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Posted on 05-01-13, 06:21 pm in 24 levels (beta 4) New Super Mario Bros For Super Players (rev. 27 by  MeroMero on 01-20-14, 01:58 pm)
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UPDATE : beta 4 available

Hi everyone, I'm maybe new to this forum but not necessarily in hacking.
Anyway I present my hack, New Super Mario Bros For Super Players (NSMBFSP to make it short).

Why the acronym For Super Players ?
_Well I was in a dire need to find a name for my hack, I knew that the japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 (the real one) got renamed Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels when it got internationally released on Super Mario All-Stars (SMAS), oh crap NSMB The Lost Levels was already taken, hmm...
But then I remembered the japanese version of SMAS (called Super Mario Collection btw), and that SMB2 got renamed Super Mario Bros 2 For Super Players.
You can say that this hack aims to be to NSMB what SMB2 was to SMB (and no NSMB2 doesn't count).

24/80 levels done :

Some screenshots to see the overall look of my hack.

Some videos as well, because why not ?

Hack's features :
_Addition of a 4th pipe color (blue, glitch-free);
_End-of-level castle are now in NSMBWii / post NSMBWii style;
_Grey End-of-level castle for secret exits (with correct behavior to boot);
_Mini-mushroom / Blue shell / Mega-mushroom / Spring spawned from Brick Block;
_Mega-mushroom spawned from Invisible Block;
_Spinning Logs were completely revamped;
_Sprites/Objects that synergize well with each other AND team up well against Mario/Luigi (think for example of a level filled with Scale Platforms and ... Sledge Bros !)

Download patch (EUR, not US)

Initially I wanted to make the hack public only when it would be fully finished, but I eventually realized that I was dragging this for too long so I'm releasing a beta now.
All tilesets and backgrounds in this hack are free for use.

CREDITS (you'll see, I'm NOT good with giving credits):
Dirbaio, Treeki (and everyone who participated / is still participating) for NSMB editor, me for the levels.
Posted on 07-01-16, 03:34 pm in asm Title logo with 256 colors (rev. 5 by  MeroMero on 11-30-16, 01:29 pm)
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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to make a title logo with 256 colors?
Well I sure did, and here it is:

Title logo with 256 colors:
nsub_0200A4D4: B 0x200A4D8 @Disable titlescreen cutscene by Skawo repl_020CDD94_ov_09: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL 0x20099C8 @Load Title Logo on extended palette mode LDR R0, =0x20DB9F4 @Factory for changing the OAM properties of the title logos MOV R1, #0 SUB R1, R1, #1 MOV R2, #0 STR R1, [R0], #4 ADD R2, R2, #1 CMP R2, #0x16 ADDEQ R0, R0, #0x44 ADDEQ R2, R2, #0x11 CMP R2, #0x29 ADDEQ R0, R0, #0x40 ADDEQ R2, R2, #0x10 CMP R2, #0x3D SUBCC PC, PC, #0x2C LDR R0, =0x20DB9F4 ADD R0, R0, #0xA4 MOV R2, #0 MOV R1, #0x2000 CMP R2, #4 ADDGE R1, R1, #0x40 CMP R2, #8 SUBGE R1, R1, #0x28 ADD R1, R1, #0xB8 STR R1, [R0], #8 ADD R2, R2, #1 CMP R2, #8 SUBEQ R0, R0, #0x68 CMP R2, #0xC SUBCC PC, PC, #0x34 LDR R0, =0x20DB9F4 ADD R0, R0, #0xA6 MOV R1, #0x100 ADD R1, R1, #0x71 MOV R2, #0 CMP R2, #4 ADDEQ R1, R1, #0x100 MOV R1, R1, LSL #0x17 MOV R1, R1, LSR #0x17 ORR R1, R1, #0xC000 STRH R1, [R0], #8 ADD R1, R1, #0x40 ADD R2, R2, #1 CMP R2, #8 SUBCC PC, PC, #0x2C LDR R0, =0x20DB9F4 ADD R0, R0, #0x7E MOV R1, #0x100 ADD R1, R1, #0x88 MOV R2, #0 MOV R1, R1, LSL #0x17 MOV R1, R1, LSR #0x17 ORR R1, R1, #0xC000 STRH R1, [R0], #8 ADD R1, R1, #0x40 ADD R2, R2, #1 CMP R2, #4 SUBCC PC, PC, #0x24 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020CDD88_ov_09: LDR R0, =0x20DB9F4 ADD R0, R0, #0xA8 MOV R1, #0 LDR R2, =0x2087710 LDR R2, [R2] MOV R2, R2, LSR #7 STR R2, [R0], #8 ADD R2, R2, #0x20 ADD R1, R1, #1 CMP R1, #8 SUBEQ R0, R0, #0x68 CMP R1, #0xC SUBCC PC, PC, #0x20 LDR R0, =0x778 BX LR

This is best used when the the titlescreen cutscene is disabled.
I could have changed the OAM properties of the other logo but it's much simpler that way.
As always this thread is really useful for those who can't get the ASM-Template working.

Normally I should have covered all the possible bugs, but in the event that a sneaky one managed to get under my radar, here is an alternate solution:
_IF the title screen appears scrambled, delete the 3rd function in the ASM patch (repl_020CDD88_ov_09: and below) and save again the .s file;
_Decompress overlay 9 if not already decompressed and at offset 0xF790 paste the following:

The second solution is bug free, but I'll have it as the main - and only - solution only if the first one happens to be glitchy (which I hope not).

The new OAM properties make the code read the title logo picture as chunks of 64×64 pixels, and there are 16 of them.
This means that only pictures with 65536 pixels are allowed.
I could have used a 256×192 pixels large image but to stay on the safe side I wanted to use an image that would give a total area that can be written as a power of 2:
_which is the case of 65536 (216)
_which is NOT the case of 49152 (or 256×192)

For example let's say you want to use the Beta title logo:

First delimit the 16 parts:

You won't need squares 13 to 16.
Open your image in Photoshop or GIMP.

If you want the logo to appear in the screen exactly as in the original image, follow this advice:
_no matter what the output image must be in a 64×1024 format (64 pixels long and 1024 pixels high).
_realistically only 64×768 will be needed since 64×768 is the same as 256×192, which is the number of pixels of a NDS screen.
This is where you would place each of the 16 parts in this new format:
Remember, each chunk is a 64×64 square.

Save the image and exit you Picture Editing software.

In NSMB Editor:
_go to ROM File Browser > FILESYSTEM > root > ARCHIVE > mg_entry.narc > FILESYSTEM > root > mg_entry and extract d_2d_mgvs_bg_title_ncg.bin.
_this image meets the 2 necessary requirements, it is a 8bpp image AND is 256×256 in size.
_then go to ROM File Browser > FILESYSTEM > root > ARCHIVE > menu_title.narc > FILESYSTEM > root > menu > title and extract UE_title_ncl.bin.
_now go to ROM File Browser > FILESYSTEM > root > uiStudio and import d_2d_mgvs_bg_title_ncg.bin into UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncg.bin and UE_title_ncl.bin into d_2d_UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncl.bin respectively.
Now you can open both d_2d_UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncl.bin and UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncg.bin located in the uiStudio folder.

Before importing your image in the new format, make sure View in 4bpp format is NOT ticked since you actually want to import the image in 8bpp.
Now change Tile Width from 32 to 8, and only then you can import by clicking Import all bitmaps with all palettes and finally Save all.


The video comes from an older version of the mod.

Posted on 07-12-16, 04:21 pm in tutorial Edit world-map icons (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 07-12-16, 07:13 pm)
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Step 1:
Open your NSMB ROM in NSMB editor.

Step 2:
Go to ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> uiStudio.

Step 3:
Before proceeding any further, extract the file UI_O_1P_course_select_u_ncg.bin, you'll see later why you need to do this step.

Step 4:
Double-click on the file UI_O_1P_course_select_o_ud_ncl.bin to open the Palette Viewer.
Tick 16 Color on the bottom-left, and click Add all.

Step 5:
You can close the Palette Viewer, then double-click on UI_O_1P_course_select_u_ncg.bin.

Step 6:
On the 2D Texture Editor window, click on View in 4 bpp format.
Set Tile Width to 24.
Click on Export this bitmap.

Step 7:
Open the image you exported in Step 6 with Photoshop, GIMP or another Image editor.

Step 8:
Now that the image is opened, click Ctrl+A (which is usually the shortcut for Select All) and click Del.
This will completely erase the image, but not the template, which is what we need.

Step 9:
Now fetch your custom World Icons (who must be 32×32 in size, regardless of transparency), and copy them in the image template with the following line-up:
_Duo 1: W1 with W8
_Duo 2: W2 with W6
_Duo 3: W3 with W4
_Duo 4: W5 with W7
Not only that but to ease the workload, group them in such a way that you can delete the 3 other duos in one single selection, something like this for example:

Step 10:
Select duos 2, 3 and 4 and click Del, then Ctrl+S (which is usually the shortcut for Saving)
On NSMB editor, select palette 5, then click on Import this bitmap and recreate palette to import the image you just saved on Photoshop.

Step 11:
Now go back to Photoshop, and click Ctrl+Alt+Z (which should Undo the last action).
Repeat step 11 but with duos 1, 3 and 4 this time.
Then once you're done you will have to repeat this operation twice more, for duos 1, 2 and 4 and for duos 1, 2 and 3.
When you import the remaining duo, keep in mind the palettes you want to overwrite:
_Duo 1: palette 5
_Duo 2: palette 4
_Duo 3: palette 6
_Duo 4: palette 7

Step 12:
You can click Save all and exit the Tilemap Editor.
Go to file UI_O_1P_course_select_u_ncg.bin and click replace to re-import the file you extracted in step 3.

Step 13:
Repeat Step 4.

Step 14:
You can close the Palette Viewer, then double-click on UI_O_1P_course_select_d_nce.bncd.

Step 15:
Click on View in 4 bpp format.

Step 16:
Now locate each of the World Icons, and click Import this bitmap with existing palette, as a reminder:
_W1: palette 5
_W2: palette 4
_W3: palette 6
_W4: palette 6
_W5: palette 7
_W6: palette 4
_W7: palette 7
_W8: palette 5

Step 17:
Click Save all and exit the Tilemap Editor.

Step 18:
In DeSmuMe:

The World Icons from  Ultraboy are used only as examples.
Posted on 03-31-15, 09:21 pm in index NSMBdex of useful things for hacking (rev. 12 by  MeroMero on 07-01-16, 08:30 pm)
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What the title says.

The goal of this table is to minimize as much as possible the likeliest questions to be asked about NSMB hacking.
Also it is a good opportunity to clean the dust about tutorials that have been long since forgotten.

How to use NSMBeditorGarmichael
ASM hacks galore skawo
Adding files to the ROM skawo
Background 1 : background tiler Dirbaio
Background 2 : name table MeroMero
Background 3 : animate backgrounds Dirbaio
Background 4 : fix BG 36 MeroMero
Background 5 : fix BG 51 MeroMero
Background 6 : Tile properly FG 8Wesley
Challenge mode : change levels' values MeroMero
Change jyotyu palette Freeze
Class ID 1 : hierarchy tree Dirbaio
Class ID 2 : change a sprite's class IDLeWario
Class ID 3 : unused classes ID data Hiccup
Collision Info ViewerNinjifox
"File is already being edited" fixThierry
Level design 1 : How to make good levels ray
Level design 2 : Wrap-around MeroMero
Load any area v1Matrako
Load any area v2 MeroMero
Lock your ROM Dirbaio
Mario VS Luigi hacking guide ray
Mario VS Luigi mode on flashcards Dirbaio
Multi palettes 1 : tilesets Dirbaio
Multi palettes 2 : jyotyu MeroMero
Multi palettes 3 : backgrounds MarioFanatic64
Music 1 : import musicOrengefox from Jul
 Dirbaio by proxy
Music 2 : sound set list MeroMero
Music 3 : edit sound sets skawo
Music 4 : custom 'bahps' skawo
Music 5 : bosses' themes MeroMero
Music 6 : resize looped SWAVs skawo
Setup an ASM hack Dirbaio
Title screen 1 : puzzle solverRicBent
Title screen 2 : edit boot screen skawo
Title screen 3 : 256 colors logo MeroMero
Useful softwaresthereturnofdoritosxD
Worldmap editor v1 ray
Worldmap editor v2RicBent
Worldmap Info ray
Xdelta patchesthereturnofdoritosxD

If there's something else useful to add, feel free to point it out, we ideally want this list to be as complete as possible.

I also give my thanks to  gridatttack for accepting to sticky this thread.
Posted on 03-02-16, 11:31 pm in guide Tilesets and backgrounds name table (rev. 3 by  MeroMero on 03-03-16, 07:56 pm)
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This table here will allow you to find quickly which slot hosts which background or tileset, use it wisely.
The files listed in this table all begin with d_2d_ and are located either in BG_ncg folder (for the graphics) or BG_ncl folder (for the palettes).

¹ It should be I_M_back_chika2 for Background 36, look at this thread to fix this.
² It should be W_M_back_jungle2 for Background 51, look at this thread to fix this.
Posted on 07-05-16, 10:09 pm in download ASM Hacks ready for importing (rev. 8 by  MeroMero on 08-30-16, 10:04 pm)
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Oh that? This is the result of a PM conversation.
Simply put you can say that this is a portable ASM-Template!
How to use?
Just copy the source folder directly in the ASMPatchTemplate-Master folder, and you're ready to import all those ASM Hacks in your game.
As a bonus there is a xDelta patch in there too, so that you can then export all the files below to your hacked ROM.
Some files are necessary to get due to some of those ASM patches (those in red).

The archive also comes with xdeltaUI, as well as a modified version of NSMBe with 3 new elements:
  • Sprite 93 data was optimized for easy customization.
  • NSMBe now opens bncd files in 8 bpp mode by default, also Tile Count was doubled to allow you to import any icon in bncd files with the right amount of tiles
  • ASM patcher handles 2 new methods:
    • xrpl: which replace the 4 bytes on where you hook the code into a BLX instruction
    • lrpl: which replace the 6 bytes on where you hook the code into a PUSH LR followed by a BLX instruction, which is only needed in case you want to modify a part of THUMB code that uses the BX LR return method

The xDelta patch (US version), once applied, will modify:
  • the jyotyu tileset and first palette
  • the subnohara tileset

as well as the following files:
  • d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_B_ncl.bin
  • d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_R_ncl.bin
  • d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_W_ncl.bin
  • d_2d_TEN_A_J_jyotyu_ncg.bin
  • I_score_l_ncg.bin
  • A_block_hahen_ncg.bin
  • A_block_ncg.bin
  • A_tikuwa_block_ncg.bin
  • I_kakushitobira_ncg.bin
  • I_minigame_block_ncg.bin
  • W_tobira.nsbmd
  • gorem_body.nsbmd
  • gorem_head.nsbmd
  • gorem_head1.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_block.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_normal.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_normal2.nsbmd
  • I_hatena_pata.nsbmd
  • pata_block.nsbmd
  • puyo_lift.nsbtx
  • all_goal_flag.nsbmd
  • all_goal_flagR.nsbmd
  • obj_goal_flag.nsbmd
  • obj_goal_flagR.nsbmd
  • w4_move.nsbca
  • I_hashira_l.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_ld.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_lu.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_r.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_rd.nsbtx
  • I_hashira_ru.nsbtx
  • I_toride1.nsbtx
  • I_toride2.nsbtx
  • I_toride3.nsbtx
  • I_toride4.nsbtx
  • I_toride5.nsbtx
  • I_toride6.nsbtx
  • I_toride7.nsbtx
  • I_toride8.nsbtx
  • I_toride9.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_4.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_5.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_6.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_7.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_8.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_9.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_10.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_11.nsbtx
  • I_toride2_12.nsbtx
  • d_2d_UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncl.bin
  • UI_O_1P_course_select_d.nce.bncd
  • UI_O_1P_course_select_o_ud_ncl.bin
  • UI_O_1P_course_select_u.ncg.bin
  • UI_O_menu_title_logo_o_u_ncg.bin

It will also add 3 new folders!
  • visual_course
    • 000_dummy.bin
    • and 2220 other files, 12 for each of the 185 areas

  • volume_hatena
    • I_hatena_normal.nsbmd
    • I_hatena_normalB.nsbmd
    • I_hatena_normalR.nsbmd
    • I_hatena_normalW.nsbmd
    • pata_block.nsbmd
    • pata_blockB.nsbmd
    • pata_blockR.nsbmd
    • pata_blockW.nsbmd
    • puyo_lift.nsbtx
    • puyo_liftB.nsbtx
    • puyo_liftR.nsbtx
    • puyo_liftW.nsbtx

  • visual_course
    • 10 Signboards, 1 Pipe joint, and 32 Pipes

Are present in the source folder:
  • Dedicated graphics per Area (areatileset.s)
  • Dedicated graphics per View (areareload.s)
  • Improved SubNohara tileset (subnoharaV2.s)
  • Improved Title Logo (titlelogo256.s)
  • Improved Worldmap icons (mapicons.s)
  • Improved Blue Shell (blueshell.s)
  • Improved score graphics (scoreV2.s)
  • Improved Jyotyu Blocks + Blockhopper camouflage (jyotyusuper.s)
  • Improved Snake Blocks + Ice Snake Blocks (snakeblocksV2.s)
  • Improved behavior for clones + possibility of cloning Luigi (clone.s)
  • Improved Red Coins Ring (redringV2.s)
  • Improved item selection for Red Coins (redcoinsV2.s)
  • NSLU Luigi physics (luigiphysics.s)
  • Fixed pipes (pipefix.s)
  • Fixed Mini-Mario under low gravity (minigravity.s)
  • Fixed Springboard glitches (springboardfix.s)
  • Fixed Big Swooper hitbox (swooperfix.s)
  • Fixed Balloon Boo hitbox in Boo mode (balloonboofix.s)
  • Fixed Starman lack of hitbox on Ground-Pound (starmanfix.s)
  • Fixed Bouncing Bricks (bouncingbricksfix.s)
  • Mini-Mushroom can pass on small gaps (minimushroomfix.s)
  • Buzzy Beetle and Spiny can't pass on small gaps (spinybeetlefix.s)
  • Fixed momentum loss on edge corner (edgegrabV2.s by Powerline)
  • Water, Lava and Poison Water behave correctly on lowering (liquidfix.s)
  • Star Coins are worth 4000 points (starcoin4000.s)
  • Star Coins are collected faster (starcoinfast.s)
  • No freeze (nofreeze.s)
  • Choose when to freeze the timer for any given View (freezetimer.s)
  • Freeze timer while Event ID 40 is active (timestop.s)
  • Signboards and Pipes on highest layer priority (signboardupgrade.s)
  • Choose which Actors not to kill on level completion (levelendkillerchooser.s)

All the contents present in the "source" folder must be put in the eponymous folder in the ASMPatchTemplate-Master.

First apply the xDelta patch with xDelta UI, no questions asked, and only then you can do a "Run 'make' and insert" with NSMB editor to import the ASM hacks you want.
Note that the source folder must contain the file named "nsmb.h" that you should already have if you use the ASM-Template to begin with.
Also the ASM hacks in red MUST be present due to some necessary files being modified by the xDelta patch.

For obvious reasons, the xDelta patch must be applied on a clean ROM.
But if you wanted to apply the modified files on a heavily modified ROM, then just patch a clean ROM and export all the necessary files to your modded ROM.

For the beginners: if for some reason you can't "Run clean" or "Run make and insert" with NSMB editor even after having installed DevkitPro, open the Makefile in Notepad(++) and go to line 79 to delete -lgcc, then it should work cleanly.

NEW: If you want all 31 ASM Hacks, good news! There's also a xDelta patch that comes with all the mods incorporated in the source folder!

Oh and before you ask, all of those hacks were tested on a NDS Lite!

Now you can go crazy!
Posted on 09-14-13, 03:19 pm in Sound set list (rev. 6 by  MeroMero on 02-03-16, 01:56 pm)
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This is the sound set list.
Are only listed the sound sets who can handle at least groups 0 and 1 sounds.
Note 1 : sound set 6 should only be used in VS mode.
Note 2 : if the playing music use too much channels, some sounds may be scrapped (which is what happens with sound set 42(2A) for example, both spiked balls and castle sounds play with the Tower theme but spiked balls become mute with the Castle and Overworld themes).

The names as well as the order of the groups are only suggestive.

GroupNameSprites / Other sounds
0OverworldMajority of Mario and Luigi sounds / Lose a life / Pipes / Every sprite not listed in any other group
1Flag32 / 131 / 132
2Pipe Cannon189 + Ledges
3Door42 / 43 / 76 / 142 / 173 / 233 / 256 / 279 / 282 / 292 + Doors / Ropes / Vines / Switches
4Final Boss DoorTileset 45 Door
5Castle36 / 53 / 56 / 64 / 114 / 118 / 193 / 194 / 209 / 260 / 261 / 262 / 263 / 299 / 304 / 307 / 308 / 309 + Stunned / Zapped / Fall in lava
6Fence85 / 223 / 224 + Fences
7Artillery27 / 28 / 55 / 241 / 252
8Spiked Ball102 / 115
9Scuttlebug226 / 227 / 285
12Lakitu40 / 183
14Spooky38 / 94 / 146 / 237 / 248 / 284 / 300
15Underwater48 / 49 / 50 / 51 / 92 / 105 / 113 / 251
16Snow272 / 273 / 274
18Flame Chomp205
19Swelling Tube245
20Bowser Jr.220
21Boss Activator29 / 39
22Mummy Pokey295
23Cheep Skipper65
24Mega Goomba21
25Petey Piranha229
26Monty Tank30
28Bowser58 / 62 / 63
29Final Boss35
30World Cannon128
31Toad House301 / 302

Sound Sets / Groups012345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Note that some sounds may still not be ranked, but hopefully the sound set list will come one step closer to being completed.
Posted on 07-28-14, 11:40 am in tutorial Restoring bottom background in slot 36 (rev. 2 by  MeroMero on 07-29-14, 10:50 am)
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Restoring the stalactites background

Step 1 : Open the NSMB-Editor

Step 2 : Go into "ROM File Browser" tab and look at overlay9_0.bin size:

If it's over 200,000 bytes, proceed directly to step 6.
Else if it's only around 120,000 bytes, then :

Step 3 : Go into "Tilesets" tab and open Tileset 0 (Jyotyu) :

Step 4 : Save without modifying anything and close the Tileset tab :

What you just did here is decompressing the overlay9_0.bin so that it's over 200,000 bytes.

Step 5 : Now you can go back to "ROM File Browser".

Step 6 : Open overlay9_0.bin with the Hex editor :

Step 7 : Go to the following offset :
0×30E04 (US) 0×30204 (JP) 0×30618 (EU) 0×302C4 (KS) 0×302C4 (CH)

Step 8 : Now change :
6A 00 06 C1 into 69 00 00 00 for non-European versions;
B5 00 06 C1 into B4 00 00 00 for European versions.
(It seems that changing 00 06 C1 into 00 00 00 doesn't yield any noticeable changes though.)

Step 9 : Save and Exit the Hex Editor.

Step 10 : Close NSMB-Editor so that the changes are registered and open it again.

Step 11 : Now go to "Backgrounds" tab and open BOTTOM 36 :

And voilà ! You just restored the Stalactites background.

Explanation : The bottom background on slot 36 used the right ncl but the wrong ncg (precisely the same as the background on slot 35), hence its broken appearence.
What you did is replacing the ncg loaded for that slot (d_2d_I_M_back_chika2_ncg.bin instead of d_2d_I_M_back_chika3_ncg.bin) so that bottom background 36 is loaded correctly.
But there's a catch, for whatever tileset you're using, make sure that the 6th row of said tileset is completely empty, like this :

otherwise the background will glitch and you'll be better off using another background.

EDIT : You can do it on Chinese versions too, but you'll have to use an older revision to decompress the overlay9_0 using the "Decompress overlay" button (I used revision b356).
Posted on 04-20-15, 05:44 pm in Misc. patches thread (rev. 8 by  MeroMero on 04-20-15, 08:30 pm)
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Here are the overlays for those who want them:

Stop timer:
overlay 0

Always play as Luigi:
overlay 9

Don't switch screen even if entrance set to (imperfect)
overlay 54 (first one)
overlay 10 (second one)

Disable challenge mode:
overlay 8 (both)

Change the amount of fireballs Bowser Jr. can withstand from 8 to 18 (NSMBW style)
overlay 28

Make groundpounds deal the same amount of damage as normal jumps to Bowser Jr. (partial)
overlay 28

Change what world Mario will be sent to upon clearing a castle:
overlay 8

This is an update about the world progression:

Overlay 8

FunctionLengthUS offsetsEU offsets
Route upon clearing W1 Castle1 byte0×1FF80×1F0C
Route upon clearing W2 Castle1 byte0×20040×1F18
Alternate route upon clearing W2 Castle1 byte0×20080×1F1C
Route upon clearing W3 Castle1 byte0×20100×1F24
Route upon clearing W4 Castle1 byte0×20180×1F2C
Route upon clearing W5 Castle1 byte0×20240×1F38
Alternate route upon clearing W5 Castle1 byte0×20280×1F3C
Route upon clearing W6 Castle1 byte0×20300×1F44
Route upon clearing W7 Castle1 byte0×20380×1F4C
Power-up required for W2 Castle alternate route1 byte0×20000×1F14
Power-up required for W5 Castle alternate route1 byte0×20200×1F34


Normal Mario00
Super Mario01
Fire Mario02
Mega Mario03Useless
Mini Mario04
Shell Mario05
Posted on 07-14-16, 08:16 pm in asm Each Area has its own graphics (rev. 2 by  MeroMero on 07-16-16, 04:42 pm)
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Are you always fearing that you might be short of slots for tilesets, or backgrounds?
Have you ever wanted to be able to have quicksand no matter the tileset?
Then you knocked at the right door! Here comes my NSMB masterpiece!

Download on this post to centralize all the updates in one post should the link be updated again!

Apply the NSMB (U) Tileset.xdelta to get all the latest improvements made to the game!

You probably won't need it anyways, but for good measure here is the ASM Hack that allows me to do this:

Dedicated Tilesets and Backgrounds per Area, NSMB U Style:
repl_020AF9C4_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BD088_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #1 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020B84EC_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder2 ADD R2, R0, #2 LDR R0, =0x7A5 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020B8518_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder2 ADD R0, R0, #2 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BCFF4_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #3 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BCC78_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #4 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BCD4C_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #5 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BCCE8_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #6 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BC904_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder2 ADD R8, R0, #7 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BCA50_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder2 ADD R8, R0, #8 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020BB9B0_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #9 LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020B3A60_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder2 ADD R0, R0, #0xA LDMFD SP!, {PC} repl_020B3A3C_ov_00: STMFD SP!, {LR} BL .VisualCourseFolder ADD R0, R0, #0xB LDMFD SP!, {PC} .VisualCourseFolder: STMFD SP!, {LR} LDR R1, =0x2085A94 LDRH R1, [R1] MOV R0, #0xC MUL R1, R0, R1 LDR R0, =0x7A6 ADD R0, R0, R1 LDR R1, =0x7A5 LDMFD SP!, {PC} .VisualCourseFolder2: STMFD SP!, {R1, LR} LDR R1, =0x2085A94 LDRH R1, [R1] MOV R0, #0xC MUL R1, R0, R1 LDR R0, =0x7A6 ADD R0, R0, R1 LDMFD SP!, {R1, PC}

What does this do concretely?
Basically you'll be able to have 1 tileset, foreground and background per Area.
There are 12 files per Area, times 185 for a total of 2220 files!
Those are the 12 files for each Area:
  • xxx_chk
  • xxx_BG_ncg
  • xxx_TEN_ncg
  • xxx_tikei_ncg
  • xxx_back_ncl
  • xxx_free_ncl
  • xxx_tikei_ncl
  • xxx_back_nsc
  • xxx_free_nsc
  • xxx_pnl
  • xxx_unt
  • xxx_unt_hd

xxx being the Area Number beginning with 001.

This is not much but I made the extra effort to port all the original Tileset/BGs used in each of the 185 Areas so that you can still play the base game.
Also this Hack uses and abuses the Tile-Share method, in fact the BG .ncg is the same for both FG and BG!
All in all this means you can let your creativity explode, since you're not confined anymore by restrictions.

Does this means that those 3 parameters are now useless?

NO! All 3 of them are still useful:
The Tileset allows you to load the textures (or Conveyor Belts) for Tileset Numbers who allows them.
The Foreground allows you to load the extra animations (TEN).
The Background allows you to choose the Jyotyu palette, as well as whether or not you want to load the Boss music on Level Start.
FG/BG animations are still tied to the FG/BG Slot Number!

On a side note:
This will finally allow me to properly answer this:
Posted by skawo
That's interesting, but it doesn't seem to happen in the US version? I didn't leave my first added file empty and it's quite happily loading.

LDR R1, =0x7A5

See this thing right there, which is present several times in the original code, is the reason file ID 2088 must be a dummy.
Posted on 08-01-16, 10:22 am in Misc. patches thread
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The code loads after the Level Intro.

NSLU physics for Luigi:
repl_0215EAD4_ov_36: STMFD SP!, {R2-R9, LR} MOV R0, R5, LSL R9 LDR R2, =0x2085A50 LDRB R2, [R2] LDR R3, =0x212E2D8 CMP R2, #1 LDRNE R4, =0x3A80 MOVNE R5, #0x90 MOVNE R6, #0xB0 MOVNE R7, #0x80 MOVNE R8, #0x60 MOVNE R9, #0x180 LDREQ R4, =0x4080 MOVEQ R5, #0x60 MOVEQ R6, #0x78 MOVEQ R7, #0x54 MOVEQ R8, #0x40 MOVEQ R9, #0x100 STR R4, [R3] STR R4, [R3, #0x40] STR R4, [R3, #0x80] STR R5, [R3, #0xE0] STR R5, [R3, #0x100] STR R6, [R3, #0xE4] STR R6, [R3, #0x104] STR R7, [R3, #0xE8] STR R7, [R3, #0x108] STR R8, [R3, #0xEC] STR R8, [R3, #0x10C] STR R9, [R3, #0xFC] LDMFD SP!, {R2-R9, PC}

Posted on 12-22-14, 08:39 pm in Outer Super Mario Bros: OSMB
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Arceus used Sarcasm Judgment !
It's super effective !
Newsuperhackboys died fainted !
Arceus gains 606 Exp. points.
Posted on 07-04-16, 08:00 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 2 by  MeroMero on 07-09-16, 01:31 pm)
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NSMBWii Jyotyu tileset is a recurring request by folks there, so wait no longer and grab all the necessary files below!

NSMBWii Jyotyu tileset!


NSMB editor -> Tilesets -> Tileset 0 (Jyotyu) and click Import to import this file:

You will also need to import the palettes separately since the .nmt will only update the default jyotyu palette:

NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> BG_ncl -> d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_B_ncl.bin
NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> BG_ncl -> d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_ncl.bin
NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> BG_ncl -> d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_R_ncl.bin
NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> BG_ncl -> d_2d_A_J_jyotyu_W_ncl.bin

Animated blocks

NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> BG_ncg -> d_2d_TEN_A_J_jyotyu_ncg.bin

Animated blocks when being pressed from below

NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> obj -> A_block_ncg.bin

Broken blocks

NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> obj -> A_block_hahen_ncg.bin

1-up game blocks

NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> obj -> I_minigame_block_ncg.bin

You will also need to import the Donut Lift and the Door since those are present in the Jyotyu tileset:
Donut Lift

NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> obj -> A_tikuwa_block_ncg.bin


NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> enemy -> W_tobira.nsbmd
NSMB editor -> ROM File Browser -> FILESYSTEM -> root -> obj -> I_kakushitobira_ncg.bin

Have fun

IMPORTANT: go there for the second and final part!
Warning: ASM required!
Posted on 07-05-16, 01:06 pm in asm Improved score graphics with custom colors for Luigi (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 07-05-16, 01:10 pm)
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Another ASM Hack ?!
This one will allow you to double the area used for the score graphics with the exception of the 1-up whose area is used as a base for the other graphics to take from.
Also Luigi now has its own set of colors, as seen in the image below:

Download: I_score_l_ncg.bin

Note that if you don't like those score graphics, you can always change them yourself.

Improved score graphics:
repl_020D8D0C_ov_08: LDRB R2, [R0] LDR R0, =0x216F8E8 LDRH R1, [R0, #4] ANDS R1, R1, #0x100 ADDNE PC, PC, #0x8C LDR R1, [R0] STR R1, [R0, #-0xC0] STR R1, [R0, #0x28] STR R1, [R0, #-0x80] STR R1, [R0, #-0x28] STR R1, [R0, #-0x158] STR R1, [R0, #0x20] STR R1, [R0, #-0x70] STR R1, [R0, #-0xF8] STR R1, [R0, #-0x170] ADD R0, R0, #4 MOV R1, #0 SUB R1, R1, #0x10000 ADD R1, #0x1000 CMP R2, #1 ADDEQ R1, #0x2000 STR R1, [R0, #-0xC0] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #0x28] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #-0x80] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #-0x28] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #-0x158] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #0x20] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #-0x70] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #-0xF8] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0] ADD R1, R1, #2 STR R1, [R0, #-0x170] BX LR ADD R0, R0, #5 LDRB R1, [R0] AND R1, R1, #0x1F CMP R2, #1 ADDEQ R1, R1, #0x20 STRB R1, [R0, #-0xC0] STRB R1, [R0, #0x28] STRB R1, [R0, #-0x80] STRB R1, [R0, #-0x28] STRB R1, [R0, #-0x158] STRB R1, [R0, #0x20] STRB R1, [R0, #-0x70] STRB R1, [R0, #-0xF8] STRB R1, [R0] STRB R1, [R0, #-0x170] BX LR

Posted on 05-13-13, 08:51 pm in suggestion Visual representation of sprites 84 and 245 (rev. 6 by  MeroMero on 10-07-13, 03:53 pm)
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Suggestion in the title already.

I know I may come as arrogant to ask you something like this because I'm a new member but it would be really neat if you could implement this (especially for the zoom since it is one of the most difficult sprite to understand and manipulate imo).

Anyway I will share my finds.

NOTE : All the units used here are in tiles (as a reminder 1 tile = 16 pixels).

Sprite 245 first.

Pretty easy here, the pump's position as well as its movement range are simplified by a 1x1 square (position) and a 16x16 square (range).

(nybble 7=0, nybble 9=0) The black 1x1 square can take any of the 256 positions within that white 16x16 square.
(nybble 7=1, nybble 9=0) The red 1x1 square can take any of the 256 positions within that red 16x16 square.
(nybble 7=0, nybble 9=1) The green 1x1 square can take any of the 256 positions within that green 16x16 square.
(nybble 7=1, nybble 9=1) The blue 1x1 square can take any of the 256 positions within that blue 16x16 square.

Here the 4 mini-squares have both nybbles 8 and 10 at 0, of course changing the nybble 8 will place those squares higher and the 10 will place them farther on the right.

That's it for this sprite.

Now onto the sprite 84 (the more complicated one).

x=nybble 6
y=nybble 7
z=nybble 10\2 (yes \2 and not /2)

In-depth analysis :

The active range (highlighted here in red and green) is always a zone whose equivalent area can be calculated by the following formula; 2y*(x-z).
Exceptions :
_if x=0 then the active range will have an "infinite" width;
_if y=0 then the active range will have an "infinite" height;
_if both are 0 then the active range will have both an "infinite" width and height;
_and if somehow z>=x with x!=0, then congratulations you got yourself a useless sprite since the resulting zone will be 0 tile² and thus the zoom will never activate.

Notice that the only case where you can manipulate the zoom while being under the sprite is when the y setting is 0, otherwise the zone is ALWAYS above the horizontal axis.

Red zone will always be left to the vertical axis.
Green zone will always be right to the vertical axis (it's actually no more no less than the flipped image of the red zone).
Entering the red zone will trigger the zoom left (nybbles 8-9).
Entering the green zone will trigger the zoom right (nybbles 10-11).
Red and green zones can't overlap (due to their symmetrical natures) and at most they may have 1 common boundary, and that's if z=0 (the rightmost part of the red zone with the leftmost part of the green zone).

When entering an area, if a sprite 84 is present, it will be in a dormant state so to activate it you MUST enter in the red zone.

The zoom will only works if Mario is in the zone AND if he is close enough to the sprite, even if the range is set to have an "infinite" width and/or height.

Zoom (left and right) can be any value between 0 and 255, doesn't matter since a modulo 32 is applied to the result afterwards (well it technically still matters for the zoom right due to that z-value at nybble 10).
By default the camera's zoom-setting is always 16, regardless of the presence or not of the sprite 84.
The zoom value is actually the width (in tiles) rendered by the camera.
Width:height ratio is always 4:3 so it means that to keep the best results it is recommended (though not mandatory) to fill both zoom values with numbers divisible by 4.

As said earlier you can put any value between 0 and 255 inclusive but bear in mind that there are 3 limiations outside of the modulo 32:
_if zoom%32<8 then the result is rounded up to 8;
_if zoom%32>24 then the result is rounded down to 24;
_and if zoom%32=0 then the camera will use the last non-zero zoom-setting.

I though it would be smarter to make a topic rather than explain all of this in the sprite database since this sprite is definitely a pain in the ass if you don't know how it works, and I myself think having a visual of that sprite would be beneficial for everyone.
With all this new information, we can now achieve somewhat cool zooming-out effects like in NSMBU's Tilted Tunnel.

And done.

I hope that the data came as transparent as possible, let me know if something didn't came accross as clear.
Posted on 11-06-14, 08:27 pm in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles
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Hmm… might as well upload my rips as well
They contain some customizations, but I don't think that's enough to warrant another thread.

NSMBWii End-of-level Castle (normal and secret)


Rar file contains the .nmt, 4 files (goal_flag) to put in the enemy folder and 21 files (I_toride) to put in the polygon_unit folder.

NSMBWii Desert with munchers


Rar file contains the .nmt + 4 files to put in the polygon_unit folder.

NSMBWii Underground with light bulbs

Light bulbs switch on and off on their own.



NSMBWii Beta Snow


Beta snow.rar
Rar file contains the .nmt + 3 files to put in the enemy folder.

NSMBWii Mountain

Double randomization



Jungle Mountain NSMBWii-style

Double randomization

This one actually doesn't exist in NSMBWii, it's merely a mock-up of the Mountain tileset taken from NSMBWii File Depot.

Jungle mountain.nmt
Posted on 11-24-14, 09:04 am in Mute boss music : explanation (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 11-24-14, 09:06 am)
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Posted by MarioFanatic64
I think there's just a weird problem with modified ROMs and boss music.

I haven't even touched the boss rooms in Hack #4 and half of them are still left without music, including the final boss.

 MarioFanatic64's quote summarize the recurring problem quite well, it's something that seems to cause a lot of trouble for hackers.
The source of the problem lies in the bottom background who is loaded when you access the level (be it at the beginning or at the checkpoint).
Here is the list of the 12 compatible bottom background's slots who allow you to load the bosses themes:
1 39 41 45 47 49 55 58 61 62 63 65

The boss theme will play if the first loaded area has a compatible bottom background.
The first loaded area is the area where Mario/Luigi spawns when the level is loaded, so either area 1 or the area where the checkpoint is located.

The check is done on the bottom background's tileset only.
There's no restriction for the bottom background's palette.
Posted on 04-26-15, 03:36 pm in Misc. patches thread (rev. 1 by  MeroMero on 04-26-15, 04:06 pm)
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I present you the damage table for the Bosses.
It was skawo's idea, and already did begin the work with Bowser Jr.
Also the table have some empty cells because trying to use rowspan on more than 1 row break the table on this site.

BossOverlayHPIncrementationData typeWeaponDefault damageUS offsetsEU offsetsDefault data
(Final) Bowser Jr.28144+ByteFireball160×43340×416010
(Dry) Bowser
Final Bowser
Blue Shell counter
Blue Shell ((Dry) Bowser)30×82040×7E2003
Blue Shell (Final Bowser)100×81F80×7E100A
Blue Shell counter10×82180×7E3401
Blue Shell500×2F540×2CC032
Cheep Skipper1890+ByteFireball100×23A80×22240A
Blue Shell300×22B80×213C1E
Mega Goomba14270+ByteFireball100×262C0×23BC0A
Blue Shell900×23740×21305A
Petey Piranha1590+ByteFireball100×42E80×41300A
Mini-Pound (Head)300×390C0×37501E
Stomp (Lower body)
Blue Shell (Head)
Blue Shell (Lower body)300×40080×3E341E
Ground-Pound (Head)600×38B80×36FC3C
Ground-Pound (Lower body)600×3D540×3B8C3C
Monty Tank1912288+WordFireball15360×14900×132C06 1C
Mini-Pound40960×157C0×140401 1A
Blue Shell40960×F780×E8C01 1A
Ground-Pound81920×12680×114802 1A
Bob-Omb20480×10200×F2002 1B
Blue Shell500×2B800×2A2032

Note 1: Putting damage=00 for any given weapon (fireball / stomp / mini-pound / blue shell / ground-pound) makes the boss immune to that weapon.
Note 2: Mini-Pound often uses the same variable than Stomp.
Note 3: During Bowser's battles, if Blue Shell counter increment is set to 0, every time Mario or Luigi slams into Bowser with the Blue Shell the score will go up by 32768 points (or 0×8000 in hex).
Note 4: If Blue Shell counter is negative, the score can glitch!
Note 5: Against Petey Piranha, if the damage dealt by a weapon is less than Max HP/3, the remaining health after the hit is more than Max HP×2/3, and the score is supposed to increase, then the score will glitch!

Here are each value for Monty Tank in hex:
_1536 => 0600
_2048 => 0800
_4096 => 1000
_8192 => 2000
_12288 => 3000

Note how the second byte is always 00. Wouldn't it be easier if we only had to read to left byte?

Here are the rewritten values, from there you can modify them more easily:
06 1C => already good
02 1B => 08 1C
01 1A => 10 1C
02 1A => 20 1C
Posted on 06-23-16, 06:11 am in Rips from Newer NSMB Titles (rev. 4 by  MeroMero on 09-16-16, 01:27 pm)
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Airship.nmt                                    Airship top BG.nmb                        Airship bottom BG.nmb

This Airship tileset allows you to be more creative with the level design due to the fact that the tileset is 256×208 pixels instead of the usual 256×112 pixels.
But this come with a restriction, to use this tileset to its full potential, you will need to use the 2 backgrounds that go hand to hand with this tileset.
Keep in mind that if you want to use this tileset, you won't be able to use the Sub nohara tileset with it, but since airship levels are usually associated with Bowser Jr., this shouldn't be an issue.

Also note that if you want to change the BG animation, refer to this thread:

Credits are appreciated but not required.
Posted on 07-03-16, 08:20 pm in asm Double SubNohara size (rev. 7 by  MeroMero on 07-04-16, 11:34 am)
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What this ASM hack does is that it doubles the effective area for SubNohara.
On top of that Snowy Castles and Broken Flagpoles are fully implemented.
Also contains the NSMBWii castles and NSMBWii flagpoles.

SubNohara V2

The archive contain the enemy folder, the polygon_unit folder, the .nmt for SubNohara and the ASM hack (.s) for this to work.
For both folders, only the modified files are present, to import them with NSMB Editor:
_click the corresponding folder and click Replace, this will replace only the files named exactly like the original ones.

Even though the .s file is already present in the zip archive, here is the ASM hack:

SubNohara textures and broken flagpole relocation:
@Write BG 8192 bytes later in the VRAM repl_020BD048_ov_00: ADD R1, R3, #0xB000 BX LR @Write FG 8192 bytes later in the VRAM repl_020BD094_ov_00: ADD R1, R3, #0x6000 BX LR @Begin lecture of BG and FG nsc 2 rows later repl_020BCBB4_ov_00: MOV R5, #0 MOV R7, #0x400 SUB R7, R7, #1 LDRH R4, [R11] AND R6, R4, R7 CMP R6, #0x100 @Take into account Tile-Share ADDCS R4, R4, #0x80 STRH R4, [R11], #2 ADD R5, R5, #1 CMP R5, #0x2000 SUBCC PC, PC, #0x24 LDR R4, =0x20CAD5C LDR R4, [R4] CMP R4, #0 ADDEQ PC, PC, #0x18 LDR R5, [R4, #-0xC] ADD R5, R4, R5 LDRH R6, [R4] ADD R6, R6, #0x80 STRH R6, [R4], #2 CMP R4, R5 SUBCC PC, PC, #0x18 ADD SP, SP, #0x24 LDMFD SP!, {R4-R11, PC} @TEN animations for some tilesets repl_020B699C_ov_00: repl_020B69BC_ov_00: repl_020B6E98_ov_00: ADD R1, R1, #0x2000 MOV R2, #0x180 BX LR repl_020B6DB8_ov_00: ADD R1, R1, #0x2000 MOV R2, #0x400 BX LR repl_020B710C_ov_00: repl_020B712C_ov_00: repl_020B714C_ov_00: repl_020B7168_ov_00: repl_020B720C_ov_00: repl_020B722C_ov_00: repl_020B724C_ov_00: repl_020B731C_ov_00: repl_020B733C_ov_00: repl_020B735C_ov_00: repl_020B737C_ov_00: repl_020B739C_ov_00: repl_020B73B8_ov_00: repl_020B744C_ov_00: repl_020B746C_ov_00: repl_020B748C_ov_00: repl_020B751C_ov_00: repl_020B753C_ov_00: repl_020B755C_ov_00: repl_020B757C_ov_00: repl_020B7598_ov_00: repl_020B762C_ov_00: repl_020B764C_ov_00: repl_020B766C_ov_00: repl_020B768C_ov_00: repl_020B76A8_ov_00: repl_020B77E0_ov_00: repl_020B7804_ov_00: repl_020B7828_ov_00: repl_020B78C4_ov_00: repl_020B78E4_ov_00: repl_020B7904_ov_00: repl_020B7920_ov_00: ADD R1, R1, #0x2000 MOV R2, #0x100 BX LR @Change which Tile Number yields which texture for SubNohara nsub_020B00EC_ov_00: CMP R1, #0x540 ADDCC PC, PC, #0x54 LDR R2, =0x545 CMP R1, R2 BHI 0x20B0184 SUB R3, R1, #0x540 MOV R0, #0x65 CMP R3, #1 MOVEQ R0, #0x68 CMP R3, #2 MOVEQ R0, #0x62 CMP R3, #3 MOVEQ R0, #0x67 CMP R3, #4 MOVEQ R0, #0x6A CMP R3, #5 MOVEQ R0, #0x64 MOV R3, R0 LDR R0, =0x20CAD44 LDR R2, [R0] ADD SP, SP, #4 STRB R3, [R2, LR] MOV R0, R1 LDMFD SP!, {R4-R5, PC} CMP R1, #0x530 ADDCC PC, PC, #0x2C LDR R2, =0x539 CMP R1, R2 BHI 0x20B0184 SUB R3, R1, #0x530 ADD R3, R3, #0x86 AND R3, R3, #0xFF LDR R0, =0x20CAD44 LDR R2, [R0] ADD SP, SP, #4 STRB R3, [R2, LR] MOV R0, R1 LDMFD SP!, {R4-R5, PC} CMP R1, #0x520 BCC 0x20B0184 LDR R2, =0x529 CMP R1, R2 BHI 0x20B0184 SUB R3, R1, #0x520 ADD R3, R3, #0x7A AND R3, R3, #0xFF LDR R0, =0x20CAD44 LDR R2, [R0] ADD SP, SP, #4 STRB R3, [R2, LR] MOV R0, R1 LDMFD SP!, {R4-R5, PC} @Broken flagpole dynamic palette repl_02130214_ov_0C: LDRH R0, [R4, #0xC] CMP R0, #0x24 ADDNE PC, PC, #0x24 LDR R0, =0x20CAD30 LDR R0, [R0] LDR R1, =0x635B635A LDR R2, =0x635D635C LDRB R3, [R4, #0xB] ANDS R3, R3, #0x10 LDRNE R1, =0x737B737A LDRNE R2, =0x737D737C STR R1, [R0, #0x174] STR R2, [R0, #0x17C] LDR R1, [R4, #0x64] BX LR


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