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well doing nothing sometimes and sometimes, heck, see, if I say cryptic things it's pure coincidence, just don't pay too much attention to me when, I write things, like the shit I just wrote,I speak Spanish do not need to write to me in English(hablo español no hace falta que me escribas en ingles)


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 Keeper in the bitmap list (the one i boxed in the screenshot) right click all the bitmaps that are not of the world map icons
 Keeper should i move on to the next step?
 Keeper no worries, youll just have to do that process again. if you made a backup as i suggested, you should be fine.
 Keeper when you finish with that try clicking the "export all bitmaps with all palettes" button and sending it to me again just to verify everything's on-track
 Keeper indeed. in order to replace the graphics succesfully, the world map icons must be imported in a way that changes the palette for the pairs of world map icons instead of just one. thats why its important that the palettes and bitmaps are set up like that
 Keeper are you ready for the next step?
 Keeper alright. download this template and replace the placeholder icon boxes with the corresponding world icons. make sure the world icons aren't bigger than the placeholders and make
 Keeper sure to remove the placeholders. save the image, go back into the texture editor, click "import all bitmaps with all palettes" and then save them and exit.
 Keeper if my theory on how to do this is right then everything should work
 Keeper if it doesn't I can try to troubleshoot
 Keeper ah, glad it worked alright. though from the looks of it, the icon for world 6 might be off center. Also, if i recall correctly there is an asm patch that lets you use 256 colours for the world map icons, so if you need more colours you can try using that
 Skylander Sorry havent tried it been really busy
 Keeper they look pretty alright, but the limited palette definitely took a toll on the quality unfortunately
 Skylander Nice
 Skylander I do but it's very strange. The entire bottom background is made up of several copied of the same image.
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Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");