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yeah what
Posted on 09-18-13, 03:17 pm, deleted by  Dirbaio
Posted on 01-02-14, 12:24 pm in closed2005 demo replica v1 released NSMB Beta Replica project (rev. 56 by  Hiccup on 09-10-21, 10:23 am)

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See the new thread

xdelta patch for "(USA)" ROM

Screenshot gallery


* Sep 06 2016 - 2005 demo replica v1.1 released
* Sep 01 2016 - 2005 demo replica v1.0 released


no rainbow effect when invincible (could be ASM hack)


early walking animation (used in minigames)
falling hat animations (might require ASM)


remove "bah" from all tracks (Ambiance 69 said I could use the SSEQs from his Alpha Replica, but currently they don't fully remove the wahs)


Remake castle (WIP)


add retro jump SFX
big grounded piranha plants use same sound as small ones (could be ASM hack)

ASM (to create)

shift flag actor 8 pixels to the right
use separate sounds for small mario jump and big mario jump
display "Mario Start" graphic at start of level
invincible with no music while flying from pipe cannon
loose coin (that drops down) produced by enemies hit by invincible mario
pipe piranha plants are larger
? switch has "double size" setting
switches don't interrupt music (like Red Rings/timed Star Coins/? Switch in Mega Goomba)
triple jump requires less speed
when touched, red ring spins, turns blue and activates checkpoint without flag
! switch appears in front of mario and is non-solid when presed
punch and kick move for mario when super or better. what appears to be the same kick animation is used as one of the enemy combo stomp animations.
backflip. maybe one of the existing jump animations is the same as the one used for this.
! blocks
early mega mushroom + its ? block
? switch uses 3d model
mega goomba that is already big, doesn't require boss sprites and doesn't spawn a key when defeated


2005 demo replica v1.1


desert level moved to slot 1-tower
custom desert tileset
singleplayer grassland level in slot 1-1, recreated by MarioFanatic64, Hiccup and Theiry
mushroom platform textures modified
custom underground tileset


2005 demo replica v1.0


singleplayer desert level in slot 1-Tower, fixed up by Hiccup
ASM pack (generic ones, bootscreen, redringv2, nofreezev2, midwaypoint) by MeroMero/dirbaio/skawo
desert backgrounds by mrrikihino
plain red Goal Pole flag texture
Bump-from-below Platform texture by KingYoshi
"in the middle of two tiles" used block for flag, in jyotyu tileset
blue ! switch
white background on top titlescreen
early logo



2005 demo and others

Misc graphics

2005 demo top screen graphics
[extract from 2005 demo remake v1.00]


unknown author

unknown author


Desert pyramids
by mrrikihino


Bump-from-below Platform
by KingYoshi

Blue ! Switch
[extract from 2005 demo remake v1.00]
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Wait, this is the picture thread, not the youtube thread!
Posted on 08-10-14, 04:08 pm in ASMB - Adventure Super Mario Bros. (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 08-10-14, 04:08 pm)

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I did think of it, but I never got any further than thinking of it.

Now that you remind me of it, I hope you don't mind if I use this in a similar but different way to you did. It looks very nice cool BTW.
Posted on 09-06-14, 02:17 pm in The thing with the sprite database

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I know what you mean, I remember some sprites being quite simple, then they were made overcomplicated.
Posted on 09-06-14, 02:23 pm in The thing with the sprite database

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They are the offical names in English too, but they are not easy to remember.
Posted on 12-19-14, 03:32 pm in All Things Fire...

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You know how to edit spa files?

Yeah, right.
Posted on 07-18-15, 09:21 am in release Super Mario: Endless Earth

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I like the sound of m#(!i$! &u) @or*# d(s&#n!% f%r #u(!k &!av)l.
Posted on 10-03-15, 04:39 pm in Unknown things in NSMB (rev. 6 by  Hiccup on 03-15-20, 04:48 pm)

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If you think you can help understanding any of these, please post!

Purpose and workings of file formats
* uiStudio
* .bnbl
* .bncl
* Various locations
** some ncl.bin
** .bmg
* map
** .nsbtp
* Minigame files in ARCHIVE
* Files in BG_chk
* Final VS levels in the course folder - are they used in multi-card play? they are
* How the files in the BG_pnl and BG_chk folders are for the tilesets exactly?
* If these files in obj are used:
** A_hyouji_8bit_ncg.bin
** A_OBJ_item_fontM_01_ncg.bin
** A_text_marioluigi_ncg.bin
** I_kaidan_ncg.bin
** I_kemuri_l_ncg.bin
** I_nokonoko256_ncg.bin
** I_nokonoko_ncg.bin
** I_obj_kemuri_ncg.bin
** I_obj_kira_l_ncg.bin
** I_obj_kira_ncg.bin
** I_obj_sunakemuri_ncg.bin
** I_obj_yajirushi_ncg.bin
** I_obj_yougan_ncg.bin
** OBJ_O_flag_o_u_ncg.bin

* Most of the non-filesystem stuff (arm9 etc) isn't documented. Like narc files in arm9
* All course header data.
* All the actor data.
* Its not known if all the player and hammer bro animations are used.
* Why certain course actors crash (e.g. Chain Chomp with the unused nybble set StapleButter explained this, special exit controller).
* If certain actors are spawned by other actors (e.g. is Unchained Chomp spawned by Chain Chomp, is Lakitu spawned by Lakitu spawner?)
* What most of the differences between different versions of the game are.
* Most of the unused behaviours of course actors.
* Are all the switch frames used? Yes, thanks Arctus Platner.
* Can any of the unused paths be uncovered, maybe getting a secret exit in levels that don't normally have secret exits?
* Are all the .spa particles used?
* What pallete these use:
** obj\OBJ_O_redcoin_number_ncg.bin
* Is everything in W_kinoko_ncg.bin used?
* Is there a pattern to files being compressed/uncompressed
* Does the file offset tell you anything about the data of files or the order they were put in the game?
* What the meanings of certain abbreviations in filenames etc., are.
* Why does the background glitch out after certain types of crashes? StapleButter explained this
* is there a system to the different layers objects are on? like in NSMBW.
* some objects in jyotyu (like camera control ones)

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You can use 3ds hacks to run any most flashcards. Acekard2i works fine with DS DLP.
Posted on 07-26-16, 04:49 pm in Level Previews

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Could you please stop getting offended at things that people didn't say?
Posted on 09-22-16, 11:17 pm in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS

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Posted by cros107
They don't have to be hard, but... they seem rather easy. It seems like the star coin placement was a bit rushed. But I'm not complaining, the level still looks great.

Its a really athletic auto-scroller - that doesn't give you too many options for Star Coins.
Posted on 11-07-16, 02:34 pm in release Super Mario: Endless Earth (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 11-07-16, 02:34 pm)

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Thierry. Not everybody is trained in the art of DS polygon detection.
Posted on 11-18-16, 12:32 pm in Roast me

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You just said "y'all".
Posted on 11-23-16, 08:31 am in Roast Me!

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Dirbaio, you haven't even made the sprite database into an actor database yet. What a disgrace.
Posted on 01-26-18, 06:59 pm in New Super Mario Bros. DS Co-Op

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Nice, even more progress with VS mode hacking!

Are you going to post the source code. All these changes sound interesting.
Posted on 08-19-12, 03:38 pm in Say something about who posts before you!

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Uses falling coins in nearly all his levels.
Posted on 08-20-12, 05:48 pm in *closed* (rev. 1 by  Hiccup on 08-20-12, 05:49 pm)

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Another thread with the same feature list and no progress whatsoever and no description of what it is about.
Do you want people to be interested Super Duper Hacker?
Then why do you make a thread with incomplete stuff like this.
Basically this is rubbish you changed hardly anything in 1-1, you used the music hack, your using NSMBW tilesets, you have copied things from other people.

And the way you ask for peoples help.....

I don't know whether people should ignore this or ask why?

It just encourages other people to do the same thing, and this happens on RVLution as well.

The problem is these "hacks" are trashing the NSMB Hacks fourm.

I will accept that this hack is incomplete. But I will not accept that you made a thread for it, you copied other peoples work and your now asking for help without even describing what the project?

These sort threads should be trashed immediately.
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