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Posted on 04-18-19, 11:36 pm (rev. 1 by oxMeshy on 04-18-19, 11:49 pm)

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Hi, i am Arthur but you can call me Meshy, I am that underaged nerd that is smarter than a 10th grader even tough i am not even in 8th grade... I am a pro designer, artist, amateur scripter and an amateur composer, I hope we can get into this community with my songs and designs on my future Nsmb rom hacks!

I am mostly ironic or sarcastic so be aware of my dark jokes. (Even tought i do not say much)

Romanian that lives in france.
No wonder why this 6th grader has an OK grammar.
(Not gonna say my age, i will just say that I am birth in April)
Posted on 04-19-19, 09:33 am

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Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay
Posted on 04-19-19, 12:36 pm
I like all of you!

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Welcome, oxMeshy!
"Hey guys, do you sometimes wonder what tree does cheese come from?" -Richard Watterson, The Amazing World Of Gumball
Posted on 05-10-19, 06:19 pm

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Hi, my name is P. Nats and, while im not new on NSMBHD, this is the first time I create an account, so yeah. I like desing and Kirby videogames. Lastly, I hope I can finish my currently incredibly undeveloped hack .
Posted on 05-11-19, 10:04 am

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Welcome here. Enjoy your stay
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