sprite HUD.

    That's the one custom thing I've never been able to get to work - OAM
    Posted on 08-07-18, 10:56 am

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    I assume he "abused" the coin counter
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    Posted on 08-07-18, 11:33 am

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    Posted by RicBent
    I assume he "abused" the coin counter

    Exactly that.

    Unfortunately it's only clever placement of the HUD
    Posted on 08-07-18, 12:09 pm
    KingYoshi rereg.

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    This looks very promising! But what's with the object lava instead of the sprite version?
    Posted on 08-07-18, 12:22 pm (rev. 1 by  Shadey on 08-07-18, 12:31 pm)

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    This looks very promising! But what's with the object lava instead of the sprite version?

    Saves RAM, which is very limited in Multiplayer.
    Posted on 08-07-18, 12:56 pm
    W1 out :)

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    Looks really cool so far!
    Never thought that a multiplayer like you did was possible and working (talking about lag and things like that)
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    Posted on 08-07-18, 04:55 pm (rev. 3 by  skawo on 08-07-18, 06:07 pm)

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    Posted by Shadey21
    Posted by RicBent
    I assume he "abused" the coin counter

    Exactly that.

    Unfortunately it's only clever placement of the HUD


    As far as expanding RAM goes, I'd personally try to move the whole main heap to the Expansion Pak.

    Something like this:

    repl_02044AE8_main: LDR R0, =GBAHEAP LDR R0, [R0] STR R0, [R1] BX LR


    u32* GBAHEAP = 0; void hook_02004F48_main() { sysSetBusOwners(true, true); sysSetCardOwner(true); sysSetCartOwner(true); *(vu16*)0x8240000 = 1; *(vu32*)0x9000000 = 1234; if (*(vu32*)0x9000000 == 1234) { GBAHEAP = tryCreateHeap((u32*)0x9000000, 0x800000, 0); } }

    (tryCreateHeap is at 0204540C)

    Posted on 01-06-19, 02:52 pm

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    Your hack is so awesome!

    Is it maybe possible to save the game? Because I've been playing this so much and we can't save.
    Posted on 08-02-19, 07:49 am
    Do you know da wea?

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    I cant patch it what rom did you use
    Posted on 08-02-19, 04:02 pm (rev. 1 by  poudink on 08-02-19, 04:02 pm)
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    It's a US rom. If it doesn't work with one, make copy of your US rom and open it in NSMBe. Then, close NSMBe and try patching it to that rom. NSMBe decompresses overlay 0 when opening a rom and many people make the mistake of using a rom that's been opened with NSMBe as a base for their patches.
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    Posted on 10-02-19, 11:00 pm
    Do you know da wea?

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    when are you ever going to update the hack it has been a year sense I got updateed
    Posted on 04-06-20, 10:54 pm

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    The hack is now fully released, please see the first post for more details!
    Posted on 04-06-20, 11:21 pm

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    o-o-h yes.
    Posted on 04-07-20, 08:27 am
    DMA problems.

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    Finally released!!!
    The team effort really paid off in the end!
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    Posted on 04-07-20, 08:47 am (rev. 1 by  ItzTacos on 01-27-21, 03:42 pm)

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    Congratulation to your team guys!
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    Posted on 04-07-20, 09:35 am
    Some dude who likes SMT Jack Frost

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    I've been wanting to play the full game with my long-time friend for a long time now, thank you for making this a reality.
    Hee ho!
    Posted on 04-08-20, 12:29 am (rev. 3 by IsaacAndHisIsaac on 04-08-20, 12:35 am)

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    I can't get over the fact that this was done. Seriously, well done to everyone who worked on making this possible

    I did find a desync in World 2-Castle, in the desert part there is a Bullet Bill spawner (sprite #55) that activates only for that person when they go near enough (in the screenshot below, Mario has gone close enough to the spawner but not Luigi). It also affects the Bill Blaster next to the ? switch.

    Also, if a save happens after a desync, you can fix it by copying one of the save files from one DS to the other.
    Posted on 04-08-20, 01:25 am (rev. 2 by  Shadey on 04-08-20, 01:38 am)

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    Thank you for this find! Turns out, the patch released was faulty. It was excluding vital code that excludes some sprites that can cause a desync. I have updated the patch to fix this issue.

    Anyone using the previous version (v1.00) should download the new patch now! (v1.01)
    Posted on 04-08-20, 01:31 am
    Do you know da wea?

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    good job shadey21 and the rest of your crew it looks like the early 2005 co op mode but I cant really play it because I messed up my files by opening them with other files but your hack really looks cool
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