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Posted on 01-04-18, 03:56 am (rev. 9 by  HD Erick Games on 08-07-18, 02:16 am)
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update Aug/6/2018: So, after 5 months i finally got a real feedback of this hack. Turns out that the xdelta for it was corrupted.. which really sets me down because this hack is been out for so long and only one person TO THIS DAY actually tried to play the rom, this shows how there is no real interest in people about MvsL hacks and that they will probably waste time making a MvsL hack. Anyways, the patch is now fixed if anyone decides to download this hack from now on.


- 5 new multiplayer levels.
- Some "new" tilesets.
- Custom title screen.
- And new enemies.


Known Issues:

- Lags sometimes.

Special Thanks:

-  Dirbaio (Use of his no sprite limitation ASM hack, which can be found here).
-  skawo (For his Tilesets and FX).
-  Ndymario (Helped me to find the location of some files).
Posted on 01-04-18, 04:46 am
That MvL Hacker

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Looks cool, Good Job! May play this later
Here's my MvL Hacking thread

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Posted on 01-04-18, 03:54 pm
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Looks like a great hack! Title screen looks a bit boring tho...

Now if only I had friends...
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Posted on 01-04-18, 05:02 pm

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So... This is 'What if Newer D had MvsL' ? Looks nice, but I don't have a flashcart so not two to play this. That's the biggest problem in MvsL, the need of flashcards
Posted on 01-04-18, 06:47 pm

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But I have no-one to play it with.
Posted on 01-14-18, 06:32 am
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Isn't there a rule saying that hacks with the word Newer in the title will be removed? the title Mario Vs. Luigi - The Newer Levels might be in violation. Idk though ask the mods.
Posted on 01-14-18, 06:45 am
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Newer is not the main title of the hack :V
Posted on 01-16-18, 12:42 pm
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It's fine, I guess.

If it were a more blatant 'I have no originality' use of the word then it would bad.
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