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Posted on 07-31-19, 03:44 pm
Fuzz Ball

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Well a lot of us don't have much free time to work on our own hacks. Changing textures of Mario isn't that hard. I've done it. There's a tutorial in the graphics hacking of the forums


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Posted on 08-17-19, 05:58 pm

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could you rip the world 1 world map model for me? You literally do not need to edit anything
Posted on 08-17-19, 07:15 pm
Newbie XD...

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This thread died however I responded you in mine
Posted on 10-06-19, 08:30 am

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Could you create a remixed version of the Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme? I can create the MIDI file for you to just switch the instruments and make it a .sseq file, cause I can make music, just not for .sseq files.
Thanks in advance!
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