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Do you know da wea?

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same as title. Here let me start off by saying my favorite one is nsmb2
edit: Yes, im counting nsmb hacks too
Posted on 10-20-20, 07:24 am
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I still haven't tried nsmb2 or played through nsmbu or nslu in full but my favourites are probably nsmbwii and nslu.
Posted on 10-20-20, 01:39 pm
Indeed it is, indeed it does

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NSMBWii for the nostalgia; that game played a huge role in my childhood.

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My favorite is NSMB2, if you are counting hacks then Newer SMBW
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Posted on 10-25-20, 03:43 am
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I was at a friends house and I had no idea what Mario was until they invited me to play Nsmbw. It just came out and I was in love with it. It’s the whole reason I got a Wii and that game for my birthday. Next I played nsmb DS on my DS, then nsmb2, and then nsmbu. Nsmbw will always be my favorite since it’s what started it all

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honestly i think that nsmbw is my favorite mainly because of how new the NEW brand was
Posted on 09-25-21, 03:31 pm
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My favourite is New Super Mario Bros. because of all the pioneering it did for the next games, such as Wii, 2, U and even the 3D platformers. But I've recently played NSMBU Deluxe and it was awesome
Posted on 09-25-21, 06:17 pm
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Mine used to be New Super Mario Bros. A few years ago when I first played NSMBU, my mind was blown with all the new graphics and levels.
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My favorite are NSMBW and NSMBU but never is played complete, because i not haven a Wii for NSMBW and dolphin sucks in my PC and Never is played the NSMBU because i not have a Wii u and Wii u emulator, my first was NSMB, is my favorite only for nostalgia but when i Saw yo NSMBW i decide what NSMB is a Shit, sorry if i hurt to someone with my post
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I have a long history with this series.

NSMBDS was the first game I ever played when I was 3 on a friend's DS. Never got far though, since my strategy at the time boiled down to holding right and spamming jump. I came back to it many, many years later, but stopped somewhere in World 6. I had much higher standards by that point, especially considering I had been creating and playing mods of the game for years already and the game had thoroughly failed to impress me.

Playing NSMBW on my aunt's Wii when I was 6 was what made me buy a Wii as my first home console, though I ironically never ended up buying the game. The one time I had the chance, I asked my father to buy the newly released Super Mario Galaxy 2 instead at the last minute, a decision which I don't regret. I did nearly beat it on a copy borrowed from a friend, but gave up after beating 8-Tower as I kept getting game overs trying to clear the world's second half (fuck quick saves). This is definitely my favorite one. Multiplayer was just a lot of fun, plain and simple.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 was the first time I was truly disappointed in a game. I'd come to expect nothing short of greatness from Mario and having a game so extremely derivative and short (I beat it in the span of a day, which was extremely short with my skill level back then) was definitely very disappointing for me. Despite having first beaten the game on a copy borrowed from a friend, it's ironically the only NSMB game that I have owned, as well as the only one I've actually beaten.

As for NSMBU/NSLU, I've never played them. Well, I may've emulated the first level or two of NSMBU once, but that's about it. I think it's probably the best of the bunch, but I haven't played nearly enough of it to make that kind of judgement.

Nowadays, none of the NSMB games (or any of the mainline 2D Marios for that matter) rank anywhere near the top of my favorites list. Mainline 3D Mario is for the most part really great, but for all the praise that they get, I feel there are just too many series of 2D platformers that are more interesting and better designed than 2D Mario games are, like Donkey Kong Country which has continually kicked Super Mario's ass since its inception. Still, I would be lying if I said I didn't look back on most of these games fondly.

TLDR; NSMBW is my favorite.
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Posted on 10-26-21, 05:50 pm

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100% nsmb wii out of pure nostalgia alone

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The first one is my favorite! Not much else to say to be honest, except classic sound effects, and unique music not heard in any future NSMB title!
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