Posted on 05-12-17, 10:04 pm, deleted by RicBent: meaningless. also the board's language is english
Posted on 05-13-17, 06:58 am

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Wow that was the most civil conversation on the internet that even had a post with sarcasm. Impressive.

Also I love the Runbow Road level, good music and like the backgrounds. Reminds me of the SMB3 E-reader levels that make you rush. Which I find really fun. I do agree with making the red a little more saturated and the roads look jagged but i'm not sure if you are able to smooth it out or not so no big deal.
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My Hack (whoops link is fixed now):
Posted on 05-14-17, 11:01 pm
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Can make all links for Asm Hacking tutorials New i cant download for my hack?
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Posted on 05-15-17, 02:36 am
That MvL Hacker

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Can make sentences full, please.

Anyway, If you're asking how to use asm hacks, please go to the ASM hacking page.
Here's my MvL Hacking thread

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Posted on 05-17-17, 10:35 pm, deleted by RicBent: Seriously. It's done when it's done.
Posted on 05-28-17, 12:27 am
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Yes my sentences,I cant so good English I come Germany
Posted on 05-28-17, 12:32 am
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RicBent, that's for you
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Posted on 05-30-17, 12:24 am, deleted by  MarioFanatic64:
Posted on 05-30-17, 08:18 pm (rev. 1 by  GalacticPirate on 05-31-17, 08:25 am)

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Progress update? Screenshot? Heavy sarcasm posted by Skawo? Anything? Blarg?
Posted on 05-30-17, 08:28 pm

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game canceled
no progress being made
we're just sitting on our asses farting occasionally
reading comments asking for release taking up most of the time
Posted on 05-30-17, 08:38 pm
Red Goomba

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Is this a joke Skawo
Posted on 05-30-17, 08:39 pm
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Posted by StarTrekVoyager
Progress update? Screenshot? Heavy sarcasm posted by Sakwo? Anything? Blarg?

Seriously? did you not see the post above's reason for deletion?

Do it again and I'll ban you myself.
Posted on 05-30-17, 08:41 pm (rev. 1 by ConorDoesHacks on 05-30-17, 08:41 pm)
Red Goomba

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Well I am sorry ok I will check next time
Posted on 05-30-17, 11:51 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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>Normal user

you have a role to play, Rean
don't forget

anyway, might as well go and ask a better question.
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Posted on 05-30-17, 11:55 pm

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WHAT?! Skawo do not cancel your game please you are a great NSMB hacker please do not cancel it friend ?
Posted on 05-31-17, 12:03 am
Roy Koopa
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Someone doesn't understand sarcasm.
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Posted on 05-31-17, 12:16 am

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I swear, if I don't kill myself before then, this game will kill me anyway
Posted on 05-31-17, 12:37 am

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Skawo I already know how it feels to make a long hack is very difficult but not to complicate me I shorten some levels so that I do not take too much and thus I save time and effort I try and mister Mariofanatic64 if I understand the sarcasm but when it is not spoken when it is written ?

Sorry for my bad english ?
Posted on 05-31-17, 01:22 am (rev. 1 by Thierry on 05-31-17, 01:25 am)
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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Posted by Luigui3060
I understand the sarcasm but when it is not spoken when it is written

so basically, "I understand sarcasm only when it's spoken"?

fam, if we can pick up sarcasm from text, you can too :p

(also please work on your english, misunderstandings can be annoying)

Posted by StarTrekVoyager

reminds me of when I used to spell it Swako :DD
Posted on 05-31-17, 04:16 am

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Thierry will work in my english thanks friend ?