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Posted on 07-18-13, 07:14 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 18 by  TRS on 05-08-17, 10:53 pm)
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Basically I plan on sticking my rips from NSMBWii and NSMBU here as I make them. If you have one that isn't here, feel free to post it and I'll add it to this post.

I'm too lazy to replace everything individually so instead I made a zip of all of my ripped tilesets. You can find them here:



NSMBU Grassland

NSMBU Underground Condensed

NSMBU Desert

NSMBU Forest


NSMBU Sky - Blue

NSMBU Sky - Orange

NSMBU Sky/Mushrooms Condensed

NSMBU Urchin Shoals


NSMBU Underwater

NSMBU Ghost Ship

NSMBU Spooky Ground

NSLU Rock-Candy Mines Underground

NSMBU Castle

NSMBU Castle - Lava

NSMBWii Grassland (2 palette)

NSMBWii Grassland (4 palette)

NSMBWii Underground

NSMBWii Underground with light bulbs

Light bulbs switch on and off on their own.

NSMBWii Sky/Mushrooms

NSMBWii Forest

NSMBWii Snow

NSMBWii Beta Snow


NSMBWii Icy Underground

NSMBWii Beach

NSMBWii Underwater

NSMBWii Desert

NSMBWii Desert with munchers

NSMBWii Desert Underground

NSMBWii Sewer

NSMBWii Ghost House

NSMBWii Ghost House Outside

NSMBWii Tower

NSMBWii Tower - Lava

NSMBWii Tower 2

NSMBWii Tower 3

NSMBWii Tower - Sky

NSMBWii Tower 1 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 2 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 3 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 4 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 5 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 6 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 7 Battle

NSMBWii Tower 8 Battle

NSMBWii Castle

NSMBWii Castle 2

NSMBWii Castle - Sky

NSMBWii Castle Boss

NSMBWii Airship

NSMBWii Mountain

NSMBWii Mountain

Double randomization

NSMBWii Mountain - Red

Jungle Mountain NSMBWii-style

Double randomization

This one actually doesn't exist in NSMBWii, it's merely a mock-up of the Mountain tileset taken from NSMBWii File Depot.

NSMBWii Volcano

NSMBWii Castle Boss - Lava

NSMBWii Bonus Room

NSMBWii Bonus Room - Variation


NSMBU Castle Background - Top

NSMBWii Underwater Top and Bottom BG

NSMBWii Clouds Bottom Background

NSMBWii Bonus Bottom BG


NSMB2 Styled Whomp Texture

NSMBU Beta Pipes

NSMBWii End-of-level Castle (normal and secret)

(disabled layout for readability)
Posted on 03-22-17, 05:39 pm in Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
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they were not going to change

has that changed

you guys are great
Posted on 04-14-13, 01:42 am in New Super Mario Bros DSi (rev. 1 by  TRS on 04-14-13, 01:42 am)
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Posted by Crist_93
because i want it to be mix of NSMB DS and NSMB Wii (and also NSMB 2 and NSMB Wii U) but only in graphic way.

I'm just gonna come in and say that this seems to be a very common thing among NSMB hacks. I just wanted to make sure you knew, because if I didn't tell you, Mega-Mario would, and he wouldn't be nearly as nice about it.
Posted on 08-11-14, 01:02 am in suggestion Be able to remove +1's
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Posted by py_hacker
A year ago. Um, wow. How did it get forgotten?!

EDIT: Apparently dirbaio was lazy enough to not do it. "I might do it sometime. No Promises though."

Well you might want to try doing it now dirb

You dont even know.

Posted by gridatttack
I support this. I accidentally gave a +1 and I want to undo it...

Giving +1s is a good thing. You should try it sometime.
Posted on 10-25-12, 01:40 am in tutorial How to do multi-palette tilesets! (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:32 am)
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Sorry for the bump (I think, the FAQ doesn't specify how long a bump is and I can't seem to find a rules thread?).

Anyway, I found a way to make multi-palette tilesets like those done in NSMB. Bear with me here, since this method is somewhat hackish.

So for the purpose of this tutorial, I'm going to take my NSMBWii underground tileset and add a whole bunch of colored pipes for absolutely no reason:

Note that this is far more than 256 colors. Now I take that and try to insert it with the editor using the "Insert this bitmap and recreate palette" option. This is the result:

The actual underground tiles look okay, but you can definitely notice the color loss in the pipes. Let's fix that.

To start off, I split the picture into two, like this:

I insert the first picture (the underground tiles) using the first palette using the "Insert this bitmap and recreate palette" option. Export this picture. I repeat this for the second picture (the pipes) with the second palette.

Now this is where the hackish part happens. I used MS Paint (don't close your browser yet) and GIMP for this.

I click on the first palette. This is what I get:

You can kind of see the pipes, but otherwise it's just a huge mess. But that's what I want. I export this picture, then open it up in paint. I also open up the picture with just the underground tileset, then cut and paste the pipes from the first picture to the second. The result looks like this:

Now I go back to the editor, and select the first palette. I reinsert the first picture (the underground tileset) using the "Insert this bitmap with existing palette" option, then I select the second tileset and export that picture:

I open it up in paint, as well as the picture with just the pipes, then cut and paste the underground tileset to the other picture. The result is this:

Now I take the two pictures I made in paint, then stack them on top of each other...

...remove the white...

...then insert it using the "Insert all bitmaps with all palettes [BROKEN]" option.

Then it's done. The result is this:

That is a much better result than if it only used one palette.
Posted on 11-27-12, 05:05 am in I have a life-changing decision to make... (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:34 am)
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So it seems you guys recommend chocolate. Let's see how this goes...

So here I have the ingredients. Even though I found the chocolate syrup, I used the chocolate milk because chocolate. I also have very little vanilla ice cream left, which is unfortunate. My laptop webcam is to blame for the poor picture quality.

All the ingredients are in the blender. I moved my laptop over to get a better angle, and I forgot to remove the cookies and gummy worms from the picture.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished milkshake in the blender, but did remember to take one of the milkshake in a mostly transparent cup.

It's not nearly as thick as I would like, but it's still delicious.
Posted on 12-18-12, 01:54 am in The Race to the 20,000th post.
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The real accomplishment is keeping gridattack from getting a milestone. Seriously, all of the non-gridattack people should be proud.
Posted on 01-19-13, 05:27 am in An NSMB contest on SMWC
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Don't really have an introduction, so I'll just skip straight to it.

A few months ago, a user named TLMB hosted a contest on SMWCentral to make the best Yoshi's Island level. It got entries in the double digits (pretty much unheard of for a contest not hosted by staff), and garnered a lot of attention towards YI hacking. Now, YI was already a popular game to hack there, but apparently it requires multiple tools and a bit of technical knowledge, which was a big barrier to entry.

What I want to is to hold a level design contest for NSMB, on SMWCentral, in order to hopefully draw some attention to this site and get more talented people here. This is how I want to do it:
- First, create a thread just to try to get gauge interest. If I can get a few people interested and it gets approved, I'll go ahead and start the contest thread.
- Write a basic how-to tutorial that covers everything needed to make a simple level. Things like importing graphics may or may not be covered depending on how lazy I am. Link the tutorial and the editor in the first post of the contest thread.
- Advertise with my custom title, signature, on the IRC, and all that.

The reason I'm posting this here is to see if I can get any help, be it in setting up the contest, or drawing more interest, or whatever may be needed. Specifically, I want to know if any of you would be willing to participate in or judge the contest.
Posted on 05-01-13, 05:36 am in A level design contest... with a twist! (rev. 3 by  TRS on 09-24-13, 12:59 am)
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EDIT: Hey, it's over. Have some results.

Hey there everyone.

Another level design contest is up, but there's a twist! This contest is a collaborative effort between NSMBHD and the folks over at SMWCentral!

There is no specific thing you have to base your level around, just make a level! Entries will be accepted both here and at SMWC, and will be judged together for a shot at the same prize pool.

So what are you waiting for? Get over to the submissions thread and join in!
Posted on 06-21-13, 05:27 am in newsuperhackboy's level contest (rev. 2 by  TRS on 06-22-13, 03:17 am)
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Posted on 07-24-14, 10:56 am in fixed Hollow Tile Randomization Glitch? (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:01 am)
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I assume you're using the grassland slot for these graphics?

The problem you seem to be having is that certain tiles in that tileset slot are randomized:

Pretty much, when you use any of the above six squares in an object, instead of loading that specific map16 tile, the game loads a random tile out of the six. The original NSMB used this to randomize the dirt tiles, as shown in the picture.

If the affected tiles are in that space, move them somewhere else (and fix the associated objects and tile behaviors) and you should be good.
Posted on 01-29-15, 04:22 am in hamza62240 (rev. 3 by  TRS on 01-29-15, 11:25 pm)
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EDIT: Okay this is a huge overreaction. If  SnakeBlock is going to be a problem (and I am not saying he will be), the admins will take care of it. The last thing we need is somebody else threatening to leave.

EDIT EDIT: +1s, +1s everywhere
Posted on 01-29-15, 11:24 pm in hamza62240
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Can we not get into this please? That specific issue should have been dropped long ago, by both sides.
Posted on 02-02-15, 02:04 am in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:11 am)
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Hey everyone.  Hiccup sent me .pngs of the NSMBU/NSLU tilesets, so I should be able to rip them easily enough now.

NSMBU Sky - Blue (no mushrooms)

DOWNLOAD HERE. Uses two palettes. Credit to roadrunnerwmc, treeki, and Hiccup.

No mushrooms yet, since like NSMBWii, NSMBU's mushrooms are sprites. They aren't technically part of the tileset, so I'll have to rip them separately myself later.

Fun fact: NSMBU tiles are 64x64, compared to NSMB's 16x16 tiles.
Posted on 02-24-15, 09:20 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:14 am)
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Turns out NSMBU tiles are not 64x64, they're actually 60x60 with garbage around the edge of each tile. That makes it a bit harder. :V

Anyway, here you go:


DOWNLOAD HERE. Uses four palettes. Credit to roadrunnerwmc, treeki, and Hiccup.

NSMBU Sky - Blue

DOWNLOAD HERE. Uses four palettes. Credit to roadrunnerwmc, treeki, and Hiccup.

NSMBU Sky - Orange

DOWNLOAD HERE. Uses four palettes. Credit to roadrunnerwmc, treeki, and Hiccup.
Posted on 12-20-16, 08:06 pm in Theme?
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Anybody interested in doing a contest? It's been forever since we've had one.
Posted on 11-03-12, 11:08 pm in 2-world demo New(er) Something Mario Something (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:33 am)
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No news on 2-1, but I have redone the grassland tileset. Here's what it looked like before:

Here's what it looks like now:

Posted on 11-26-12, 07:07 pm in I have a life-changing decision to make...
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...and I need your help! Tonight I'm going to make a milkshake, but I don't know which flavor ice cream to use. My choices are vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry shortcake (strawberry with pieces of pound cake and some sort of frosting stuff).

Choose wisely. The fate of my evening depends on it.
Posted on 04-14-13, 04:59 am in An NSMB contest on SMWC (rev. 2 by  TRS on 04-17-13, 04:12 am)
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So here's what I've got so far:

- Create an NSMB level. Except for the restrictions listed in this post, anything goes.
- If you choose, you may work with a partner.
- Restrictions:
--- You must edit level 1-1.
--- Your level must include a midway point.
--- Your level must include all three star coins.
--- Your level cannot be Kaizo. (?)
--- You may only submit one entry.
- The following will cause your level to be disqualified:
--- Your level does not meet the restrictions above.
--- Your level is an obvious joke level. (I shouldn't really have to define joke level, right?)
--- Something in your level causes the game to crash. (Note: This should only apply to crashes that are solely the fault of the level designer, and should not apply to general NSMB glitches. This should be reworded.)
--- You are found to be working or have worked with more than one partner. Asking for or providing feedback or beta testing does not count as working with someone.

- Entries will be due two months after the start of the contest, due to C3 (a major site event) and being not SMW.
- There will be three judges: myself, Dirbaio, and one as-of-yet undecided SMWC member.
--- SMWC members can apply to be the third judge by sending in an application, which consists of the potential judge's scoring of a sample level provided in the rules and submissions thread. One judge and one backup judge will be selected this way.
--- NSMBHD members can apply as well, to be considered as backup judge in case Dirbaio is unable to judge.
- Scoring will be done using the following breakdown. Descriptions of each category will be provided in the rules and submissions thread:
--- Level Design: out of 20
--- Appeal: out of 10
--- Functionality: out of 10
- In case of ties for first, second, or third place, the judges as a group will decide which of the tied levels is most deserving of the spot. The chosen level will keep that spot, and the tied level(s) and all entries of lower rank will be moved down a place.
- Judges are not allowed to submit entries, but backup judges are. In the event that a backup judge submits a level, then becomes a judge, that level is immediately disqualified.

- Important resources will be linked in the rules and submissions thread.
--- NSMBe (editor)
--- DeSmuME (emulator)
--- NSMBHD's resource and tutorial forums,
--- A basics tutorial.

- Prizes
--- Monetary prizes will be split $15/10/5/5/5 amongst the top 5 placing entries.
--- Prizes in the form of trophies will be distributed to the top 3 placing entries. (Dirbaio has said that image badges are possible, so this can be done on both sites.)

Definitely discuss things. Nothing is finalized yet.
Posted on 06-30-13, 04:49 am in The best pony (rev. 1 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 02:35 am)
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