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Posted on 08-31-19, 11:18 am (rev. 8 by  TheGameratorT on 10-11-19, 06:00 pm)
DMA problems.

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Credits to  Dirbaio for making the original ASM.
Credits to  KingYoshi for giving me the separated levels idea.
Credits to  skawo, RicBent and  RoadrunnerWMC for teaching me how stacks work and executing functions in overlays.

I am proud to present the Mario Vs Luigi no spriteset limit version 2!

What's new?

- Separated Double Card and Download Play levels! (Download Play will still be limited to the spriteset limitation, but it now works at least.)
(Double Card will use the course files and Download Play will use the NARCs)

- You can now use the flag pole in some levels and battle stars in others instead of having to use one option for all levels.

- Some download play animations were remapped to loaded ones so it doesn't look weird when it tries to load one that doesn't exist.
Note: Avoid using water levels in Download Play (it's fine for Double Card), because if the player dies underwater, the game will crash.

Download Links:
Note: The download file may update at any time. Every time that happens, this message will be edited.

Version: 2.0

My NSMBe5.3 fork (allows for editing NARCs directly, only English support at the moment though):
Posted on 11-16-20, 02:00 pm

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Can I get a tutorial on how to use it?
I'm new to this NSB Hacking thing.
Posted on 11-16-20, 06:46 pm
DMA problems.

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Read this post on how to apply ASM hacks.
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