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Posted on 04-21-21, 05:16 am
the boy who always has something up his sleeve

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This hack is fun, I had a lot of fun with a friend , although in athletic levels the game tends to slow down , and when you win the other character, it looks like an idiot in the air, it stays stuck, it's funny , but also a mistake

but the effort is noticed friend

Posted on 05-04-21, 11:23 am

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Posted by Daniel505465
I've found a bug, using the cannon softlocks the game, and can you bring back the original player collisions, where you can't walk through each other, and also while you're at it, can you remove death from other players ground pounding/throwing fire balls at Tiny Mario/Luigi?

i would agree that fixing damaging other players should be fixed, i think that adding the collisions back will be HELL
Posted on 05-04-21, 05:21 pm

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Why? I mean you can step on P2 to go to unreachable areas. And they could make it where stepping on the player just makes them flatten a little, then back to normal.
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