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Posted on 11-25-17, 10:02 am
NSMB Hacking is really *intresting*

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I've been waiting for this a long time and you taking your time shows me that when this comes out, it will be amazing!
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Posted on 12-03-17, 09:14 am
Banned for live. This time for real.

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"If I really, really wanted to, the game could even be released today" -Skawo, 28th october 2017, in the description of this video:

Posted on 12-03-17, 09:21 am
That MvL Hacker

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But, alas, it never happened
Here's my MvL Hacking thread

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Shinig stars !

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It comes out soon as you can see here : SORROW LIST

The game is probably 99.99% finished but it remain few bugs to fix.
Just be patient until christmas
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Posted on 12-07-17, 03:10 pm

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Hi everybody!

First thank you for the future NewerSMBDS Hack!!! I've been waiting for it since many years :-)

I'm visually impaired (Low sight) and I'm wondering if this future hack could be opened with NSMBeditor ?

To play I need to change every backgrounds to a black background (black png).

I already did that with all NSMB games and hacks :

NSMBDS : Change every backgrounds with black png thanks to NSBMeditor

NSMBWii : Removing all BG* files and recreate an iso file

NSMBDS2 : Manually change every backgrounds in every zone for every area for every stage (except for some auto-travelling stages/zones) Dit that with CoinKiller

NSMBU : same method as NSMBDS2 but thanks to Miyamoto! editor.

Will it be possible to do that for NewerSMBDS or can one developper or creator (skawo?) create me a build with black bgs as soon as the hack is released ?

Thank you for your comprehension guys ;-)
Posted on 12-07-17, 03:50 pm

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Yes, the game will be possible to open in the editor.
Posted on 12-07-17, 04:07 pm

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Thank you for your fast answer skawo ;-)
Posted on 12-07-17, 07:06 pm

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Hey Skawo! One short fast question:
Are you gonna let everyone edit your hack using it as a "Newer engine" as happened with Newer Wii? You know, with Newer Wii as base people did hacks as RVLution Wii, Newer Falling leaf, Newer summer special...
Or will you take down any hack using the Newer Ds engine?
Posted on 12-07-17, 07:35 pm
Nipper Plant

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No, he'll allow it. He kinda answered that 2 or 3 replies above...
Posted on 12-07-17, 09:54 pm
この記号は… 解読できないよ…

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>take down hacks

yyup. skawo is a dictator working with staple in order to eliminate all hacks using thier precious copyrighted NEWER DS ENGINE

he has the power to nuke any hack on sight.
Posted on 12-08-17, 01:31 am, deleted by  Arceus: pls leave
Posted on 12-08-17, 05:27 am
Nipper Plant

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Please tell me you're kidding.
Posted on 12-10-17, 03:38 pm
Shinig stars !

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Hello !
Will the soundtrack be published as for newer wii ?
My NSMB Hack project is coming soon!
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Posted on 12-11-17, 09:02 pm

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 InfiniteX: Yes.
 dreamydude: Um, what does music importing have to do with this thread?
The Newer Team
Posted on 12-13-17, 12:14 am (rev. 1 by EliGamerX on 12-13-17, 12:17 am)

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According to the Sorrow List, Newer DS is now in testing, with everything else prior to release done!!!
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Posted on 12-13-17, 01:32 pm
Red Koopa

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*Skawo encounters game-breaking bug and has to redo the entire game