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Hi, i am Arthur but you can call me Meshy, I am that underaged nerd that is smarter than a 10th grader even tough i am not even in 8th grade... I am a pro designer, artist, amateur scripter and an amateur composer, I hope we can get into this community with my songs and designs on my future Nsmb rom hacks!

I am mostly ironic or sarcastic so be aware of my dark jokes. (Even tought i do not say much)

Romanian that lives in france.
No wonder why this 6th grader has an OK grammar.
(Not gonna say my age, i will just say that I am birth in April)
Posted on 04-19-19, 09:33 am

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Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay
Posted on 04-19-19, 12:36 pm
I like all of you!

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Welcome, oxMeshy!
"Hey guys, do you sometimes wonder what tree does cheese come from?" -Richard Watterson, The Amazing World Of Gumball
Posted on 05-10-19, 06:19 pm

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Hi, my name is P. Nats and, while im not new on NSMBHD, this is the first time I create an account, so yeah. I like desing and Kirby videogames. Lastly, I hope I can finish my currently incredibly undeveloped hack .
Posted on 05-11-19, 10:04 am

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Welcome here. Enjoy your stay
Posted on 05-29-19, 12:43 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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I'm fairly surprised no one suspected this account in any real way given I kept going on about bus ibérique in 2016

not particularly bothered about being shown the door again, just wanted to pop in and say hi for whatever reason, lol

(also wow, RVL riots were over 3 years ago, time sure does fly)
Posted on 05-29-19, 10:31 pm
Boomerang Brother

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who are you
Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 05-31-19, 06:19 pm
banned for being a pathetic pile of shit. good riddance.

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it begins with Jamie

and ends with whatever I feel like today
Posted on 07-20-19, 08:57 am

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I'm jumbarlaparlamshrok and dississs me.
I hack Mario brush every day and it's fun
I like ds Wii and Wii u hexcking
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The Ultimate Noob (and hardcore Wario fan)

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Hi! I'm CaptainDrewBoy! I love the New Super Mario Bros. games - they're seriously under-rated because of their similarities, but I don't care!
I want to see some cool games in the NSMB engine, and maybe make one of my own!
Posted on 09-20-19, 11:53 am

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Hello people, I'm Red5pizza and I'm new here.
Posted on 09-20-19, 02:31 pm
Hammer Brother

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Welcome Red5pizza! I hope you are having a great day!

New Super Mario Bros. U DS:
Discord Server 1:
Discord Server 2:
Youtube Channel:
Posted on 09-21-19, 03:14 pm

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Hi My Name is Toonn!
I am Joined here because I really liked NSMB Games and specially NSMB DS
I felt like making som hacks or custom graphics to shoare with people!

I Work on my first hack from time to another
Posted on 09-21-19, 05:46 pm

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Welcome here,  Toonn. Enjoy your stay.
Posted on 10-04-19, 04:37 pm

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Hi I'm Rover and I'm new here. I'm a professional MKDS Modder and yeah. Where's the new members thread anyway or is this it?
Posted on 10-05-19, 07:44 am

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Welcome here, enjoy your stay.

And yes, this is where the new members introduce themselves.
Posted on 03-27-20, 08:19 am

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Hi, im a taco aaaaaaaand im a MvsL hacker
Posted on 03-29-20, 11:16 pm
Anyone got any good ideas for a title

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Hi, I'm GreyMask, and I'm relatively new to any type of forum-related community. I joined as I am a beginner NSMB2 hacker, and wanted to hone and express my skills within a community! Can't wait to meet you all!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Anew!
Posted on 03-29-20, 11:31 pm
☭ coffee and cream

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welcome aboard
Kuribo64 - RH-fucking-cafe - Kafuka

Posted on 03-30-20, 11:41 pm

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What's up everybody? For those who don't know me, I'm that Googie. I wanna dabble in the art of making a NSMB hack, I'm confident that you fellas will have my back on this.