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well doing nothing sometimes and sometimes, heck, see, if I say cryptic things it's pure coincidence, just don't pay too much attention to me when, I write things, like the shit I just wrote,I speak Spanish do not need to write to me in English(hablo español no hace falta que me escribas en ingles)


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 Keeper the creeper? Do you have a screenshot?
 Keeper well im mainly asking for a screenshot for clarification, and im not totally sure what youre referring to when you say creeper. Also, which sprites specifically were you editing when this happened?
 Keeper Ohh, i see the problem. there are some colours in the jyotyu palette that are the same in one palette but different in the other, so when you import it back into nsmbe, nsmb's graphics editor replaces the colour with the first exact match of that colour,
 Keeper which may be different than the duplicate colour it was originally
 Keeper hopefully that makes sense i couldnt really explain it to well
 Keeper thats why adding sprites to files that use the jyotyu palette is rather difficult. you should be able to edit the sprites to manually correct them though. Theres also a tutorial on how to edit the jyotyu tileset without breaking any of the sprites which
 Keeper would probably apply here as well, albeit with some modifications to the process
 Keeper well, since its not messed up too immensely, you can probably just edit it back to normal. That is, assuming nothing else was affected.
 Keeper you may also wanna check the mini mushroom
 Keeper er, actually just the other sprites of that bitmap in general
 Keeper ah, good. like i said, probably just manually tweak it so it looks like it did before. The ncl is unmodified, so you'll have all the colours you need. Id recommend referencing the sprites from a fresh rom when doing so as well.
 Keeper its not the cleanest method of fixing it, but its the least complicated and it wont make it inferior in any way
 Teen Icarus Jajaja gracias! es genial conocer otro venezolano por aca
 Keeper oh good
 BL4ZED si quieres puedes hablar español conmigo porque soy portugues y entiendo un poco
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Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");