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Posted on 06-06-17, 02:03 am (rev. 4 by Paul721 on 10-15-17, 11:38 pm)

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Hello, everybody. Today, I present to you my SM64 ROM hack, Super Mario: Power Star Expedition. Information and screenshots can be found below.

- 10 brand new main courses and 9 brand new secret courses;
- new textures (from MKWii, NSMBW, SMG2, etc.);
- new music;
- some model replacements and retextures;
- some custom objects;
- 3 new hub worlds; and
- new backgrounds.

Fully completed main courses: 0/10 (Total model progress for main courses: 8%)
Fully completed secret courses: 0/9 (Total model progress for secret courses: 15%)
Music: 70%
Fully completed hub worlds: 0/3 (Total model progress for hub worlds: 5%)
Backgrounds: 80%
Custom objects: 5%
Model replacements: 0%
Retextures: 10%

Screenshots (from SketchUp Make 2016)

Course 3: Hot, Hot Desert (about 50% done)

Course 6: Spooky Ghost Mansion (about 25% done)

Course 10: Heavy Metal Factory (about 15% done)

Area 2 of Goomba Skylands (about 15% done)

Secret Sky Level (about 5% done)


Main courses (names may change)
Course 1: Autumn Forest
Course 2: Goomba Skylands
Course 3: Dark, Flooded Cave
Course 4: Hot, Hot Desert
Course 5: Spooky Ghost Mansion
Course 6: Chilly Snow Land
Course 7: Dark, Abandoned Village
Course 8: Galactic Spaceway
Course 9: Volcanic Valley
Course 10: Scorching Lava Factory

Secret courses (names may change)
- Metal Cap Magma Mine
- Vanish Cap Cove
- Wing Cap Rainbow Road
- King Whomp's Freezing Lake <- This is the first Bowser level.
- Bowser's Spooky Castle <- This is the second Bowser level.
- Bowser's Castle in Space <- This is the final Bowser level. Also, this level will contain two Power Stars.
- Secret Beach level
- Secret Sky level
- Playful Candy Land

Potential story for the game
Once again, Peach has been kidnapped. But this time she wasn't kidnapped by Bowser, or that's what Mario believes. Mario thinks that he killed Bowser in Super Mario 64. The truth is that he did, but Bowser came back as a ghost and you have to fight him in the second Bowser level (he is just Big Boo). Upon defeating him in the second castle, Mario is rewarded with a key, and he believes that he will never see Bowser again. However, in the last Bowser level, Mario meets up with Bowser again--but this time he is in his regular form due to Kamek's magic.

(This story will probably be scrapped because it's really bad.)

Thank you for reading.
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You can put your screenshots in (img) tags and in a spoiler so it's easier to see them without opening another site
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Posted on 06-06-17, 09:12 pm

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I linked the images because I thought that using the (img) tags would make the post too large. Also, some Internet forums want users to link their images, so I thought this forum was the same. Anyway, I fixed it now.
Posted on 09-25-17, 08:17 am

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Well, I figured that I should post an update for the very few people who care about this project, so here it goes.

So, this project is just over a year old now. That's actually really hard to believe. Unfortunately, in that time, I got very little done. At the moment, I currently have 3 incomplete main level models, 6 incomplete side course models, and some other minor things done. That's it. If you look at the main post, though, you will notice that there are screenshots from more than 3 of the main courses. Well, that's because most of those models have now been scrapped. Specifically, I scrapped courses 1, 4, 8, and 9. So the only old courses that remain are 3, 6, and 10. By the way, I don't have a release date for this. I'm hoping to finish this by next year, but that probably won't happen.

Anyway, I'll just leave this screenshot of the secret sky level here (this is the level I'm currently working on):

This level will contain three parts, one being a sky area, which is what you see above, another will be a dark cave area, and the last one will a sky/rainforest area. Also, I will finish the UV mapping later. Finally, the only thing not made by me in that screenshot is the cloud next to the starting platform; it's actually from Super Mario Galaxy.

So, uh, yeah, that's everything I wanted to say. If you want, you can post feedback. I would really appreciate it.
Posted on 09-26-17, 09:52 am
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Looks really nice so far. Almost looks more like it belongs in 3D land. Keep up the great work!
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Posted on 09-30-17, 02:06 pm
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Hey man, don't be disheartened by the lack of responses. Your work looks pretty great! Keep it up.
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Posted on 10-08-17, 04:17 pm

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Thank you for those kind words, guys. I really appreciate it. Also, here's a screenshot of a subarea in Goomba Skylands (yes, I changed the name):

I know it's not a lot to look at right now, but I am aiming to post screenshots more frequently, so you should expect screenshots like this that don't reveal a lot. It's actually a good way to show that I'm still working on the hack without spoiling too much. Oh, and that platform took forever to model, by the way.
Posted on 10-08-17, 04:23 pm

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That looks really cool man!
It's like the perfect of Galaxy and Sunshine in one.

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Posted on 10-31-17, 08:58 pm
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I really hope you can finish this. It looks really great!
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