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Posted on 01-14-18, 03:20 am (rev. 2 by  HD Erick Games on 01-14-18, 05:49 pm)
Red Paratroopa
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The first NSMB Hack that takes advantage of "More Levels in Mario vs. Luigi" ASM hack made by  newluigidev


- FULL world 1 in Mario vs Luigi.
- Level set switcher that allows more than 5 levels in Mario vs Luigi.
- Coins do not give you powerups. (available since 1.1)


- To load the first set of levels (1-1 to 1-Tower), just open MvsL normally.
- And to load the second set of levels (1-4 to 1-Castle) press SELECT while choosing your MvsL settings.


Known Issues:

- none yet.

Special Thanks:

-  Dirbaio (Use of his no sprite limitation ASM hack, which can be found here).
-  newluigidev (Use of his "More Levels in Mario vs. Luigi" ASM hack, which can be found here).
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Posted on 01-14-18, 04:27 am
Red Goomba

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Oooooh, new hack!
Can’t wait to give this one a go
Posted on 01-14-18, 11:09 am
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This is cool
Sorry for my english,but you know,i'm italian...anyway,nothing to say.
Posted on 01-14-18, 11:42 am

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Can someone who has patched this successfully tell me what tool they used?
Posted on 01-14-18, 05:30 pm (rev. 2 by  HD Erick Games on 01-14-18, 07:34 pm)
Red Paratroopa
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I used this to patch it:

EDIT: 1.1 is out!
Posted on 03-24-18, 02:35 pm
how wasn't this name taken yet
because it is stupid
oh and also you are banned
door is over there

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does this require two ds consoles?
Posted on 03-24-18, 06:59 pm

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yep, or use melonds
Posted on 04-30-18, 08:41 am
The superjaja

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Very cool. now i need to find someone to play it with.
Ill put something here, if i got something.
Posted on 06-23-19, 09:37 pm

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Hey did you use the US or EU rom? I used the xDelta patcher using the US version which I know is clean as it was ripped directly. Im a bit late to the party, but a bit of help would be appreciated =)
Posted on 06-23-19, 09:56 pm
Red Paratroopa

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Did you try a U Psyfer rom? Maybe it could work.
I'm working on a new project!
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