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Posted on 07-02-16, 04:09 pm (rev. 6 by  skawo on 05-18-17, 02:27 pm)

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This is a piece of code that I've worked on for both Newer Super Mario Bros. DS and Super Mario: Endless Earth. It's an (and using this word very loosely here) engine for showing customized sequences of images, intended to serve as the opening cutscene, with provisions made for displaying dialogue, playing music, skipping the cutscene, etc. Think something like the staff credits in the original game.

The audio player portion is a version of Dirabio's WavPlayer code from the now-dead NSMBCR:

1. Usage

1. Set up the ASM Hacks template using DevkitARM v41.
2. Copy the "IntroSlide.cpp", "nsmb.h" and "IntroSlide.h" files from /source in the downloaded RAR into the template's /source folder.
3. Put a ROM in the template folder and open it in NSMBe.
4. Insert the code into the ROM by pressing "Run make and insert" on the "Tools/Options" tab in NSMBe.

2. Making your own sound clip:
1. Open a sound file in Audacity
2. If the track is stereo, split it to Mono by opening a drop-down list next to individual track's delete button (top-left corner of the track listing).
3. From that same drop-down list, select "Set rate -> other" and put it at 32768.
4. Input the same rate at the bottom in "Project Rate" field.
5. Go to File->Export audio. Save as type "Other uncompressed types". Click "options" and select "RAW (headerless) as the header and "Signed 8bit PCM" as the encoding. Confirm. You're done.
6. Import this file over any trivial file in the game.

3. Making your own slides:
1. Slides are 256x256, but only the top 256x192 is visible. Essentially, the credits enpgs are precisely the format you should be shooting for. Open a credits enpg and import an image over it, save, export.
2. If you want to put some dialogue over your slides, all the slides you want to display without transitions will have to use the exact same palette.

4. Making the sequence:
There's an example sequence with ample comments in IntroSlide.cpp. Follow that and ask questions here if you get stuck. It is also explained there how to use this for the ending credits.

5. Download

Posted on 07-02-16, 06:26 pm
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Hmm... This is a really nice thing. An idea is using it for thing like M&L: Dream Team
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Posted on 07-02-16, 06:35 pm
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Moreso something like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Great job on the ASM, as always, skawo
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Posted on 07-03-16, 03:33 am
Buzzy Beetle

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Is it possible to make this play between worlds? Like in Super Mario World with there being a World Complete cutscene.
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Posted on 07-03-16, 03:06 pm

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I think it would be possible, yeah.
Posted on 07-04-16, 01:48 am
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Go ahead and put up a video example. It's your work anyhow.
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Posted on 07-06-16, 05:20 am
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Gah, ugly unfinished Worldmap.

Just so everyone knows, that's not the state I intend to leave it in for Endless Earth.
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Posted on 04-02-17, 02:43 am
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I'm sry for the bump, but the dropbox link is dead (404 not found) can you fix that plx
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Sorry for gigantic bump, but I had trouble:
ASM patch error:

IntroSlide.cpp arm-none-eabi-g++ -MMD -MP -MF /c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/build/IntroSlide.d -g -Wall -O2 -march=armv5te -mtune=arm946e-s -fomit-frame-pointer -ffast-math -iquote /c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/include -I/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/libnds/include -I/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/devkitARM/include -I/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/devkitARM/arm-none-eabi/include -I/c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/build -DARM9 -nodefaultlibs -I. -fno-builtin -c -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -c /c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/source/IntroSlide.cpp -o IntroSlide.o linking newcode.elf arm-none-eabi-ld -T /c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/build/../symbols.x -T /c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/build/../linker.x -g -Map -Ttext 0x02192D34 IntroSlide.o -L/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/libnds/lib -L/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/devkitARM/lib -L/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/devkitARM/arm-none-eabi/lib -L/C/Users/user/Desktop/Roms/devkitPro/devkitARM/lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/5.3.0 -lnds9 -lc -o /c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/newcode.elf IntroSlide.o: In function `AS_SetTimer(int)': c:/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/source/IntroSlide.cpp:40: undefined reference to `__aeabi_idiv' make[1]: *** [/c/Users/user/Desktop/Gaming/ASMPatchTemplate-master/newcode.elf] Error 1 rm IntroSlide.o make: *** [build] Error 2 Press any key to continue . . .

Can you help?
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Posted on 04-22-18, 12:08 am

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You know, I was always curious on how ASM hacks were put in NSMB. I thought that you had to download a whole seperate program, but I didn't realize that the option to put in ASM was in NSMBe. Sorry about the non-related post.
Posted on 07-21-19, 09:03 am (rev. 1 by MrModdz on 07-21-19, 10:43 am)
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sorry for MEGA bump but it says you can request help so i fell it's somewhat justified anyway

This hack doesn't work with my rom just causes it to crash so is there an updated one?

EDIT: do we have to add the audio portion .cpp as well as the other intro stuff?
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