Mario vs Luigi

1. Sprite Compatibility Without ASM Hacks
    1.1. Sprite Compatibility With ASM Hacks
2. Relevant Threads that Pertain to MvsL
3. List of MvsL Hacks

"How do I play MvsL Hacks?"
- This thread is an excellent guide as to how to play MvsL hacks: tutorial How to get MvsL hacks to work. Multicart and Download Play

"My level crashes! What do I do now?"
- If you are not using ASM hacks, then here are some things to consider:

1) Have you changed a sprite slot? If so, you can't change the sprite slots and will need to change it back.

2) Are you using a sprite that is confirmed to not work? Not that many sprites are compatible with MvsL without using ASM hacks, take a look at the table lower down on the page to find out if you are trying to use a sprite that is not compatible.

3) Have you changed the number of Battle Stars that appear in the level? If so, you need to keep the number of stars the same as it will crash if you change the number of stars in the level.

"My level crashes, but I'm using ASM!"

- There are still some sprites that crash even with the ASM hacks. Take a look at this spreadsheet to see what works and what doesn't.

"My level makes us de-sync, what's going on?"

- Some sprites use RNG to determine their movement/behavior. This value is not synced across the Client and Child and will cause the sprites to de-sync for each player. For example, Hammer Brothers cause the game to de-sync.

1. Sprite Compatibility Without ASM Hacks

- These sprites will work, regardless of if you're using ASM or not.
- Most of the list are sprites that already are in MvsL.
- This list is in order of Sprite ID

23 - Pipe Piranha Plant (Facing up)
24 - Pipe Piranha Plant (Facing down)
25 - Pipe Piranha Plant (Facing right)
26 - Pipe Piranha Plant (Facing left)
27 - Bill Blaster (Bullet Bill launcher)
28 - Bob-omb
71 - Stone wall moving up & down
72 - Stone wall moving left & right
95 - Spin Block
148 - Goomba
149 - Koopa Troopa
210 - MvsL Big Star

(TODO: Make this a nice table. For now, this list will work)

1.1. Sprite Compatibility With ASM Hacks

- This list is based on the Starter Pack linked in this thread: The MvsL Starter Pack!
- The spreadsheet has every sprite documented.

Click here for the spreadsheet of sprites

(TODO: Port the spreadsheet to a table here. This will take some time)

2. Relevant Threads that Pertain to MvsL

- This is a list of threads that I'm aware of, this list will be edited as more threads are made

File Locations

sprites MvsL Hacking
list Locations of MvsL Graphics Files

ASM Hacks

Coop experiment: Getting 1-1 into multiplayer (Note, this ASM is obsolete)
No more sprite set limitation in MvsL! (Note, this thread is obsolete with the next thread)
The Ultimate Mario Vs Luigi No More Sprite Limitation ASM!
mvsl The Comprehensive MvsL Sprite Compatibility List (Note, the linked ASM is included in the next thread)
The MvsL Starter Pack!
More Levels Hack in Mario vs. Luigi!


tutorial How to get MvsL hacks to work. Multicart and Download Play
tutorial MvL Hacking Tutorial (Beginners)
tutorial MvL Hacking (Advanced)


mvsl The "Official" MvsL Hacking Thread!

3. List of MvsL Hacks

- This list will be updated as MvsL hacks are released

WIP/Canceled Hacks

OP7's Custom MvsL Levels!

Completed Hacks

v1.5 Mario V.S. Luigi Fun
mvslv1 MvsL Reloaded
"Co-Op" Bros
New Super Mario Bros. DS Co-Op
NSMB Race Mode experiment
MVSL: Pack New Levels
v4 released! New Super Mario Bros. Beta Replica "Co-Op"
Mario Vs. Luigi - The Newer Levels
Mario Vs. Luigi World Tour