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Posted on 05-01-13, 05:36 am (rev. 3 by  TRS on 09-24-13, 12:59 am)
Doesn't actually do anything.

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EDIT: Hey, it's over. Have some results.

Hey there everyone.

Another level design contest is up, but there's a twist! This contest is a collaborative effort between NSMBHD and the folks over at SMWCentral!

There is no specific thing you have to base your level around, just make a level! Entries will be accepted both here and at SMWC, and will be judged together for a shot at the same prize pool.

So what are you waiting for? Get over to the submissions thread and join in!
Posted on 05-06-13, 04:24 pm

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Well, I heard about this on SMWC, so i signed up just to let yall know im partcipating.
Posted on 05-06-13, 05:01 pm

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Cool. I guess I will participate too!
At least I have already a great idea for a Level I am about to make.
Posted on 05-08-13, 09:52 pm

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Also registered because of this. Gotta learn how to use the editor but I'm going in!
Weird, my post layout doesn't seem to work properly for me. Oh well.
Posted on 05-30-13, 11:55 pm
me some orange juice my hand

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I'll make some tileset and participate, too! Let's hope I get a better level this time. With a lot of wall jumps!
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