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Posted on 01-29-15, 08:40 am in hamza62240 (rev. 2 by  snake block on 01-29-15, 09:10 am)

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you didn't need to make a thread about this. not trying to backseat either

anyways, I didn't want to say sorry or apologize because I didn't think I would get any responses which weren't harsh. but if you really want me to say sorry, well umm, I apologize, alright?

the reason I came back is because this site is just fun, even if the users can be slightly/very/extremely/utterly harsh sometimes. the reason I left is because I felt that everybody had just started to hate me and it didn't appear that I could change back to not being hated by everybody, so I just left because I really hate getting called a noob etc. etc..

and you don't need to give me advice while being so harsh. i was just trying to give criticism on Arceus' hack so he can improve it (i'm guessing you'll laugh?), and then everybody just starts hammering me with their harsh responses. even though it was just honesty. Honesty. and yes I was being very immature in that argument on YouTube. the swearsaw I hit Arceus with, I'm sorry about that too.

i got angry at Arceus because he said this:

"I like it so it will stay", and not accepting my criticism. at least let me be honest! just because he's a mod doesn't mean he would just stop accepting my criticism.

-- thorough response (probably not) by hamzaDerp
Posted on 09-08-13, 12:06 pm in tutorial How to edit world map textures! (rev. 6 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:37 am)

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Sorry if this guide already exists somewhere on the domain, but I did not see it so I decided to make a tutorial for people who don't know how to do it.
I didn't check any site. Just found out by myself.
Remember that this is for editing world map textures, not editing whole world maps with new models and paths
Here it is! It is not that hard.

1. Open up NSMBe and choose any ROM file.

2. Click the "ROM File Browser" tab.

3. Open up the FILESYSTEM, by clicking the "+" behind it.

4. Open up "root".

5. After opening up, you will see a lot of folders. Find "map" and open it up.

6. You will see a lot of files with the extensions ".nsbca", ".nsbtp" and more. Double-click "w1.nsbmd". Make sure that if you are editing any other world, it should have "w" and the number of the world like if you are editing World 2, find "w2.nsbmd" and if World 3, find "w3.nsbmd" etc. In this instance we are editing World 1 so we choose "w1.nsbmd".

7. There will be a window. Choose the texture you want to edit. All textures are listed in "Bitmaps" and the palettes are listed in "Palettes". All textures use their own palette.

8. Once confirmed what texture you want to edit, click "Export this bitmap". In the dialog box, give the file a name
and choose what folder you want to save the .png file in. After confirmed, click "Save".

9. Open up your favourite image editing program (In this instance I will be using Macromedia Flash. I don't recommend Paint for texture-editing). Recolor it, make new textures or do whatever you want. Doesn't matter

10. Export the file. Make sure the image editing program has a "Export to PNG" feature. Since I am using Flash, I go to File > Export > Export Image and choose PNG extension, give my new texture a name and click "Save".

11. After done, switch to the NSMBe texture editor window. Make sure you selected the same texture as you edited or the map in-game could go wrong!

12. Click "Import this bitmap and recreate palette". Choose your newly made PNG texture image, and click "Open". Yay! You don't need the save button. Close the window and open up the NSMB ROM with an emulator or a real DS.
When you go to the world map you will see the texture(s)!

You can edit as many textures as you want at the same time.

BTW, Here is my edited world map:
Posted on 05-22-16, 04:29 pm in The single levels thread! (rev. 3 by  snake block on 05-22-16, 04:33 pm)

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Kind of a like huge REVIEEWWWW

1. Your first levels were 10x worse than this.

2. You don't seem to get WHAT you're supposed to do here. You're supposed to take the shell, ride the elevator before it gets out of the shell and then throw it at the ? block to get a star, to pass the Thwomp and finish the level.
Posted on 09-30-16, 04:16 pm in Edited NSMB Tilesets (rev. 8 by  snake block on 10-01-16, 07:37 pm)

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Desert Expansion (adds: Oasis, brick walls, inner-ground decoration, brick wall window, colored solid-on-top blocks and solid rocks)

I know the image has a fairly random choice of colors, but that's to demonstrate the different colors I have for the blocks.
It adds a small oasis-type of thing, shells in the ground, a brick wall in the background, a window-thing in the brick wall and a bunch of different colors for both the solid rocks and the solid-on-top blocks.

Download: Extended Desert Tileset 1.4(click to download)


1.4: Fixed the insanity that was the tile behaviours x2.

Posted on 11-23-16, 04:53 pm in MY ROM IS HAUNTED

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FOX news:

Gaming is supporting lsd in a kids Mario Brothers game played on the tablet-like Nintendo! The "bottom bg slot 36" can get corrupted while an innocent children are playing the video game, with obvious connotations to lsd, a drug like substance that has very similar effects to this 'bottom bg slot 36' game mechanic!

proof can be found in user MarioKart7z's youtube channel, who has obviously already been corrupted by the subtle messages about drugs, with his immense use of the word "lsd"!
Posted on 09-17-13, 09:20 pm in How to use IRC?

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...I know. I am dumb.

Just how do we use IRC? T_T

I'm serious.
Posted on 07-02-14, 09:50 pm in New Super Mario Bros. Logo "New" Font

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Hi! Today I made a very useful resource for ya'll hack logos. It's about time someone has done this. I would also be extremely happy if someone could incorporate this into an actual font, but for now, enjoy cutting and pasting the letters!

An example of this font in use with the slanted effect is up above in blue; "New" isn't much different!

Please note however; This is an edit of Continuum Bold and some letters may not be perfectly same as the "New" in NSMB but who knows, maybe they are! They only wrote New with that font anyway!

But, just enjoy the font.
Posted on 07-21-14, 01:44 am in Tileset Help!

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Download Paint.NET. It's an awesome tool which I make my tilesets from.

Here's one of my tilesets.

Made from Paint.NET. Ignore that line thing on that side

I'll do a tutorial for ya'!

So, get Paint.NET and make a new 16x16 document by Ctrl+N.

You should see a little white square. Zoom in, here's where you are going to draw your tileset. I know it's weird but still it's the max size of NSMB tileset tiles

Draw a little detailed grass outline in a green color on the top of the canvas like this:

Then color the grass in a detailed way, much like this:

Yes, it looks plain. That will be fixed. Click the dropper tool and select the lighter grass. Make the color darker and fill up it's bottom, and fill up the top of the darker grass with an even darker color at the top like this:

Now try detailing the grass a bit, here's mine:

Yay, you're now done with the grass. Now it's time for the dirt!

Select a color which looks like Mario dirt and use the fill bucket to fill all parts other than the grass.

Now, make the parts of the dirt under the grass darker with a little shade (not just one darker color, use 2!), like this:

Then make curvy lines with shades like this:

Shading them is very easy, just use darker colors for bottom and darkish colors for the top.

Then try to put around dark and light (just slightly, though) colors around the non-curvy line dirt, like this:

Congratulations and you have just done your first tile. You can make cool stuff with this

Also, tell me if you want a tutorial on ground edges and walls.
Posted on 09-10-16, 09:06 am in Edited NSMB Tilesets (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:24 am)

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Ay, cool! I made this volcano extension a while ago, featuring slopes, and background rocks. Was gonna post it but just forgot about it, thanks for reminding me and giving me a place to post it

Extended Volcano(Brown) Tileset (adds slopes, background rocks, decoration)
Posted on 11-21-16, 12:37 pm in Roast me

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You are bad
Posted on 11-22-16, 03:41 pm in Roast me

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I love you and you're a very good hearted person, you're kind, you're lovable and I want to lick you
Posted on 06-10-18, 05:15 pm in NSMBW-Styled Title Screen!

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It's absolutely beautiful, nothing could be done to improve on it
Posted on 07-11-18, 08:03 pm in full release Newest Super Mario Bros. DS Deluxe (rev. 1 by  snake block on 07-11-18, 08:04 pm)

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> Break into bank.
> Steal loads of cash.
> Get caught.
> Get asked why you stole loads of cash.
> "Cops, the truth and I have almost no time because I am a married person and my wife helps me with some things from the job and also my wife is pregnant and therefore I did not have enough time to work my job but I will properly earn the money and resubire"

Posted on 09-17-13, 09:25 pm in How to use IRC?

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Posted by Thierry

Go to this link, and click "Connect".

I know. But just HOW DO WE USE IT?

How do you post custom comments and stuff like that?!?!? Or can you just slap, query and that other thing?
Posted on 10-07-13, 02:05 pm in Super Mario 3D World Thread (rev. 5 by  snake block on 12-21-13, 12:00 pm)

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RVlution has it, so I thought I'd make one too.

This is the thread for SM3DW news and talk etc. etc.

The box-art:


Returning Enemies:

New enemies:



Returning Power-ups

New Power-ups



Copied from MarioWiki info:


end of copied from mariowiki info

World Levels:

Story (copied from MarioWiki):

Posted on 06-09-14, 02:31 pm in Would easier multiplayer hacking be cool?

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Co-op would be cool. Definitely. (get it? it was unintentional.)

Posted on 07-12-14, 08:34 pm in Tilesets question

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In the main window (not tileset or level editor!), click "Import tileset". Choose tileset. Done.
Posted on 01-30-15, 11:14 am in tutorial Giving good criticism and accepting it. Guide by Ryu

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this is a very good post.

i know some of these already though, such as not pointing out only flaws, but also doing some compliments etc. etc..

i suggest everybody to read this. this taught me something.
Posted on 10-03-15, 08:32 pm in shitpost Nintendo Stole OUR idea

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Posted by themasterkoopa
oh heck no i dont think they stole our idea!
What is wrong with you guys! this is the greatest thing!
This is better then NSMB hacking cuz the tools are so easy to use unlike this editor!

yeah, right, better than nsmb hacking cause it's easier for noobs to be able to make shit kaizo levels with flying bowsers on bowsers on hammer brothers with 20 flying spinies on the ceiling and floor, and hide a star somewhere so the uploader can easily get through it.
Posted on 10-21-15, 09:51 am in request I need some Graphics for my Hack!

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A yellow butt Tileset

I could make that, yeah, sure.
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