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Posted on 08-14-18, 01:13 am
Super Koopa

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Okay, interesting question. Could not help but ponder and get some possible thoughts on this...

First, let's say you added a couple files to the "player" folder of the rom. These 2 files would be duplicates of
completely playable toad that Ray and Freeze made a few years back.

I know it's probably impossible unless you are hardcore with C++ and are very smart, but what if it was ever possible to make MvL a Four Player Multiplayer?

Now here me out, do some C++, add sound effects to the .sdat... and Bam! 4 player game.

The toad's colors would also be retextured to yellow and blue! I'm sure it would be alot more involved then what I am just blurting out right now.

Comments? Thoughts?

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Posted on 08-14-18, 01:42 am (rev. 1 by RicBent on 08-14-18, 08:28 am)

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Redoing the wireless communication alone is pretty much impossible as the documentation for that is pretty much non existent.

Also way too much in the game is hardcoded to work with 2 players. Having to manually patch everything is also not very realistic.

All in all: Not gonna happen.
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Posted on 08-14-18, 02:38 am
Super Koopa

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That's what I thought. I just thought it'd be a fun subject

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Posted on 08-14-18, 02:55 am
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Posted by Skylander
Now here me out, do some C++, add sound effects to the .sdat... and Bam! 4 player game.

you make it sound so simple, makes me want to question you what you think recoding the core game features in C++ really is like.

frankly, this would require layers upon layers of hacky reprogramming.

also. before throwing ideas like four players at once, extra players with custom assets and whatnot, you should aim for a more realistic approach.

multiplayer aside, you first gotta question the idea of duplicating a single of the two players into a new instance.
only later should you try spawning the actor within a two players multiplayer game; and try to make it interact properly, likely breaking the game several times in the process.
Posted on 08-14-18, 09:14 am
W1 out :)

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Besides all the programming / rewriting code aspect, isn't the RAM of the DS way to small to load four players?
When I see it's easy possible to fill the RAM with only one single player level i don't think that four players will be possible due to this hardware restriction.

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Posted on 08-15-18, 12:08 am
That MvL Hacker

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This wouldn't work.

Let's assume we found a way for 4 DS's to connect, and that was found a way to add the correct models and everything, this still isn't possible. The RAM on the DS is too limited, it already struggles enough to load both players and the sprites/levels. While hacking this game mode, if there are more than a handful of sprites in a level, slow down occurs or it just outright crashes.

TL:DR- Not happening anytime soon

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Red Paratroopa
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I think the real issue there is the other way around. Connect 4 ds's wirelessly in a game that is supposed to connect 2 is impossible. But for sure 4 player models by themselves won't crash the game (at least the clones does not, not even in mvl). Maybe it would be possible if someone did something similar to sm64ds multiplayer? allowing 1 ds to control 2 players each with different buttons? and therefore allowing 4 players if 2 systems are connected together?. I don't think anyone will be interested enough to spend their time on something that may or may not work and probably only 4 people will end up using it anyways. I mean, 4 players is cool, but its pretty unnecessary since we already have multiplayer and assigning buttons to a clone and syncing it with the other ds may be impossible or requires a huge amount of work. And i'm not even mentioning custom models here.

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Posted on 08-16-18, 12:27 am
Super Mario
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Why is this on Website talk? Website talk is for meta discussion, about the website itself (bugs, suggestions), not about NSMB.
Posted on 08-16-18, 01:00 am
Super Koopa

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I didn't really think it would fit anywhere else, since that I just wanted to have a conversation about this to see other's thoughts, and I already knew this wasn't going to happen. I posted it here because why post a conversation on a subject in the hacking forums if it ain't going to happen?

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Posted on 08-16-18, 01:31 am
Lantern Ghost
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uh... because the hacking forums are literally made for this kind of discussion? There have been plenty of theoretical/discussion based threads in the General NSMB Hacking and ASM hacking forums in the past.
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Posted on 08-16-18, 01:34 am
Super Koopa

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oh ok. I just didn't want to post something that I already know that's it's not going to happen. I just wanted to talk about this. I apologize for posting it here

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