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Posted on 03-04-19, 09:10 pm
Red Goomba
I Like Puns

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do you have a download for all this incredible tileset? beacause the rips.7z do not work. i would really like to put some in my game!
SO i finally finished the world one of my game check it out!

here a Pun: What happens when you bring a Koopa Troopa to a party? It becomes a shellebration!

I also have a discord server for it so you can talk with me or suggest things.
also i will update the game each time a new level is added to the game

Posted on 03-04-19, 10:54 pm
Available on all current platforms.

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huh, you're right. the link is dead. I don't have a working link. blame trs for using a weird host.
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