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Posted on 07-09-20, 07:58 pm (rev. 2 by  Keeper on 07-25-20, 06:45 am)
Red Paragoomba
I do things sometimes

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Couple more ports. None tilesets this time though.

NSMB2 Rickshaw Lift

The pivot or whatever only shows when the platforms are 3 tiles wide

NSMB2 Burner Base

Also includes a lava variant

NSMB2-esque Stone Lift

Had to make some edits to the sprites for them to actually mesh well together, making it slightly less accurate.

NSMBU Bullet Bill Blaster

Credit to AboodXD and mrbengtsson for the rips.

NSMBU Bouncy Cloud

Goes over the bouncy mushroom platform. Credits to AboodXD and mrbengtsson for the rip. Also, while not shown in the screenshot, I recently fixed it's centering, so I would recommend redownloading it.

I also updated the link for the NSMB2 lift as I improved it, so I'd recommend downloading it again if you have the old one.
Posted on 07-10-20, 01:23 am

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how you can rip thats sprites and tiles
Posted on 07-10-20, 03:53 am
Fire Snake

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SUPER! I'm gonna totally use some of that stuff! Thanks!

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Posted on 07-10-20, 09:45 am

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this stuff will be really useful, thanks!
Posted on 07-25-20, 06:53 am
Red Paragoomba
I do things sometimes

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Just 2 rips this time. However, I did fix some mistakes in my NSMBU SubNohara rip and my NSMBU bouncy cloud rip, so if you downloaded those before you may want do download them again.

SMM2 Pipes

To my knowledge there are actually 3 different NSMBU styled pipes - the ones from NSMBU, the ones from SMM2, and the ones from Super Mario Run. Credits to Random Talking Bush for the sprite rips.

SMM2 Mini Pipes

Yeah, these don't actually exist in-game but it keeps everything more consistent. Credits to Random Talking Bush for the sprite rips.
Posted on 07-27-20, 10:10 am (rev. 2 by Audinloric on 07-27-20, 10:55 am)

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Hello everyone, here is a tileset that I "merged", it is about the NSMBWII castle in 3 versions: normal, with lava and W6 style.

Use 4 palettes.
Thanks to Mario&LuigiEtCo. for testing it.
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