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Posted on 04-12-17, 09:14 am
Wendy Koopa
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Just copy the necessary files (swar, sbnk, sseq) over a different spot in your sound_data filesystem.
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Posted on 07-08-17, 05:13 pm
Ultimate Weeb

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Is it possible to make Star Coins green?
Posted on 07-08-17, 09:31 pm
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It is. Just edit the texture of the starcoin (/enemy/coin.nsbmd).

Also this isn't quite the correct place to ask that kind of questions.
Go here for small questions:
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Posted on 07-08-17, 11:13 pm
Ultimate Weeb

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Thanks, sorry. I was sort of more requesting the star coin rather than asking about it, my bad on how I worded it. I'll give it a try by myself though
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