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 alpha World 1: Flower, World 2: Desert Mountain, World 3: Palm Tree, World 4: Tree, World 5: Frozen Mountain, World 6: UFO, World 7: High Mountain, World 8: Bowser's Kingdom
 alpha The previous text is the location of, where are you going to put each icon so that you do not get confused, friend
 alpha heck, it doesn't matter, I'll investigate it thoroughly later, I'm working on level 1-1, I'll send it to you later, to see what you think, ok
 alpha I'm getting inspired by the levels that you did and I'm making the level fun
 alpha level 1-1 DONE, I exported the areas of the level, they are listed, so you don't get confused, I hope you like it, friend
 alpha the first is area 1, the second is area 2, and the third is area 3
 alpha What problems do you have apart from the camera, friend?
 alpha I already fixed the camera, and you were right, it is full of errors, which I am correcting, and other errors that I am fixing
 alpha that is the corrected level 1-1
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This is a sample post. You probably already know what this is for.

Posted by Goomba
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Oh, nooo! *stomp*

Well, what more could you want to know? Perhaps how to do the classic infinite loop?
    printf("Hello World!");


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