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Posted on 07-20-14, 11:43 pm (rev. 1 by  NintroPower on 07-20-14, 11:46 pm)

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My tileset is kinda plain a boring but I don't know to make it look glossy/shade it. Is there a tutorial on how to do this?
Posted on 07-21-14, 12:23 am

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I recommend photoshop or gimp.
I use photohop.
Posted on 07-21-14, 01:44 am

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Download Paint.NET. It's an awesome tool which I make my tilesets from.

Here's one of my tilesets.

Made from Paint.NET. Ignore that line thing on that side

I'll do a tutorial for ya'!

So, get Paint.NET and make a new 16x16 document by Ctrl+N.

You should see a little white square. Zoom in, here's where you are going to draw your tileset. I know it's weird but still it's the max size of NSMB tileset tiles

Draw a little detailed grass outline in a green color on the top of the canvas like this:

Then color the grass in a detailed way, much like this:

Yes, it looks plain. That will be fixed. Click the dropper tool and select the lighter grass. Make the color darker and fill up it's bottom, and fill up the top of the darker grass with an even darker color at the top like this:

Now try detailing the grass a bit, here's mine:

Yay, you're now done with the grass. Now it's time for the dirt!

Select a color which looks like Mario dirt and use the fill bucket to fill all parts other than the grass.

Now, make the parts of the dirt under the grass darker with a little shade (not just one darker color, use 2!), like this:

Then make curvy lines with shades like this:

Shading them is very easy, just use darker colors for bottom and darkish colors for the top.

Then try to put around dark and light (just slightly, though) colors around the non-curvy line dirt, like this:

Congratulations and you have just done your first tile. You can make cool stuff with this

Also, tell me if you want a tutorial on ground edges and walls.
Posted on 07-24-14, 03:23 pm

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Hey man, I Loved that tultorial I didn't Know how to do this in Paint.NET!

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