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Posted on 07-22-16, 06:40 pm
banned for purposefully altering people's posts, among other things. THIS IS A LIE!! oh but he's still banned.

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Posted by xKitten
Ah no, I was referring to Pinet.

Then I fully agree with your previous post here

I'm awesome.
Posted on 07-22-16, 07:08 pm
Banned for being a complete retard.

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Pinet have a incredible flocking vicious to bump old threads with reviews. Nothing bad for a review, and not bad layout but... Old thread! He did the same shit some time ago with Fusion hack, and link me without ask me to my thread.
Posted on 07-22-16, 07:55 pm

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Posted on 07-22-16, 08:02 pm
Banned for being a complete retard.

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I already said I would like to see the gravity blocks in action and don't know if it uses ASM or some event sprites.

Why don't you stop with criticism in your review and find the answer to replicate the gravity blocks? I found no other thread talking about it.
Posted on 07-22-16, 09:08 pm

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Posted on 07-24-16, 03:02 am (rev. 6 by ImageBot on 11-21-16, 03:22 am)

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Creating a Pseudo Gravity Block - for Newbies.

There is no way without using ASM hack to create really Gravity Blocks.
But the user can create a similiar behavior with the sprites in hand.
This post have the objective to give a normal player the opportunity to create an effect which resemble a gravity block showed in post 17076 on this forum, which enchanted a lot of members. Keep in mind this is not the same thing. But the result is very intersting and funny.

At the end of this post, the user can download an example of the level.

You will need:
- Desert Tileset.
- Object Nr. 7 from Basic Jyotyu Tileset (Invisible tile) - optional
- Sprite 48 (Bubbles Up)
- Sprite 49 (Bubbles Down) - optional
- Sprite 277 (Arrow)

Let's Make:
1. Draw a Brown Square
2. Put an Arrow (Sprite 277), choose Up or Down, and set up to Background
3. Put Bubbles (Sprite 48 if Arrow Up, Sprite 49 if Arrow Down)
4. If you want, hide the border of the square, using an Invisible Tile (Basic Object nr. 7)

The results:

The picture 1 show two Pseudo Gravity Blocks.
The first (left), is composed by two small bordered brown squares pointing up. One over the other. The behavior of this assembly makes Mario jump up involuntarily. The player cannot stop the jump unless going out of the structure.

Pic 1: involuntary jump and force-down structure.

The second (right side), still in picture 1, is an optional structure create to push Mario down with more power than normal gravity if the player jumps light. The top of the bubbles are purposely being shown, but the user can hide the bubble sprite, just increasing the size of the Square.

The picture 2 show a bigger structure pointing up. It's composed like first structure, but with more bubbles point up. This structure have a very interesting behavior. When player jump on it, Mario will float.

Pic 2: Floating Structure.

Several structures can be put in a roll to make the sense that Mario is walking on the air through the force of gravity annulment of the structure. Remember, the top of the bubbles are purposely being shown, and the bubble can be hide, just increasing the size of the Square. And you can hide the border of the square, using an Invisible Tile (Basic Object nr. 7).

Here is a video showing the effect of pseudo gravity structures.
Sorry the low-quality (hardware limitations).

NSMB Editor: Pseudo Gravity Blocks

Youtube duration: 75 seconds.

Download the Level Example:

[] -P
Posted on 04-30-18, 08:33 am, deleted by  Arceus
Posted on 05-01-18, 11:46 pm
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since this got bumped anyway I might as well tell you guys the tile behaviour for the gravity tiles that push you down, I found it in another thread:
00 00 00 40
I haven't found the one for the tiles that push you up but it shouldn't be too difficult.
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